I look up to the sky above – News from Spellbound, Zenith and Drift! :)

Hi guys,

a new post and a couple of really pretty dresses. :) This post is a little shorter, but I have some mor eoutfits up my sleeve which hopefully I’ll be blogging soon. I am going to visit my family for a week and well, I am not entirely sure yet if I’ll be able to get on SL there. But lets have a look at what Arica is wearing today! :) Also, stay tuned for a Hair Fair Post soon! :D

The hair!

The hair on the picture below is currently available at Collabor88 and is a new style by Spellbound. The designer, Kohana Xue, relatively recently appeared upon the hair-horizon and her hairs are gorgeous. I am in damn love with her textures, especially because each colour package comes with sooo many options: Ten tones and each one with a roots and a no roots version. Her textures are pretty and the meshes are super smooth, just sometimes her hairs appear to be a bit big on me and they are NOT necessarily always realistic, but…hey. The store is called Spellbound, do you expect realism all over with a name like that? I surely don’t and I love it. The below hair is extra cute. I am not usually a fan of shorter hairs but I couldn’t pas son this one because of the ubercute little braid on the forehead. I love it! :)


The first dress!

The dress on the picture above is offered by Zenith for Collabor88 as well. Miffyhoi Rosca surely has improved a ton over the past 6 months or so and you can spot her store in more and more events lately. This dress is really, really plain cute. I love the ruffles on the chest and I personally like the slim waist and the fact that you can so easily add a waist belt there. The pattern on the lower end are really welldone and cute. I did however notice some weird alphas issue. I am wearing the dress in XS, but I had the same problem with S and even M: The boobs stick through! And granted, I already did make my boobs a lot smaller, down to 25. I am not sure, but I think that is something that needs fixing but I think it is manageable. (I simply used an additional alpha). I for sure think this dress is gorrrrrgeous. :)

The second dress!

The second dress is an item by Kallisto Destiny for Drift Fantasy and is available at WE LOVE RP.  It is a template, yes. I don’t care. (/rant on) I am tired of the rant about templates and I think unless a designer is able to manage to do EVERY part of their creation themselves on an equally high level, they should probably stop belittling those that use templates. Using pre-made animations/scripts/textures is no different and just as ‘reptitive’. No one wants the same anims in every item either nor the same textures. I’ll prefer a wonderfully textured template dress over a wonderful mesh with mediocre textures. (/rant off) And this dress is really pretty imho. It comes in several different colours and the template has a very pretty design, perfect for fantasy and for mixing and matching. It had a very, very low cut cleavage on the back.  I like that Kallisto managed to pull off a texture that isn’t really silk, but looks still very extravagant and chic. It is fitted mesh and I detected a strange issue: When my boobs are small, they poke through! Even with the alpha. When I make my boobs bigger, they stop doing that. I figure I still have no idea how fitted mesh works but this confused me greatly. :D I think Kalli made a really nice entrance to the fantasy community with this offer of hers. :D


Outfit 1:

Hair: Spellbound, Toothbrush, reds (Kohana Xue, NEW @ C88!!)
Dress: Zenith, Bohemian Summer, brown (Miffyhoi Rosca, NEW @ C88!!)
Belt: Teefy, Ruffles Antique Thin Belt (Azure Electricteeth)
Headpiece: OrsiniRed, Peony Wings, noir (Hatili Ishtari, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Face Adornment: The Forge, Face Art, gold (Deccan Arida)
Necklace: Yummy, Safari Wood Beads (Polyester Partridge, NEW @ C88!!)
Hand Jewelry: Aisling, Darshana (Druunah Esharham, Damian Kleiner, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Upper Arms: Tia, Mjolnir, gold (Tia Biscuit, Gacha!!)
Bracers: The Annex, Bracers Suede, brown (TheAnnex Resident, SOON at The Secret Affair!!)
Bag: Zenith, Leather National Minority Bag, brownish tan (Miffyhoi Rosca, NEW @ C88!!)
Sandals: Just Design, Roma, red (Davidefre Resident, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Kitty: Birdy, Sushi Kitties, Fish all gone (Nina Helix, NEW @ The Chapter Four!!)

