Lets peek at skins! – Skin Fair Preview

Hi guys!

Skin Fair 2014 is starting soon, in three days to be precise (March 14th), and I already did pick a few skins that I really adore this round. Surely there are more, but these are the ones that I liked right away!

I already noticed a general trend this round (well, noticed this before but it has become increasingly obvious: Ever since Nina Helix of Birdy has been super successful with her skins, a LOT of other designers took on her rather unique ways of highlighting the face and giving the cheeks and nose a dewy look. On the one hand, it is an understandable and valid phenomenon, on the other hand, I wish not so MANY did it, because it makes it increasingly hard to find skins that DO NOT have it. However, a few designers stick to their style or add very subtle highlights only, which I like. :)

In the following pictures, I always wear the same eyeliner freebie by League, available at the Skin Fair 2014. All pictures display the same shape as well.


The skin displayed isn’t Steffi Villota’s actual release for Deetalez at Skin Fair only, it was released three days prior at the Slink West event already, but it is still very new and called Dawn V2. I have recently re-visited her store. In the past, her skins never were quite what I was looking for, but the past months I had noted a change of style, and I LOVE it. Her face are unique to be sure and many people may have to adjust their face a little, especially around the eyes. Her skins are NOT the kind of common skin you see everywhere, they have rather defined facial structures. I love them. I like her noses and lips and the many variants she offers for her skins in regards to eyes, noses, lips etc. It comes with three brow options plus a no brows version as well, additionally, she sells colorful brow layers separately, such as blue, pink etc.  The tone I chose is called nordic. I like the stomach area and I quite like the subtle asymmetrical structures she implements in her skins too.The highlights on the cheeks are subtle and not too dewy. Liking that!

Her skins are EASILY among the best ones currently available. I could detect no seams. It baffles me that some of the larger events have not yet considered inviting her. This is surely a store you should check out.

Skin Fair 1


YAY! Whenever Nena Janus releases a new skin I go all “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I want!”. This time was no different. The tone displayed is called ‘fair’ and I picked the bare make up. The skin comes four brow options and a no brows version, plus several other kinds of addons on layers. The face is a typical, fierce looking League-Face (that’s a compliment!) and I love these lips! I DO wish she had kept the nose a little lighter, it seems fairly dark compared to the rest of the face. But given I bought the skin anyways proves that it cannot be THAT bad! I LOVE the area around the eyes though, I think it is super detailed and very, very welldone. I am a big fan of the stomach area on League skins, it looks toned and very fit. If I ever wanted to try to make a Lara Croft avatar ingame, this skin would be my choice! Imho, Nena has once again proven that she delivers quality work and I like that she didn’t jump on the dewy bandwagon yet! She sticks to her style, though sometimes I wish she’d try to do something truly different.

Skin Fair 2


Nina Helix released FOUR new skins for Bidy at Skin fair 2014. That’s just insane. I am only displaying the ones that came in my tone, of her skins is made for darker avis and looked out of place on mine. Of all the three skins displayed I like May best, then Megan, then Hazel. Hazel is a bit too strongly shaded and highlighted/dewy for my personal taste, but May and Mega are really, really cute. I love the lips on both, though I wish the shadow above May’s upper lip was a tiny less obvious! Nina, too, has a thing for adding little, subtly asymmetrical structures to her face. I noticed it on both Megan’s and Hazel’s lips. I think it adds an interesting feature to an avi’s face, but if you look for perfection, it might not be for you. I am so, so, very happy that Nina has been getting away from only thick brows on her skins, May and Megan both have slimmer ones that I personally like a lot better! Unlike League, which has a VERY strongly shaded body, Nina keeps her stomach area much more subtle. I guess it is really a matter of taste. I like both, depending on the type of shape I try to pull off. I guess I will forever remain a Birdy fan, even if her skins, much like Deetalez, are so very unqiue they likely require you to adjust your face some, which I didn’t do. However, Birdy skins are worth their money, it is quality and a unique, detailed style combined.

The Skinnery!

Umazuma Metaluna of The Skinnery released Quiana for Skin Fair 2014 and..well. I am torn. On the one hand, I LOVE this skin because I truly enjoy her skins’ new body textures (that bellybutton is SO cute!) and her pricing and overall textures are VERY much to my liking, but on the other hand, I am a little on the fence about the lips. I gave up trying to adjust them and went with my normal shape for this one, too. You can clearly see how MUCH bigger they are than the other lips, on the same shape too! I feel a little duckfaced and I guess making them look less ducky will require a lot of work though i am sure we can pull it off, no? :D Also, the skintone is called ‘champagne’ and is a WEE bit yellow. But you know, I bought the skin, and I bought it because Uma delivers awesome quality, unique faces and has her very own style which I like. Wish it came with more eyebrow options though! The rosy cheeks are really cute and much like with League and Deetalez, I really like the amount of details around the eyes. Overall very happy!

