WE LOVE RP November – OPEN NOW! :D

Hey peeps,

WE <3 RP opened its doors for you and there are a ton of seriously awesome creations waiting to be seen and bought by you! 95 designers came up with awesome things, so do not miss out and…

take your TAXI TO WE <3 RP!!


WE LOVE RP – Shopping Guide November

Hey peeps!

It’s that time of the month yet again. :) Previews are slowly coming in and I shall be adding them bit by bit. 95 designers, an awesome line up (see map below) and many, many awesome items. :) Stay tuned for more, this is only a very small part of it so far!

The Featured Designers for November are Zenith and Stormwood!

Map November Final

They turned to dust all that I adore – News from Stitched and Five and Twenty

Heya peeps!

My homestead is slowly coming along and I am starting to wonder why so many people complain about there being too few prims. Well, sure, if you want to build an entire city around the whole sim…that’s not gonna work out. But with forests, a harbor, a campa dn a village, I am still doing pretty well. Thought the decorating part still scares me! ;D Friends are very welcome to visit anytime!! Just shoot me an IM.

The boots!

My friend Adele Bumblefoot of Stitched is stuck in a total designing flow. Today, she dropped two folders with boots on me. I already liked her first attempt at boots though those had a bit of a bland feel to them still. However, these ones are really, really detailed and nice. They come in several colors of which I am displaying the brown tone. I love, love and love those straps with the buttons on them and the nice leathery feel the texture displays. Very unique details! Also, the wrinkles on the calf are really well done and give them a used and worn look. These are handmade mesh, too! However, I am still not 100% happy about the footshape. Imho, the tip is a wee bit too sharp, the look of it doesn’t make much sense when you consider the whole shape of the boot. I am not sure, but sharp tips on boots, isn’t that cowbow style? :D But, it is really a minor thing. The foot itself is already a big improvement compared to her older boots as it is much less flat. I think for future version of these a worn, scratched leathertexture would be really awesome.


The corset!

Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood (and 5&20) is usually known for furniture. Many forget that she offers clothes as well. This corset, which was sent to me by a friend, is really to my liking. I enjoy the tough look it has and I muchly enjoy those straps that go over my shoulder. It gives it a realistic feel. Now I can explain how it stays where it should stay while my elf is fighting! :P The texture and choice of colours is welldone, even if the leather looks a wee bit too clean for my taste. However, I will probably combine this with a lot of outfits.It looks like ideal riding/hunting gear for any kind of female badass character. I do believe (!) this piece is a template, but I may be wrong. Even if so, I enjoy it’s look greatly. It also comes with a nice pouch and unlike soooo many other corsets, this one is asymmetrical which is hard to mix and match, but once you’ve managed it, it looks fantastic. It also has nice lacings on the back! The only thing that does not appeal AS much to me are the…what are they called…uhh…latchings?..on front of it. Maybe working with a texture that supports the tiny details would have helped here. However, all in all, I really like this piece!

Hair: Truth, Elaine, Reds 02 (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard, Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bolero: GSpot, Cloey Outfit, brown (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!!)
Corset: 5&20, Huntress Corset, grey/brown, rare (Searlait Nitschke, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Skirt: Eclectic Apparel, Tegan Skirt, black (Eclectic Wingtips, Mesh!!)
Boots: Stitched, The Walter Boots, brown, rare (Adele Bumblefoot, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Belt: The Forge, Daerwen belt, brown (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Wreath: Evie’s Closet, Autumn Wreath (Evangeline Miles)
Necklace: Izzie’s, Leaves Necklace, gold (Izzie Button, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ring: Manna, Elenween Ring I (Manna Yoshikawa)
Collar: Whatever, Aya Collar, old leather (AnnaGrey Resident, Mesh!!)
Bracelets: Tea S., Claw Cuff Bracelet, gold (Tea Soup, Mesh!!)
Pauldrons: The Forge, Daerwen Armor, brown (Deccan Arida, mesh!!)
Bracers: The Forge, Viking Bracers, gold rare (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! Coming son!!)
Bow: Ez Weaponry, Eldar Bow, black (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Poses: label.motion, Wiza Set (Anne Dakun)

Location: My new home. :D


REVIEW: Everybody Cho-Cho!!! New release from Essences!