Outfit 2:

Hair: Truth, Dasha, reds (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Dress: Drift Fantasy, Royal Reign, red (Kallisto Destiny, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headpiece 1: Luminary, Happily Ever After, gold (Augurer Resident, NEW @ Fit For A Princess!!)
Headpiece 2 (flowers+ veil): The Annex, Floreal Headband, creme (The Annex Resident, SOON @ The Secret Affair!!)
Horns: The Plastik, Nyraxis Horns, stark (Aikea Rieko, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Collar: Aisling, Chandra Collar, gold (Druunah Esharham, Damian Kleiner, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Upper Arms: Noodles, Clara Arm Chain, bronze (Natalee Oodles)
Bracers: The Annex, Bracers Suede, brown (TheAnnex Resident, SOON at The Secret Affair!!)
Hand Jewelry: Aisling, Darshana (Druunah Esharham, Damian Kleiner, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Pauldrons: The Muses, My Lady, red/silver (Dolce Blackflag, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)

Worn in both pictures:

Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Dead Apples, Twinkle Eyes, ice (Soleil Reid)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Eyeliner 2: Kooqla, Z-Eyeliner, 02 (Rocketta Haven)
Poses: Marukin, Poppy Set (Valencia Southard, NEW @ C88!!)

Locations: Beaumont Construction and Pigeon Island

I hear the birds on the summer breeze – News from Truth, Tableau Vivant, Eldritch and DRD! :)

Hi guys!

WE LOVE RP started well into this round (I think) and there are a ton of awesome items to be had there. You should definitely not forget to check it out. The Secret Affair is starting on July 15h (take a look at their website!) and I think it is gonna be neat.

The hairs!

I love braids. I always did and still do in SL, probably because I never manage such perfect, thick braids in rl. So when I saw the new style Blythe by Truth I jumped a little. It is right up my alley. I like that it isn’t the usual kind of braids we see where the hair is parted right in the middle but is sideswept instead. The single loose strand at the front is really cute. As per usual, it comes with a boobie-version included as well.

The second hair (second picture) is one of my new favs. Tableau Vivant by M4ri1yn Magic has improved so, so, so much over time, both textures and the smoothness of the meshes. I remember only a year ago I thought their hair was too chunky, but now I truly like it. The style is called Panther and available at July’s round of Collabor88. The handband comes with a HUD and various options to colour it and is a really pretty detail. Unfortunately I realized too late that you cannot see the cute feathers on this picture, so you’ll have to believe my words or see for yourself. :D


The peni…err…staff!

I swear I didn’t realize it until I was working on the picture and already had taken a gazllion of pics ingame. No, this staff does NOT normally look like a phallic symbol, in fact, it only does show a small resemblance from one perspective and together with this pose…well. Very prominent for sure and I got a lot of mockings for it. :D But aisde from that, this staff is available at WE LOVE RP and is an offer by Kiera Ashdene for her store Eldritch. Her textures are gor-ge-ous. I cannot emphasize it enough. The detail and amount of work she outs into her items always show and imho, this staff is a perfect addition for many kinds of fantasy characters. I really got nothing to complain, just watch out to find a better pose than I did. :D

The belt!