Skin Fair 3


The skins above I haven’t bought yet, though they -are- on my list of skins I may consider. Essences offers a TON of skintones and each package comes with 5 different brow options. As far as I am aware, eyebrow removal layers are available, though I’d prefer a no brow skin to be honest. I enjoy the tone displayed a lot which is called ‘light rose’. On Olyvia you can clearly see the popular dewy look and both skins feature the popular and cute button nose Inka Mexicola always has on her skins. the lips are yummy, too! But, and that is my one beef: I spied a seam on the back above the butt and for a skin that is quite above the price level of other, similar skins, that is a bit of a let down for me, even though it is a really subtle one and really only visible if you zoom in very closely. It is more visible on the darker skins.

Atomic’s skin by Ivy Graves is really cute and I very much enjoy the lips and brows, though i must say it looks a bit too snotty-faced in my book (kind of like Olyvia). I wish the nose was not as red, though it does certainly add to its cutesy look. It just seems a little off to me to have a permanently reddish nose. I wish there was one less shaded option available! I’d have bought it right away, because the quality Ivy offers is really great. What bothered me tho was that there is one big dark stripe around the hips where the seam between lower and upper body is, which makes it next to impossible to determine whether or not the skin has one there. Though i guess I should justtrust my instinct there and say: “Nawwwww…”. :)

So, that’s it for now. I guess you’ve had enough of text already anyways. <3

Gnite everyone,



Hair: Tableau Vivant, Low Hair (M4r1lyn Magic, NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Top: Wimey, Captive Princess (Sash Arabello, NEW @ The Fantasy Room!)
Cuffs: The Forge, Celtic Bangle (Deccan Arida, SOON @ The Countdown Room!!)
Bracelets: On A Lark, Crysantha Arm Cuffs (Discovering Destiny, NEW @ Fantasy Room!)
Poses: Marukin, Forever Set (Valencia Southard, NEW @ Collabor88!)

Vows are spoken to be broken – News from Senzafine, Tulip and more :)

Hiya guys,

life has been busyyyy. Also, do you know that feeling when nothing really inspires you? I have been at that point lately. Add to that I so, so badly wanted to blog a certain item but couldn’t find a way to display it well for hours and hours, days even, I have been really feeling weird lately. But finally I found some nice items which I liked, so here is my current outfit. :)

The skirt!

Synjari Myriam of Senzafine is currently offering this skirt at the Acid Lily Gallery. It comes in the usual five standardsizes and various colours and with matching variants of a really cute top. Add to that, it only costs 75 Lindens during the event. While I am not entirely certain, I believe this is a template, bur Synjari makes upf or that with a very, very pretty texture and tasteful choices of colours. The tightly fitting top of the skirt makes it very easy to mix and match this one with various corsets, tops and the like. I also like that you can see the feet! :) Too many skirts are too long for my taste and don’t even show a hint of feet. :( I think for a price this low it is pretty much a must have item which totally adds one more variation to your wardrobe for mixing and matching. :)


The sandals!

I’ve been whining and bitching all over the place about the lack of flar sandals for Slink feet. Whine, whine, cry. Now, while I haven’t been too amazed about the kinds of shoes offered at Shoetopia, there were a few designers that made me a happy elf with their offerings, one of them being Tulip by Minami Susanova with their amazing sandals. :) They come in various colours, browns and other earthen tones included and are relatively plain, but so dman fitting for rp. The subtle zipper on the back of the heel (I think it is one) really does not bother me given it is always hidden from sight. I don’t recall the actual price but they were pretty cheap, too. Plus, slink addon. Need I say more? They fit perfectly and no annoying tinting and stuff. :) So far, these are the only flat sandals besides those from ISON that I am aware of (aside from a few ballerina-like shoes), so definitely a must have for me. I would have liked them a little more if they were somewhat less plain, maybe some applications or a pretty pattern, but oh well. Rustic sandals are nice, too!

Hair: Truth, Candy, reds01 (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Feet: Slink, flat feet, M (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bolero: Katat0nik, Wishy Woman Cape, old gold (Katat0nik Pidgeon, Mesh!!)
Vest: On A Lark, Blayze Outfit, aqua (Discovering Destiny, Mesh!!)
Corset: The Muses, Diana Corset, blue (Dolce Blackflag, Mesh!!)
Undershirt: League, Suede Dress, brown (Nena Janus)
Skirt: Senzafine, Tigist Maxiskirt, Peacock Dreams (Synjary Myriam, Mesh!! @ Acid Lily Gallery!!)
Sandals: Tulip, Gladiator Sandals, dirt (Minami Susanova, mesh!! NW!! SLINK addon!! @ Shoetopia!!)
Sleeves: Yasum Designs, Arm Rap, Ultrarare (Azlyn Vaher, Mesh!!, Gacha!!)
Belt: The Forge, Daerwen Armor, brown (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Necklace: Kunglers, Divinae, copper (Avagardner Kungler, Mesh!!)
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai, Dewdrop, red gold (Plurabelle Laszlo, Mesh!! NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headpiece: May’s Soul, Elven Headpiece, gold (May Tolsen, Mesh!! NEW!! @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Cheststrap: GSpot, Azurias Armor (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!!)
Armor: The Forge, Eldar Armour, gold (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow: PFC, Black Sorrow Bow, ebony (Pucca Firecaster, Mesh!! NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Poses: Label.motion, Wiza Set (Anne Dakun)

Location: Harrowdale (Dungeons & Dragons Role-Play), The Dalelands



Also, new skin! thoughts? :P The old one was a mixture of Pink Fuel’s Harley combined withThe Skinnery’s Runa Lips!