Heya Peeps! :)

Today it is time for a skin review again! Inka Mexikola of Essences has released a new skin named CHO just recently. Her skins are known for their cute faces and button noses and this time again she does not disappoint. :)

Basic data:

The skin comes in ten skintones, which all have been reworked. More of that later on. Skin appliers for Lola’s Tangos, Slink hands and feet are available for each tone. All skins come with three browoptions, a browless option, a freckled option and a freckled nose layer. There are also brow-removal layers available which make your brows seem less opaque, three to be exact of 49%, 79% and 100%. Chest enhancers are available on three layer types as well.  The price for all of this is 1500 Lindens, which imho isn’t exactly cheap, but you do geta  lot of options for it. However I think other stores offer a bit of a better deal.

The face!

As per usual, Inka managed to pull off a very, very cute face with the typical Essences-nose that is sort of her trademark by now. Those lips are just yummy! I really wish Inka would start to sell them on layers so I can use them for other skins. :) The only thing that I think is a bit too much is the redness on the bridge of the nose. I am aware it adds to the cutesy factor, but for me personally it is a bit much. Surely a matter of taste though. But, talk about noses! I really always hated the line under the noses on Inka’s skins, it made them look just ‘plugged in’, as if the nose wasn’t really a part of the body. It is still there a BIT, but hardly as noticeable anymore, so I am glad to see that. :) :) It looks much smoother now!

The skintones!

Cho comes in ten skintones. In my previous posts about Essences I always pointed out that the majority of her tones seemed too red OR too yellow. I am not saying that my critique was the reason that made Inka rework them, but she did! Five of these skintones range on the darker scale, five on the lighter. But have a look!


If you compare these tones to her older tones, Inka has managed to improve them greatly. The extreme redness is gone and the tendency towards too much yellow as well. I am using very neutral, white light. I personally think the tones Sombre, Moka and Noisette have a bit of a grey/olive tendency, but I think they are MUCH better than the old ones, also, I am aware of how hard it is to get dark tones (and very light tones, too!) just right. Brillant and Canelle however are awesome in my book. I think those look very, very pretty. I think this is a job welldone. :)


My favourite tone however is Peche, closely followed by Doux. Wow, I really do love it. I think it is just the right mixture of colours. Lait is pretty as well but has a bit too much of an olive tendency for my personal taste. Doux is very welldone as well and a very nice brighter tone. The difference between Ivoire and Lumiere is very subtle, but it is there. If you look closely, you can see that lumiere looks more vibrant than Ivoire, which imho has a bit of a blueish/grey undertone. I personally like Lumiere better, it looks more natural.

The brows!

Cho comes with three actual browoptions: Ginger, brown and brunette. I am a bit sad that there is no blonde option available, but with the eyebrow removal layers you can achieve a somewhat blonde looking brow. I am wearing the  49% layer on the first picture with brown brows. I think it comes kind of close, but surely blonde brows would have been nicer. :) I do love that there is a completely browless options available, so you can just add your own brows if you wish. :) I think the brows look very soft and not as strong as her usual brows, and I am kind of into these. :)

Cho brows

The Body!

Essences’ body is something I am growing really fond of. I like the soft shading on top of the boobs, even if the shading underneath them is a bit too strong for my taste. And hipbones! Yay!! I love these. The whole stomacharea is really nicely done imho. I wish the nipples on the boobs were a little bigger, they look TINY. Especially with larger breasts that might look a little funky, at least imho. But overall great improvement over time there, too! :) I like the shading of the butt, not too strong and doesn’t have the ‘dirty look’ that so many other skins have.


But, I observed something odd with the appliers. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see that my hands and feet do not match exactly. I am wearing the right tone (Peche) and have shadows etc. turned on, pretty much -everything- is turned on. Am I the only one noticing this? Is it a lightning issue? Am I doing somethign wrong? Or do the appliers simply not fit? I’d be glad for any kind of advice really because this confused the heck out of me.

Also, I noticed something else, prepare for epic buttpic:

CHO Seams

I have re-rezzed the textures several times. The very visible seam shown above stays. :/ I’d be a bit annoyed about that to be honest if I had paid 1500 Lindens. Could it still somehow be my fault though? I have even relogged just to check. The seam stayed all the time, no matter how often I reloaded my textures etc. I have no idea, I have no noticed this before on other skins that I regularly wear.

The Summary!