I sometimes wonder how Jaimy Hancroft of DRD manages to dish out sooo many awesome items in such little time. For WE LOVE RP she came up with this awesome belt with many, many pouches. :) Leather and pouches = happy elf. The amount of detail is really awesome on this one, lots of little buckles, pockets, buttons. Plus truly pretty textures and the price of 50L is totally ridiculous. I chose to ignore the little steampunkish application on one of the pockets, because this belt IS actually meant for steampunk, not so much for medieval fantasy. But I think it works. :)


Hair 1: Truth, Blythe, reds (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Hair2: Tableau Vivant, Panther, fall pack (M4ri1yn Magic, NEW @ C88!!)
Hair 3: Truth, Dasha, reds (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Dead Apples, Twinkle Eyes, ice (Soleil Reid)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Eyeliner 2: Kooqla, Z-Eyeliner, 02 (Rocketta Haven)
Top 1: Haste, Fringe Tube Top, maroon (Auston Harbour, NEW @ Rhapsody!!)
Top 2: The Library, Tarna, brown (Dreamfantasia Nightfire, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Underlayer 2: Gizza, Gypsy Set Bra (Giz Seorn)
Corset: Aisling, Elsa Corsets, light brown (Druunah Esharham)
Pants: Pink Outfitters, Velvet Brewer Leggings, brown (London Daily)
Boots: Ronsem, Kneehigh Boots (Eow Reverie)
Belt: DRD, Female Utility Belt, brown leather (Jaimy Hancroft, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Legharness: Velvet Whip, Tracker Belt (Reeva Hax, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Pauldrons: Bites & Claw, Chained Pauldrons (Graea Resident, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Bracers: Ravensoul, Moonstone Bracers, copper (Cry Hawker, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Upper Arms: Tia, Mjolnir, gold, common (Tia Biscuit, NEW Gacha!!)
Upper Arm (Pocket): Velvet Whip, Arm Pocket (Reeva Hax, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Necklace 1: Zenith, Ping Suo Necklace, red/gold (Miffyhoi Rosca, NEW @ FaMeshed!!)
Collar: Senzafine, Ibelin Gorget Collar, copper/gold (Synjari Myriam, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Necklace 2: Imeka, Vintage Flower Necklace, old gold (NatiWilliams Resident, NEW @ The Chapter Four!!)
Headpiece 1: Folly, Nouveau Fantasy Headdress Flowers (Cane Sutter, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headpiece 2: Keystone, Eldir Horns/Headpiece, barkish (Aymee Monk, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Headpiece 3: Keystone, Vynna, gold/onyx (Aymee Monk, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Earrings: Empyrean Forge, Tesoro del Sol, gold (EmpyreanForge Resident)
Rings: Yummy, Garden Cocktail Rings, commons (Polyester Partridge, Gacha!)
Ring (Pic 2): Empyrean Forge, Tesoro del Sol Luz, gold (EmpyreanForge Resident)
Staff 1: LR Weapons, Phoenix Combo (Allia Lane/Larion Rhode, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Staff 2: Eldritch, Soilsigh Staff (Kiera Ashdene, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Bow: LR Weapons, Hazel Bow (Larion Rhode/Allia Lane)
Dagger: Velvet Whip, Leg Knife (Reeva Hax)
Poses: Imeka (NatiWilliams Resident) and label.motion (Anne Dakun)

Location: Alirium (Store, Groundlevel), Alirium


Will you still be there for me? – So much awesome stuff! :)

Heya peeps!

I hope you all spent a lovely weekend! Mine for sure was good and very relaxed. :) WE finally booked all our flights etc., so this summer we are gonna go to Crete, hiking and beack combined. Looking forward to this! Fon’t forget that soon enough The Secret Affair will be starting again and stay tuned for infos about the new MYSTIC REALMS FAIRE being posted VERY soon! So keep your eyes open, this is gonna be a big event for sure. :)

Buuut, lets have a look at what Arica is wearing this time! :) Also, on a sidenote, the credits for this posts made me angry. :P

The cuffs!