I am sick of dancing with the beast – News from The Fantasy Collective, Exile and more!! :)

Heya guys!

I stormed Shoetopia and got quite a few nice additions there. These boots are an example of my recent additions, prepare for more to be displayed here. :) If anything, Shoetopia proved so many people who’ve said it before to be right: SLINK add-ons are the way to go for shoe designers. I personally see no reason anymore to buy heels or shoes that contain a meshfoot, simply because SLINK add-ons:
– will always match my skin 100%, not just 95%.
– are always cheaper than the often very expensive shoes that contain a meshfoot
– are MUCH less of a hassle to deal with, you get your foot applier once and are done. No lame tinting, clicking and whatever.
– are now available in so many different heights and styles, that you really don’t have to feel as if you miss out anymore.

There is but two reasons for me anymore left to shop at stores that do not offer add-ons:

1. Truly unique styles that are not available elsewhere
2. The feet sometimes simply look better than the SLINK feet.

So well, I am definitely looking forward to more SLINK add-ons to come and more event sinvolving them hopefully! :)

But, lets have a look at the outfit!


The pants!

The pants displayed are offered at the current Collabor88 by House of Fox. The designer Fashionboi Landar is known for her really welldone meshitems and I guess the name is wellknown among those who frequent events such as C88, Fameshed etc. The mesh is original, which I already like. The pants have a nice, rough looking leather texture. I really like the look of that seam on the legs. luckily, there is no visible zipper and also, I noticed these pants do fit with quite a few meshboots I own and also go well with a multitude of tops that I tend to wear a lot. So that’s a big plus in my book. :) Layering is important! However, there is a downside as well, and it is something I noticed with a  couple of her items (which didn’t realy prevent me from buying them though!): The pants got a bit of a ponyrider effect. The gap is quite visible and while the bum is ROUND (and I I like the shading on it a lot!), the legs looks skinny. To fit these into boots, I gotta wear size S,a nd these legs are skinnier than what my elf usually has. Not awfully skinny at all, but I wish the gap was less prevalent and the thighs/lower legs generally a little thicker. But that’s certainly a matter of preference, too. I just always wonder why a bum would be big with no legs to support it. :P

The boots!

As I mentioned before, these boots by Ryvolter, Sanya Bilavio’s brand,  are the result of my little shopping spree at Shoetopia. I instantly wanted them. The texture is really welldone and I like the general shape of them, PLUS: They are neither wedges (everyone is making wedges this year) nor have they obvious heels! They can pass as flat boots, yay! However, once I looked at the price, I swallowed really, really hard. 850 Lindens for non-rigged boots that have a design that is otherwise available since quite soem time for cheaper at a different store, just a little less detailed and with less options. Hmm. 850 Lindens is  a VERY steep price for boots that are not even rigged. They do come witha  HUD with which youc an customize the various parts (straps and such), which I adore. But honestly, if it wasn’t for the store, Ryvolter, and it’s known good quality, I would not have bought them, pretty or not. I do wish they were a little roudner at the front, but honestly? These textures are awesome and in my personal case, the fact that these shoes are not rigged actually HELPS! because it means I can fit them to my leg and don’t have to hope one of the sizes fits me. :) So, yes. I paid 850 Lindens, wish they were cheaper so I could have grabbed more of them without feeling so guilty, and now I wear and like them. :)