I think Cho is a nice skin. I LOVE the asian touch it has and like the cutesy of the face a lot. The new skintones are a BIG improvement over Inka’s old skins and some of them are next to perfect in my book. Her lips always make me want to steal them. However, the issue with the appliers (unless it is simply my fault) and the seam seemed a bit of a let down for me, especially for that price. I think especially the latter could be improved, since there are much better deals out there. Then again, I doubt Inka can complain about her sales. ;D All in all, it is definitely a very cute and a good skin.

What else am I wearing?

I am a fan of Liquence now. I caved and got another one, and this one is cute as well! :D

Hair: Liquence, F3, Red 2 (Villena Swansen, NEW!! Mesh!!)/Truth, Candy (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Feet: Slink, flat feet, M (Siddena Munro, Mesh!!)
Bikini: Not available anymore.

<3 Arica

I am feeling so….PINK FUEL TODAY! Harley makes me happy. :)

Heya peeps!

So, today a skinreview. Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel finally released her newest skin Harley. It really never happened so far that I camped a store for a new release, but this time I did. And I certainly wasn’t the only one, haha. :D Ever since her preview of Harley at The Arcade I was really waiting for this one. So here it is! I have no idea why my legs look so jagged this time.

Pink Fuel Harley Front and Back

First some..

General Info:

The skin comes in two packages for each skintone: The Basic Skin package and the Fatpack. The Basic Skin package costs 1000 Lindens, the Fatpack costs 1400 Lindens. The skin comes in ten skintones of which I am showing the VANILLA tone. Sorry guys, cannot afford all of them. Separate make ups/lipsticks for each skintone are available. Skin appliers for SLINK feet and hands are available for all tones and cost 100 Lindens each. the boob-appliers for Lola’s Tangos’s cost 350 Lindens. There are also appliers for Puffy and Lush breasts! :D

The Basic Skin Package contains:

– 6 brow colors in two brow options each as shown below
–  three eyelid options for all lid options
– button nose and three button nose options with different freckles (light to dark versions)
– light, mid and dark freckles on separate layers
– two kinds of blush
– two eyebrow styles
– lipsticks and a bunch of eyeshadows are available for 300 Lindens per package.

The Fatpack Package contains:
– ALL of the above PLUS all make up options.

That means you are getting…let me count…32 skins for 1000 Lindens if you get the Basic Package. That, people, is freaking amazing.

I like this skin!

I think during the past years Mochi has improved her skintones greatly. They used to be very yellowish and I think she did a fine job at deleting these undertones.  I like the shading on the body and especially the hipbones. I think the stomach area really looks nice. The knees are nicely shaded and don’t have any too dark areas, as well as the collarbones. Especially the latter often bother me on many skins. What I -still- think about Pink Fuel’s skins is that her boobs look a wee bit too plastic, too much as if you got a boobjob. They are very highlighted which gives them a very ’round’ look, which certainly isn’t bad, but takes away from a somewhat more natural look.

On the backside, I think the bum is nicely shaded, even though I wonder if my eyes are fooling me or if it is truly there: Are the buttcheeks slightly more pinkish than the rest of the body? Anyone else seeing this? I am not 100% sure. The lighting was neutral.  The whole back suggest the avatar as a bit of meat on her ribs which I really do like. :)

Let me show you some pics of the options:

Pink Fuel Harley Brows

As you can see Mochi really was very, very busy lately. I truly like these brows, they look detailed and nicely styled. I LOVE the NO brow option. That is just so awesome to allow your customers to mix and match your skins with layers from other people. What I do miss though are -truly- red brows, but hey, that’s what the no brow option is for then. :)

Here are the two different styles of the brows. I cannot really decide which one I like better. Probably the second one, which would be option B. They seem a little more intense.

Pink Fuel Harley Brow Options

Then, the skin comes with three eyelid options: Default, Clean and Asian inspired eyelids. The clean ones have a little less lashes and less eye make up as well as an overall more natural look. You can clearly see that on the lower lid. For people who pay a lot of attention to details, this is GREAT imho. My personal fav are the default ones and the asian ones. SO pretty! :)

Pink Fuel Harley Eyelids

Then, there are the nose options. Mochi offers you FOUR layers of an additional nose called ‘button nose: Without freckles, and with light/mid/dark freckles. Below you can see a comparions. Personally, I always think button noses (I always have that problem with Essences’ skins!) give me a bit of a piggy look, so I like the default nose better in this case. I loooove the freckles and that you can choose between three levels of transparency. Very, very cute. Also, it means you can possibly combine this nose with another skin! ;D There is one thing though that I noticed and I notice it with essences as well: The line directly under the nose. It doesn’t bother me a whole lot to be honest, but it is something that other skins do not necessarily have. I think I like it a bit better without.

