This is the end for you and me – Caverna Obscura, Aisling and other things! :)

Hi guys,

it’s me, the sleepy, pale and overly tired elf. Been sitting on two pics for a while now, will blog now. Been telling myself this for some time, never got around to do it because I was mostly too stressed to focus on anything really. Bleh. Now it is better! Though I tell you, I’ll be glad when WE <3 >RP is off my list for this month! :D

Before we get to the details, a quick shoutout to Aisling for this awesome headscarf, which is currently available at The Secret Affair. This is soooo cool! What a neat idea, and if you cannot fit it over any of your hairs, no problem, it comes with a hairy version, too! :)

So what’s my avi wearing right now?


The skirt!

The skirt is part of an entire outfit by Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing) and is pretty awesome! The textures ont he whole outfit (a Daenarys Targaryen inspired dress) are, as per usual with Caverna Obscura, really well done and the original meshes are very nicely done as well. The dress comes in two different colours and costs 695 Lindens. Sounds expensive? I thought so too, until I realized that ALL items can be worn separately: Pants, chestpiece (which looks really cool btw), dress, boots and skirt. So imho, the price is reasonable, because you buy the option to combine this outfit in various ways, also with items from other creators. The only downside I noticed is: The rigged parts only come in two sizes (+ one unrigged version), which is a bit harder to mix and match. The skirt itself though is badass: I could combine it with various pants and tops, plus: It shows the legs! How cool is that. My biggest bother with most longer skirts is that they cover up so much, so accessories and shoes are hidden. This isn’t the case here. All in all, I really like this item (and the whole outfit it comes with!).

Hair: Tablau Vivant, Koca, blondes (M4ri1yn Magic)
Skin: Deetalez, Marlow, nordic (Steffi Villota)
Freckles: Deetalez, Chocolate Splits (Steffi Villota)
Ears: Mandala, Steking Ears (Kikunosuke Eel)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Moka Eyes, jade (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Headscarf: Aisling, Amkatla, headscarf only (Druunah Esharham/Damian Kleiner, @ The Secret Affair!!)
Vest: Glyph/Ravensoul, Prue Vest, light brown (Cry Hawker)
Top: Pixicat, Maiden Top (Areve Resident)
Sleeves: Aisling, Valentine Dress (Druunah Esharham/Damina Kleiner)
Gloves: FDD, Cirilla Outfit, common (Seller Xenno, Gacha!!)
Skirt: Caverna Obscura, Daenerys Outfit (Elvina Ewing)
Pants: HoneyB’s, Dunedain Armor, dark brown (Pumpkin Wiskee, Applier!!)
Boots: E-clipse, Jolie Boots, mauve (Thetra Blackheart, @ Shiny Shabby!!)
Belt 1: Ingenue, Bertille Belt, moss (Betty Doyle)
Belt 2: DRD, Medieval Belt, brown (Jaimy Hancroft)
Leg Dagger: The Forge, Leg Dagger, brown/common (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Headpiece: Charm, Priss, copper (Basic Deluxe)
Collar: Salt & Pepper, Andy Necklace (xxSaltandPepperxx Resident,  @ Shiny Shabby!!)
Necklace: Moon Elixir, Raven Skull Necklace, light wood (ElixirBlack Resident/MoonCelestia Resident)
Arrows: PFC, Wrap of Arrows, common (Pucca Firecaster, Gacha!!)
Staff: Lab737, Seer Staff (Wiredexperiment Resident, @ The Secret Affair!!)

Location: Salt & Pepper (hidden spot!!), Sand Dunes

WE <3 RP – October – OPEN NOW!


we are finally OPEN! 94 creators and a TON of awesome items from all kinds of categories just for you! Enough talk though, here is your

Taxi to WE <3 RP! :D


WE <3 RP – Previews for OCTOBER!

Hi guys,

I am a doofus and totally fell asleep while posting this (I am sort of exhausted, you get the gist! :P) so here we go now! 94 creators, lots of awesome things! Don’t forget to check back for more items that will be added! The round will open on October 4th, 3 pm slt! :D

We also can welcome a few awesome new stores among our general roster: Truth, Lara Hurley, Caverna Obscura, Antielle, Bamse, Lakrya, Coquette, Miwa’s Airship, Altair, Entity, Astralia, Noble Creations, Krova and Cloud! I hope I forgot none of them. :D

Below the following previews you will find the (current) map of the participating designers! :)

The featured designers for OCTOBER are: Lassitude & Ennui and Dead Dollz!

Map October Last Update

There is a hard look in your eyes – News from Azuchi, Truth and more! :)

Hi peeps!
I hope you are all well! I have been busy, which seems to be the normal case lately. Wish I had more time, looking forward to autumn vacations already. 2 more weeks! :D

WE <3 RP started with a bang and there are a lot of really great items to be had there. The Secret Affair also already started and Shiny Shabby will start today! Don’t forget to check out those two, already got an outfit prepared for them. :)

What’s my avi wearing right now?

The vest!

I think I mentioned Azuchi before, didn’t I? Well, you guys need to keep your eyes on this store. I think his textures and use of materials are gorgeous and amazingly well done. Sands Leavitt’s meshes appear to be very well rigged and very, very detailed. Several folds are not only a texture effect, but part of the mesh itself too. 499 Linden per vest isn’t exactly cheap, but you do get a very awesome, top quality AND very versatile item for it: The vest is short enough to fit it over most pants I own. The top can be worn separately from the vest, giving this piece even more versatility. It also comes in the usual sizes and a Maitreya fit, which is awesome. The combo comes in five color variations and each comes in a clean and a bloody version. Totally a must have in my book! Go get it at WE <3 RP!!