Hair: Exile, Run To You, dark reds (Kavaer Cleanslate, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie, Mesh!! NEW! @ Cosmetic Fair!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Spots: Grendel’s Children, Spots Tattoo, tinted (Flea Bussy)
Blouse: Kei-Spot, Tharlarion Rider Tunic, green (Keiko  Zoon, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Vest: Legal Insanity, Sonnet Fur Gilet, honey (Datrip Blackbart, Mesh!!)
Sleeves: Cashmere, Fur Sleeves, sienna (Gianni Broda, Mesh!!)
Undershirt: League, Suede Dress, brown (Nena Janus)
Cloak: Fateplay, Kollo Cloak female, woods (Damien Fate, Mesh!!)
Pants: House of Fox, Leather Pants, taupe (Fashionboi landar, mesh!! NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Boots: Ryvolter, Maia Shark Boots, brown (Sanya Bilavio, Mesh!! NEW @ Shoetopia!!)
Gloves: Coco Designs, Leather Gloves, brown (Cocoro Lemon, Mesh!!)
Belt: Mabinogion, Medieval Belt, red (Airedine Poe, Mesh!!)
Crown: Junbug, Wild Thing Bead Band, gold rare (Juno Mental, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Headpiece: The Library, Titania’s Headdress, gold/green rare (Augurer Resident, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Neckwrap: ieQED, Twig Berries Necklace, bark (Sigifaust Resident, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Necklace: GSpot, Mari’s Necklace, gold, common (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Gacha @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Earrings: Sense-able Fashions, Dragonfly earrings, copper (Lysa Helendale, Mesh!!)
Pauldrons: ieQED, Dragon Pauldron, black/gold (Daphne Klossovsky/Sigifaust Resident, Mesh!! NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Crossbow: Eclipse Design, Dire Outfit (Bryce Randt, Mesh!!)
Pouch: Velvet Whip, Moss Essence Outfit (Reeva Hax)
Poses: Pretense Poses, Rubric Set (Gidge Uriza, NEW!!)

Location: Vespertine (Store Location), Pure Dreams


We need to fetch back the time – News from Elikatira, Cosmetic Fair and Ravensoul!!

Hey peeps!

My rl got really busy the past days so my apologies for not posting. But here we go! :)

The hair!

Elikapeda Tiramisu relaunched her store Elikatira a while ago. Most were a little surprised that the prices had gone up. I already mentioned a while ago that HUD driven hair is awesome, but I really do not think offering that many colours in a package justifies a price of 350 Lindens. You won’t ever need them all, most people stick to 1-3 tones and that’s it. However, this style was so very cute that I got it anyways. I used to shop blindly at Elikatira, but given the new prices, now I really THINK about it. This hair has a soft, natural looking braid. I love that single stray strand on the forehead and I really enjoy how the hair is shaped. There is no need to point out that Elikatira’s meshwork is very well done, we all know that already! :D So, despite the downsides, I got this hair anyways and probably will wear it a lot.


The tunic!

Ravensoul by Cry Hawker is a store I used to frequent about 4 years ago like crazy. I put emphasis on those four years, because for a long time I didn’t feel they had caught up to new techniques and looks. I am so happy that they happen to be in the same sim as GSpot and I randomly cammed down on some person there and saw…the tunic. I was rubbing my eyes because this frankly looks really cool. It looks that Cry really caught up by now. The texture is rough and I love the simple but realistic design of it. No fancy stuff, just a simple tunic with…sides open! It’s pretty sexy if you don’t abuse it as I do and the mesh is wellshaped. I am not sure wether or not this is a template, but I -believe- it is not. I think this tunic is worth a shot, even if it was a little pricey.

The make up/scar!

Adored by Constance Daehlie is a store that onyl recently popped up on my horizon. I know she makes very interesting shapes, but I wasn’t aware of her awesome eyes and make up. Both the make up as well as the scar are by her. I love the scar. It is one of the few scars around that looks realistic and not overly wannabe badass, bloody. The tone and shape of the scar looks realistic and one can imagine what might have caused it! :) And her make ups, well. I really enjoy her autumn package at the Cosmetic Fair. Her chocie of colours is very tasteful and despite the eyeshadow being thick and darkish, she manages to not make it look slutty but kinda…grungey? I like it!

Hair: Elikatira, Brenna, redheads (Elikapeda Tiramisu, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Umeboshi, Mirror Eyes, Unnatural (Keiba Resident, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Make Up: Adored, Autumn Shadows, mossy (Constance Daehlie, NEW!! @ Cosmetic Fair!!)
Scar: Adored, Tough Stuff Scars (Constance Daehlie, NEW!! @ Cosmetic Fair!!)
Tunic: Ravensoul, Bree Tunic, light brown (Cry Hawker, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Undershirt: League, Suede Dress, brown (Nena Janus)
Skirt: Moon Amore, Leather High Skirt, tricream (Cherrylips Dagostino, Mesh!!)
Shrug: Peqe, Fur Shrug, brown (Ines Hax, Mesh!!)
Sleeves: Cashmere, Fur Sleeves, chocolate (Gianni Broda, Mesh!!)
Pants: Ison, Moto Leatherpants, brown (Harry Hyx)
Legwarmers: Monso, My Legwarmer, khaki (Morphine Janick, Mesh!!)
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni Boots, chestnut (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!!)
Crown: Aesthetica, Emotive Crown of Copper (Ganymede Galaxy, Mesh!! NEW!! @ L’accessoires!!)
Necklace (short): Sense-able Fashions, Function Frivolity Necklace, copper (Lysa Helendale, NEW!! @ Genre!!)
Necklace (long): MG, Eden Sun Pendant (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Ring: Kosh, Adain Ring, gold (Lynaja Bade)
Bow/Quiver: Pucca Firecaster Creations, Dark Whisper Bow (Pucca Firecatser, Mesh!!)
Poses: Musa, Gown Poses (Filomena Quinnell), Marukin, various sets (Valencia Southard)

Location: Alirium (Store Location), Alirium


Autumn is Coming! – News from Truth, Kunglers and more!