Pink Fuel Harley Noses

The following pictures shows you a selection of my favourite lipsticks from the package:  Beestung, Cherry, Nude, Rose and Romantic Red. These are just my favorite five out of a lip-pack that contains 14 lipsticks for only 300 Lindens extra if you choose the Basic Skin Package. Honestly, that is one hell of a deal if you compare this price to that of other skincreators. But, there is one minor issue I notice: The darker the lipstick gets, the more of a milkbeard on top of the upper lips becomes visible. You can see this especially on the Cherry one (second from the left).

Pink Fuel Harley Lipsticks


All in all I really, really love this skin. It is one HELL of a deal and was well worth the wait. Add to that, that unlike many creators, Mochi LISTENS to her customers, is always willign to merge layers and offer help, and I am more than willing to pay the price for this. I will never forget the day a while ago when I had written somewhere that her Elly Skins were too yellow for my taste: She IMed me and I got all “Oh god, now she’ll bitch.” She didn’t bitch ONE bit. Instead, she asked me to give her suggestiosn how to improve. I remember how incredibly baffled I was and I gladly helped her and was SO happy about that kind of awesome customer service.

A lot of creators have their noses WAY up in the air: “You are no creator, you have no clue, so there’s no reason to listen to you.” Yeah right. I am your customer, and without your customers, you wouldn’t have a store. It always amuses me when creators pretend that people who do not create cannot give advice/suggestions on certain ideas, as if we are blind/dumb/unobservant or generally just have no idea. Mochi Milena is a GREAT example of how it’s done right. You don’t lose your face as a creator if if you listen to people, in fact, it probably helps you.

So, thanky ou Mochi, both for your patience and listening to us and for this skin.

<3 Arica

Hair: Truth, Candy, Reds03 (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Bikini: N/A (Kyoot closed)
Hands/Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)

And here comes….CLEO! – Review

Hey guys!

I am sooo happy that finally Aida released this skin for Glam Affair. I think it has been a long, long time since I have been waiting this anxiously for a skin. Amberly was nice already, but I like Cleo better. I was so damned jealous of Magenta DeVinna and of certain other individuals who got this skin as a preview. Jealooous. I have been camping the damned store the whole time.

And Aida did not disappoint me!

Cleo comes in six tones: Arctic, Europa, America, Jamaica, India and Africa.  My personal favourite ones are Europa and America, so these are the ones displayed here:


I love, love, love these lips! I quite like the body, even though I haven’t been a big fan of her Lola-appliers, because they come with no layer to hide the sideshadows (also called sideboobs) whenever you do not want to wear giant boobies. But I think the shading is pretty nice and ever since her older releases such as Gio etc. she has improved a LOT imho. The face is very soft and youthful and I also like the hipbones. :) Personally, I like faces that look a little more ethereal and not that doll-like, but I am still pretty much in love with it.

Due to my lack of Lindens I obviously cannot display all twelve make ups for this skin, but those are really, really pretty. This one does the job as well. :) The skintones look very natural to me unlike those of certain other skincreators that always either seem too reddish or too yellowish. Also, a big improvement when you compare these to her old skins!

What’s in the package?

One skin costs 999 Lindens and comes with the following features:

6 (!!!) eyebrow options, displayed below

3 types of freckles on layers, displayed below

3 types of lips on layers, displayed below

3 types of nose son layers, displayed below

ALL 6 eyebrow options on a natural version of the skin

2 types of lashes on layers.

Here a picture of all eyebrow types:


I think these eyebrows are really well done, very neat, pretty and detailed.

And here a picture of all noses, freckles and lips that come with the package:


Those noses are adorable and I LOVE every skindesigner out there who puts theirs on layers. It is one hell of an opportunity to customize your skin. The freckles? Geeze, I am currently a redhead and these are really natural looking, especially the ones that go all over the face. I like that they aren’t symmetric, which always looks very odd to me. And do I have to mention that these lips look really yummy? I am mostly a fan of the matte lips I must say, not so much of the super shiny ones, but that is clearly a matter of taste.