Hair: Truth, Josette, light blondes (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Deetalez, Marlow, nordic (Steffi Villota)
Freckles: Deetalez, Chocolate Splits (Steffi Villota)
Ears: Mandala, Steking Ears (Kikunosuke Eel)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Moka Eyes, jade (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Face Tattoo: La Boheme, Organic Tribal Set 6 (Santana Lumiere, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Tattoo: White Widow, Altar, black (Julie Hastings, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Dirty Hands: PFC, Freedom Outfit, pants (Pucca Firecaster, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Top and Corset/Vest: Azuchi, Rogue Vest, brown/green (Sands Leavitt, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Pants: PFC, Freedom Outfit, pants (Pucca Firecaster, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Belt: PFC, Belt Packs, brown/common (Pucca Firecaster, Gacha!!)
Armor: Aisling, Yrnan Armor, brown/brown (Druunah Esharham/Damian Kleiner, @ WE <3 RP!!)
Headpiece: Charm, Priss Jewelry Set, copper (Aymee Monk, @ We <3 RP!!)
Weapon: The Forge/Lab737, Dual Cleavers (Deccan Arida/WiredExperiment Resident, @ WE <3 RP!!)

Location: Unia The Game, Mad Pea Base

You can’t deny, sometimes you shine – News from Tableau Vivant, Remarkable Oblivion and more!

Hey peeps!

Finally a relaxed weekend with no obligations, though it’s over already again and I gotta prepare for work, damnit. :D One little shout out here for Tableau Vivant: This new hair you guys made for WE <3 RP is gorgeous! Probably one of my current fav hairs! :D

The Shire is a residential sim I recently discovered for pictures: Guys, you NEED to check out this sim. It is incredibly pretty and has super cute cottages for rent!

So, knowing that I need to get that done, too, I shall keep my usual offtopic chat short aaaaaannnd…

what is the elf wearing? That’s the question!
You can't deny, sometimes you shine

The corset!

This corset and bra are pure awesomesauce. It is an item currently available at WE <3 RP and is offered by Moon Elixir (ElixirBlack Resident/ MoonCelestia Resident). The details on this corset are really stunning: Each strap and each little button/metal application is a mesh of its own. :)The style is really creative imho and while not super realistic, it does look damned cool! It surely is a very unique look which I haven’t seen anywhere else so far. The textures are gorgeous, and the rigging shows no obvious faults to me. The corset is part of an outfit made up of four pieces, which are sold in separate packages (99L and 199L) for 25% off the original price. The corset and its parts come in seven different, wellchosen colours. You guys REALLY need to keep an eye on this store! :)

Hair: Tableau Vivant, Boue, blondes (M4ri1yn Magic, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Skin: Deetalez, Marlow, nordic (Steffi Villota)
Freckles: Deetalez, Chocolate Splits (Steffi Villota)
Ears: Mandala, Steking Ears (Kikunosuke Eel)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Moka Eyes, jade (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Face Tattoo: La Boheme, Organic Tribal Set 5 (Santana Lumiere, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Vest: Una, Caitling Vest, brown/gold (Una Daxter, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Corset with Bra: Moon Elixir, Vampy, brown (ElixirBlack Resident/MoonCelestia Resident, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Skirt: Salt & Pepper, Becca Outfit, brown (xxSaltandPepperxx Resident)
Pants: Aphorism, Antique Huntress Legs, common (Rucy Byron, Gacha!!)
Gloves: FDD, trissa Gloves, olive/common (Seller Xenno, Gacha!!)
Belt: The Forge, Braided Belt, green/common (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Waterbag: United Colors, Marocco Waterbag (Unitedcolorsteam Resident)
Headpiece: Lode, Vines, Autumn/rare (Chirzaka Vlodovic, @ The Arcade!!)
Rings: ieQED, Lina Ring set (Sigifaust Resident)
Necklace: Musa, Eyeball necklace, gold (Filomena Quinnell/Yabusaka Loon, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Bracelets: Kunglers, Yennefer Bracelets, emerald (AvaGardner Kungler, NEW @ WE <3 RP!!)
Leg Dagger: Monso, My red Hood, leg belt/common (Morphine Janick, Gacha!!)
Owl: Remarkable Oblivion, The Illusionist Set, Hoodini The Owl/Rare (Nimvade Resident/AxsisThorn Resident, @ The Arcade!!)

I am so sorry, I forgot which pose I used. :(

Location: The Shire (Residential Community), The Shire


WE LOVE RP – September – OPEN NOW! :D

Hey guys,

WE <3 RP is finally open!! Please come by and check out the awesome items made for you by 94 creators! Lots of shopping to be had! :D

Take your Taxi here: WE <3 RP


We Love RP- Shopping Guide September!


Hi guys,

this new round of WE <3 RP in September is going to be a total blast! :) I am sooo happy with what I am seeing so far. 94 creators came up with some damn awesome items just for your shopping happiness, as per usual, a discount of at least 25% is guaranteed! :) Stay tuned for more additions to this shopping guide, I’ll be adding pics as they come in. This isn’t even a 5th of what we are expecting to come. <3

Our featured designers for SEPTEMBER are Aisling and Jian! :D