Heya peeps!

So, while I have been working on the sim and chatting with friends simultaneously I was working on this outfit and something was just amiss. Yesterday evening I found it! the cape by Kungler sis supercute and fits really well imho. :)

The hair!

Truth has released new hair again! This is one of them, a cute updo called Vida. I don’t think I have to praise his textures and meshwork yet again but look at this braid! I love the braid! Most updos are so sleek and tidy, btu this one really is cute and different from many other ones out there from what I have seen so far. The only thing that I would love, and it is something that Diva does, is if the strands by the sides, the loose ones, would have a little flexi to them. It would give the whole style a much softer look. Yes, flexi! I said it. I am not totally against flexi at all if used well. :)


The cape!

AvaGardner Kungler of Kunglers is participaring in the Avenue Autumn Fashion Event and is offering a really neat outfit for autumn of which this cape is a part. I love the thick leather texture and the button at the neck to close it. I am a sucker for leather textures that are welldone. Onyl thing that irritated me is that the outfit was 600 Lindens and came with no size L for the cape. Not that I need it, which is why I didn’t tell her (yet), but  my folder for sure didn’t have that size. I think this cape (and the whole outfit really) is welldone. You shoudlc heck it out, even though the price is a little steep imho.

Hair: Truth, Vida, Reds04 (Truth Hawks, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Cape: Kunglers, Alessandra Cape, chocolate (AvaGardner Kungler, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Avenue!!)
Corset: 5&20, Huntress Corset, grey/brown, rare (Searlait Nitschke, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Sleeves: The Library, Ligeia Dress, green (Dreamfantasia Nightfire, mesh!!)
Pants: Stitched, Dirty Capri Pants, brown (Adele Bumblefoot, Mesh!!)
Boots: Lightstar, Assassin’s Boots, faded black (Krystal Silverweb, Mesh!!)
Belt: LeLutka, Anna Belt, true B (Thora Charron)
Headpiece: Bliensen+MaiTai, Moonchild, gold (Plurabelle Laszlo, mesh!!)
Wreath: Tea S., Floral Headband, blue (Tea Soup, Mesh!!)
Necklace: Handverk, Disk Necklace, wood (Daphner Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Rings: Manna, Elenween Ring I/III (Manna Yoshikawa)
Bracelets: League, Wanderer Bracelet, disks (Nena Janus)
Pipe: Beetlebones, Bubblepipe (Suetabulous Yootz, Mesh!! @ Designers United!!)
Armor: Barerose, Mountain Warrior Lady (June Dion, Mesh!!)
Bow: LR Weapons, Ishtar Bow (Larion Rhode, Mesh!!)
Poses: label.motion, Gayle Set (Anne Dakun), Marukin (Valencia Southard, @ Designers United!!)

Location: My home. To open soon! :)


These are the things we lost in the fire – News from The Forge, 50 Linden Friday at Belleza!!

Heya peeps!

So, after awfully long days of waiting (one week to be exact) I finally got my homestead. Damn, I didn’t know so MANY people want them, it’s a chore to find a good one sold by a reasonable seeming person. :O

So the past two days I have been buried into decorating, aside from being super duper busy in rl, too. I love decorating so, so, so much but there is one thing I really loathe: I absolutely dislike sims that use the same houses over and over again. For example, the same four houses by the same creator. I think that kind of habit is what makes many sims look so very boring. So in this case, I got houses from allll over the place, a wild mix. I am not sure yet, but so far, I like it. :)

The skin!

Girls, get this skin! It is Belleza’s offer for 50 Linden Fridays and I think it is one damned hell of a deal for this price. I am not usually a huge fan of Belleza because their facial features often are very string (the nose shading!) and many avis end up looking like clones, but this skin is SO cute. Look at these lips and the cute freckles. :) The make up is very subtle, too, so you can pretty much wear it for any occasion. For some reason, I did not even have to tweak my shape to make this skin look good (or decent, lol), which usually isn’t the case with Belleza. For me, it was an instant grab!


The (short) necklace!

I picked up this necklace by Half Deer (by Halogen Magic) a while ago, could swear it was at The Boutique, but I am not sure anymore. It unfortunately vanished into the depths of my 50k inventory and I only found it again today. Look how CUTE the little deer is done! The textures are so well drawn and the beads are really nicely placed, plus: I love the colours. Halogen Magic is someone you definitely should keep an eye on: I have done so for a good while now and her improvement is just great. She offers lots of cute little items at her store so make sure to check it out. :)

The headpiece!