Okay, I am calling Aida crazy, because that is one GIANT package for that price. O.o I am truly amazed by this offer. I was standing earlier in the store and was talkign to some other chick and told her that I expected the price for one skin to be upped now due to all the features. Well, they haven’t gone up and this is a freakishly good deal!

So, here is your TAXI to GLAM AFFAIR and I hope you’ll leave some Lindens there for Mrs. Ewing. :)

BTW: The hair is by Magika (Sabina Gully) and until tomorrow itonly costs 150Lindens for a whole colourpack (including all naturals/all oddly coloured ones etc.). The eyes are from Dead Apples (Soleil Reid), the lashes a current gift from Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle). :)

<3 Arica

Essences – Clover Skin


The latest release from Essences by Inka Mexicola is available at the current Skinfair 2013. It is a really pretty skin with a soft and unique look to it. So far most of her skins didn’t really seem to fit my shape well, but Clover seems indeed pretty cute. :)

So, here a couple of infos:

The price is 1500 Lindens per skintone/make up. That sounds like a LOT of money at first, especially since even The Body Co now lovered their prices, however, once you look into the package, you see that you get quite some stuff:

4 eyebrow options
Cleavage layers on tatto-, shirt- and undershirt-layers
6 types of blushes

I do believe that everything besides the blush-layers are pretty much standard options nowadays, but the six different blush/contour options are really nice. Lola-appliers have to be bought separately, but that is just normal as well.

Essences 1


The skin comes in eight different tones: Pale Dust, Midday, Light Rose, Beach, Sunkissed, Sunset, Sunheat, Moonlight. Some of these only vary in their colourscheme, not so much in the actual darkness/lightness of the skin, so it can be a really tough pick because you can barely spot a difference at first sight (see the skins above!).

What I noticed was that with neutral lightsettings (Analu Studio 5) the darker skins have a tendency to look very reddish, while the lighter ones have a yellowish touch to them. However, I know that a LOT of skins have this ‘problem’, so I am not going to nitpick here. :) The skintones sort of remind me of The Body Co! If the yellowish undertone bothers you, you can always buy one of the many skindetoners available and should be very happy afterwards. :)

Essences 2


In my opinion, the textures on these skins are very well done. I especially like the whole stomach/belly area and the shading around the spine. I think those areas look very, very realistic.

Maybe on this particular skin the shading around the nose is a little too dark for my taste, but I believe that this has to do with the particular look Inka was going for (some sort of summery look with a tiny hint of a sunburn?). The cheeks look fresh but not too young. The lips are gorgeous! I really do adore these lips and wish they would come as tattoolayers as well, so these could be added to other skins as well. Yummy!!

I am not a HUGE friend of the eyebrows. I think the blonde and ginger ones are pretty, but both the brunette and brown ones seem very, very strong. But, I do know that a lot of people like the thick brows lately, so that is really just a matter of taste.  What I DO like about the brows is the general shape. They are easy to adjust, unlike the brows of my current skin.

I think Inka managed to give each of her skins the typical ‘essences’-feeling: You can spot one of her skins right away. Clover is no exception. It has a pretty, young face with those typical juicy lips and a cute button-nose.

Essences 3

Make Ups

The skin comes with four colourful make ups and one nude version of the skin. I personally prefer the nude version because that seems a lot more versatile. However, the make ups are really fresh and funky!  Make Up Number 5 (the dark green one) is my personal fav because I am not such a  big fan of the colour pink. :) I really do wish it would come with different lipsticks, too! :D

A tip: Inka participates pretty regularly in events such as Zodiac and The Dressing Room. If you don’t like these make ups, try to grab a copy of the versions of her skins there for a lot less Lindens, too! :)

Essences Make Ups

So, thank you for reading this and bearing with my not so perfect Photoshop skills. :) I hope it was informative. If you want to try out Clover yourself, check it out at The Skin Fair 2013 – Essences.

<3 Arica

PS: I am SOOOO disappointed that I cannot use the other layout I had for my blog. This one is fine as well, but not AS pretty as the other. Unfortunately the pictures on that one were too big for the Fashionfeeds. :(