Deccan Arida of The Forge dropped a folder on me the other day that contained his rare items for an upcoming gacha. I enjoyhis works I must say and this item is no different. Deccan, too, is a creator who actually listens to his customers which already is a biiiiig plus in my book. As per usual, the textures on this headpiece are very pretty and the meshwork is..well…perfect? At least I cannot find any fault with it. The amount of details on the piece itself is pretty awesome, too. :) However, the string, while easily resizeable since the whoel headpiece is one item, could have been a little prettier. :P

I admit that I am a little tired of headpieces lately. Yes, they are awesome and really can add to an outfit. But lately the influx of headpieces has just been a little much. I hope that the designers will consider other kinds of jewelry and accessories soon again and not just throw a gazillion of headpieces at us. :P

Hair: Truth, Anessa, Reds02 (Truth Hawks, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Skin: Belleza, FLF Autumn Skin (Tricky Boucher, NEW!! 50 Lindens!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: La Petite Morte, Intensity Eyes, rare 2 (Voshie Paine, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bolero: Chronokit, Summer Bolero, brown (Kit Pizzicato, Mesh!! ONE size only!!)
Top: Miel, Playa Top, black via HUD (Mika Nieuport, Mesh!!)
Corset: The Plastik, Anasaze Corset, snake (Aikea Rieko, Mesh!!)
Skirt: Eclectic Apparel, Tegan Skirt, black (Eclectic Wingtips, Mesh!!)
Boots: Yasum Designs, Nicci’s Steam Boots, pitch, common (Azlyn Vaher, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Belt: Mabinogion, Medieval Belt, red (Airedine Poe, Mesh!!)
Headpiece: The Forge, Boadicea’s Headpiece, worn bronze, rare (Deccan Arida, mesh, Coming Soon!!)
Necklace (short): Half Deer, Wooden Savannah Necklace, gazelle (Halogen Magic, Mesh!!)
Necklace (long): League, Dipped Feather Necklace (Nena Janus)
Ring: MG, Atlantis Moon Ring, gold/small (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Armor: Innucuous, Shell Outer Armor, garnet (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!9
Armor (hips): The Muses, Penghel Armor, black/red (tinted) Dolce Blackflag, Mesh!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry, Eldar Bow, black (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Poses: label.motion, Gayle Set (Anne Dakun, @ TDR Fusion!!)

Location: My new home! :)


New releases! FATEPlay, GSpot and an awesome new sim!

Heya peeps!

Again something to read and something to see for you guys.

The Dress!

So, I am very happy to announce that FATEWear by Damien Fate is branching out into a sub-store called FATEPlay. YAY! Do you guys remember the crazy awesome outfits he already had up for the Fantasy Faire 2013 in Elicio Ember’s sim? I really loved them already, and now he si going to release them fully PLUS a new outfit, too. It is called Wende and a gown. As we all know, I always whine and bit about gownas and dresses being the only items available for girls, but hey, it has gotten a lot better lately and in THIS case, Damien has released a gown that comes in ALL separate pieces. Thank you, Damien. So you can mix and match freely! :) The textures are very pretty imho and look very realistic. I usually wear size M (I feel fat now…) and this dress fits me so well in that size. I am wearing it without the additional sleeves which come in two options, too. Very pretty! I am sooo looking forward to new stuff from FATEPlay. So stay tuned for July 24th, when Damien will open the doors to his new store. :) Also, a hint: FATEPlay will be participating in We Love Role-Play as well. :) Also, GUYS! FatePLay has adn will have neat stuff for you, too!!

The Armor!

Jalilah Jewell of GSpot apparently listened to many girls’ prayers as well now and has given me this soon to be released armor she has made. All original, unrigged mesh. This woman is learning so, so fast. I LOVE the intricate patterns on the pieces and I very much like the textures plus the colours. Also, the armor is modifyable, which means you can TINT it! I love that. The armor is very easy to fit and resize as well. The only thing that I thought could have had more details (and i told her that already and she said she might be working on another version!) are the straps that fasten the armor. A buckle or something alike would have been cool, but that is whining on a very high level. Thanks, Jali, for making these. :) :)

The sim!

Deccan Arida has moved his stores, The Forge/EZWeaponry. He insisted that he needed a couple of more prims (not to mention the ole newb had a 450 prims house randomly rezzed in the air… :D) and moved to a FULL sim now which, if I remember correctly, is owned by Drapeta Berry. Drapeta has hired Skadhi Kronsage to landscape and so now the two work together. I admit, I am hard to please with looks of sims. I love details, I love tasteful, fitting environments, smooth terraforming, quality trees and quality deco and I am a perfectionist. When Deccan teleported me to the sim they are building, I had little hearts in my eyes: I really, really like it. And I rarely, if ever, say that about any gorean sim. Most look rather bland and cater to meter fighting, thus little emphasis is placed upon awesome details. Ever since Skerry of Einar, built by Frankenbear Writer, it wa shard to impress me at all with builds, but this one looks really pretty so far. It isn’t done yet, but I most definitely have my hopes hiiigh up in the air. Skadhi and Drapeta both have an idea for details and good taste. :) Way to go girls!

The sim is going to open soon, so stay tuned. :)

Here is my today’s outfit:

Hair: Mina Hair, Laura in Dark Reds (Mina Nakamura, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Hair Fair 2013!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Feet: Slink, barefeet women (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Dress: FATEPlay, Wende Dress (Damien Fate, Store opens SOON!!)
Sandals: ISON (Harry Hyx, Mesh!! ADDON for SLINK!! @ Collabor 88!!)
Belt: LeLutka, Anna Belt (Thora Charron)
Armor: GSpot, Odessa Armor in Bright Copper (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! NEW!! Coming SOON!!)
Crown: GSpot, Headdress ‘Moon of my Life’ (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! NEW!! Coming SOON!!)
Necklace: League, Kandula Necklace  (Nena Janus)
Collar: The Forge, Banded Onyx Collar (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Ring (right): Donna Flora, Gloria Ring (Squinternet Larnia)
Cuffs: MG, Night Rocker Cuffs (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Facechains: Ellabella, ‘Childlike’ (Ellantha Larsson)
Poses: Marukin (Valencia Southard)

Location: Soon to be revealed! :)

And I just noticed something…I forgot a weapon!! Unarmed elf, oh noes. :O


Collabor 88 and a note on lipsticks/lip-layers

Heya peeps!

So, Collabor 88 started into a new round and THIS time I bought quite a few things there. I was pretty happy with a lot of the items offered and there were THREE pairs of shoes available that fit to your SLINK feet. LOVE them. Yummy released this adorable necklace there and I truly think it is awesome. I am totally abusing Auxiliary’s dress for a role-play outfit, but it does fit, don’t you think?

Thank you, Skye Everidge, for reminding me of Paperbag’s existence. I needed a cardigan or something to cover my arms, and this fur bolero is just perfect. It is a template, but it has a lovely textur eimho and thus it is well worth its 100 Lindens.

Liquence is a new store for hair by Villena Swansen and I think the styles she has released are really well made and lovely. I only wish that this hair was a little less chunky around the tips of the strands. I’ve blogged Lassitude&Ennui’s overknee boots several times by now and I still think they are the best out there for role-play, only rivaled by Lightstar’s overknee boots. I am also growing fond of Insufferable Dastard’s mesh-eyes. They are very clear and offer both realistic and some otherworldy colours.

A note on lipstick-/lips-layers:

If you offer your lipsticks on layers, ESPECIALLY if you offer them at unrelated events and completely separate from your own skin, it would be very kind of you to actually make them wearable with other skins but your own. Ot at least MARK your items as not being wearable with other skins and thus being an addon for your own skins. If I wasn’t so lucky with my baseskin, I’d have wasted quite a few Lindens on unwearable lipsticks/lips that were sold at a random event with no hint whatsoever that those are NOT wearable with any other skins but your own.

This is very frustrating in general by the way. Unless you specifically announce on the advertisement that the lips are only wearable with your skins, please have mery with us customers and put the effort into getting RID of that stupid milkbeard/dirty beard that so many lipstick/lip layers provided by skincreators have? I feel slightly duped when paying 400+ Lindens only to find “Oh, these are no lipsticks/liplayers at all! These are lip-addons for their own skins!”

I know many people do not care or wouldn’t notice, but I do not want to look like this when I buy an item specifically sold separately from the skins:


You can clearly see the unpopular milkbeard around the lips. That, dear skincreators, is NOT a liplayer you should sell separately from your skin unless specifically advertised as an addon. As I said, I got lucky this time, but usually, it looks incredibly stupid and is unwearable. It is very frustrating to spend money on layers such as these. Same goes for brows or any other layer: Unless you mark them as an addon for your own skin, please do not sell them as ‘lipsticks’ or separate liplayers. If you DO mark it, all is good! People are aware then. :D

Even from a marketing perspective it is not very wise.

Someone who does not want your skin in the first place, won’t buy it either just to be able to wear the lips. But instead, if those lips were offered as actual layers? You might gain actually a lot of customers who do not care much for your skins as a whole but want your lips! :D

Thank you, Tricky Boucher and Shyla Diggs, for listening to my complaint a while ago and helping me out. Big kudos to you.

EDIT after Gogo’s comment: A LIST of skincreators who’s lips/liplayers you CAN buy with no problems as far as I have tested:

Lips: This layer adds not oly colour, but a completely different lip texture.
Lipstick: Your liptexture stays the same, but the layer adds some colour

Pink Fuel (all lips)
Rozena (all lips/lipsticks)
Izzie’s (lips)
Glance (Lana/Anais lips), though I recommend going a shade darker here!
The Sugar Garden (lipsticks/-gloss)
JM:Mai (lipsticks/-gloss)
Laqroki (newer skins, lipsticks)
Illusory (Paige lips)
Tuli (Zoe lips)
Iren (several lips)
Deetalez (lips)
Mynerva (lipsticks)
Essences (Endless Night lips)

Oh, and to all my haters: Thanks for the additional traffic. :) It is a great compliment actually.

Hair: Liquence (Villena Swansen, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Shape: selfmade, not for sale
Hands: Slink (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Horns: Auxiliary (Tyr Rozenblum, Mesh!! Gacha!!)
Lashes: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!! Gift!!)
Dress: Auxiliary (Tyr Rozenblum, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Collabor 88!!)
Bolero: Paperbag (Kex Blackheart, Mesh!!)
Undershirt: League (Nena Janus)
Skirt: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!! SALE!!)
Pants: Ison (Harry Hyx)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui (Jackal Ennui, Mesh!!)
Belt: The Forge (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!! part of Daerwen Outfit)
Necklace: Yummy (Polyester Partridge, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Collabor 88!!)
Ring 1: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Ring 2: MG (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Collar-scarf: Drift (Kallisto Destiny, Mesh!!)
Armor: The Forge (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Blowdart: Ez Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)

Location: My Home. :)


It’s strange what desire makes foolish people do

Hey peeps!

We ROUND 2 is starting soon! :-D Stay tuned for the awesome stuff to be had there. I am in LOVE with one item already:

Innocuous will be presenting this awesome, freaking nice armor at the event. Finally some decent armor for girls that doesn’t look bulky like hell and makes you look like a sad version of Conan. :D I am in love with it. It comes with shoulders, too, which I will show in a different post. The texture is really nicely done and it is MESH! But only the shoulders come in a rigged and a non-rigged version. The whole armor is modifyable, which is awesome for fitting. Imho, rigged armor always looks a little odd. Why would gauntlets move and bend with your arm? O.o

There will also be a dirty, rugged version of this armor available as well as a dark red and a black texture. :) I very much like this and will kiss Circuitous’ feet for a while now I think. :P Honestly I even believe it fits a guy as well, since among our penis-type people there are a few rogue-ish, leather-wearing characters as well. :P And..it’ll come in a separate version for the guys! :D

Here my current outfit:

Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Vest: Peqe (Ines Hax, Mesh!!)
Dress: !GO! (Gocha Merlin, Mesh!! New!!)
Undershirt: League (Nena Janus)
Undershirt 2: Kyoot (Saeya Nyanda, not available anymore)
Sleeves: Koketka (Slava Parkin)
Pants: The Lounge (Erielle Deschanel, Mesh!! NEW!! Preview!!)
Boots: The Lounge (Erielle Deschanel, Mesh!! Available at @ We LOVE ROLE-PLAY until midnight CET only!!)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elwina Ewing, part of Ascalong Ranger)
Collar: Drift (Kallisto Destiny)
Belt: Tea Time (Eloindir Davi)
Necklace: Mandala (Kikunosuke Eel, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Headpiece: Purple Moon (Poulet Koenkamp)
Armor: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, MESH!! NEW!! @ We <3 Role-Play ROUND 2!!)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (Kendra Zaurak, Mesh!!)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)

Location: Beltane (Non-Role-Play), Beltane


Una mattina nella foresta

Heya Peeps!

The WORLD GOTH FAIR opened its doors and damned there is some awesome stuff to be had. Stay tuned for some things that I will blog either today or tomorrow. :) Lots of good stuff to be had also for us role-players than do not necessarily care much for the gothic lifestyle!

New League skin is out!

League finally released their newest Aria Skin and it is really something new! It only comes in three dark skintones, so all of you girls who love to play darker skinned avis, this skin is for you. The lips are really juicy, however I am really sad there are no lighter skintones, and I am not 100% sure, but it looks to me as if the face is slightly crooked looking on purpose? I have to test it yet, just judging by the pics I saw. Seems to be the newest Cool thing to do, but I’d really prefer if the creators would leave if it up to me to make my face look crooked. :/ Matter of taste, again. Overall though I am of the opinion that this new release is pretty damned nice. :)

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Facepaint: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky)
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer (Faina Cortes, Freebie!!)
Lashes: Lelutka (Thora Charron)
Bodice: Knickknack (Levia Larsson, part of Evellyn Outfit)
Undershirt: Bilo (Mayaa Thistle, part of Salome Dress (Mesh!!), NEW!! @ World Goth Fair!!)
Skirt: Senzafine (Synjari Myriam, Mesh!!, part of Mellissa Outfit)
Pants: Ison (Harry Hyx)
Boots: Senzafine (Synjari Myrian, Mesh!! NEW!! @ GENRE Event!!)
Gloves: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Clan Maiden Outfit)
Belt: Mandala (Kikunosuke Eel)
Armwarmers: Knickknack (Levia Larsson)
Bracers: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Anariel Armor)
Chest/Shoulder Armor: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, Mesh!! part of Here comes Woches Outfit)
Feathers: Sinistyle (Krius Misfit)
Collar: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Extremely Coy Outfit (Mesh!!) @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY!!)
Rings: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Crown: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Queen of the Forest Outfit)
Dagger: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY!!)

Location: My home Parcel, available for vistors.