The cuffs I am wearing are a current release by On A Lark for Tales of Fantasy and a common item of their gacha there. I really, really think On A Lark is a store we all need to keep a close eye on because Discovering Destiny, the owner, has been constantly improving. I really like her eye for details on her jewelry and these bracers certainly are super pretty. They come in various colours of which all are really pretty, though I personally still like gold and bronze best. Her goldtones are really nice, too. The cuffs come with a colourchanging HUD for the little pearls (you can see in the pics I use white and teal). The Bliss Cuffs are part of a three pieces set (collar, anklecuffs, cuffs), but you don’t really need all parts imho, because each part on itself looks good already. So for only 50L you have a good chance to grab this very pretty common item. :)


The dress!

The dress I am wearing is an item you can find at Gocha Merlin’s store Go! and is pretty awesome. Gocha has a penchant for really colourful, unique outfits. I really do like the gathered skirt on this dress and how it folds. I think it is neatly done. This item is honestly a bit on the steampunkish side of things and I am not a HUGE fan of the skull picture, but that’s a minor thing. I only wish the corset came separately, so I could mix and match a little more. I also noticed that with larger boobies you may have some poke-through-issues. Still, this dress is really neat and I think if you combine it right it works. :D Also, one of the versions she sells is currently 50% OFF! :D

The gauntlet!

The gauntlet in the picture below is an item by Remarkable Oblivion and it roooocks! The two designers behind RO (Nimvade ‘Blair’ Resident and Axsisthorn ‘Sebastian’ Resident) seriously know their work. :) The gauntlet comes in  three texture options and even includes an animation overrider for various hand positions. You can even force both hands into separare positions.. I am using the relaxed one on the picture. Their textures are plainly awesome, there is NOTHING to complain about it. I was a bit baffled just how HUGE the default version is, but resizing it was no problem at all. I think this makes some damned badass item for soooo many kinds of characters that wear plate or have had their hand replaced for some reason. I LOVE it! :)

Hair 1: Tableau Vivant, Summers, Falls Package (M4ri1yn Magic, NEW @ Summerfest!)
Hair 2: Spellbound, Amber, reds (Kohana Xue, NEW @ Summerfest!!)
Hair 3: Magika, Daffodil, Color Package 2 (Sabina Gully, NEW!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Dead Apples, Solar Eyes I, Sea (Soleil Reid, @ TMD!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Eyeliner 2: Kooqla, Z-Eyeliner, 02 (Rocketta Haven)
Dress: Go!, Steam Girl (Gocha Merlin)
Cloak: FatePlay, Dany Cloak, quartz (Damien Fate)
Boots: Just Design, Ara Boots (Davidefre Resident)
Belt/Pauldron: Luas, Amazonia Armor, rare (Ainara Luas, @ Tales of Fantasy)
Belt (hip): The Annex, Valkyrie’s Belt (TheAnnex Resident, SOON @ 30L Viking Gacha!!)
Harness: PFC, Cimmerian Chest Harness (Pucca Firecaster)
Neckcorset: Soedara, Here comes wicked, earth (Marbella Pronovost)
Glove: Remarkable Oblivion, Azrael Glove (Axsisthorn Resident/Nimvade Resident)
Flowers (Pic 1): N/A
Flowers (Pic 2): Enfant Terrible, Forest Flowers, red/purple (EnfantTerrible Resident, Gacha!!)
Headpiece 1: Keystone, Corta, gold/ruby (Aymee Monk, old 25L Tuesday item)
Headpiece 2: Keystone, Kynne, gold/green (Aymee Monk, SOON @ OMGacha!!)
Earrings: Fetch, Linc Earring, bones (DistortedDreams Resident, NEW @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Cuffs: ON A Lark, Bliss Cuffs, gold (Discovering Destiny, Gacha @ Tales of Fantasy!!)
Chain (upper arm): Noodles, Clara Arm Chain, bronze (Natalee Oodles, NEW @ Summerfest!!)
Necklace 1: Empyrean Forge, Nidhogg Necklace (EmpyreanForge Resident)
Necklace 2. Kosh, Olen Necklace (Lynaja Bade)
Ring: Zenith Fashions, Butterfly Ring, light gold (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Bow: LR Weapons, hazel Bow (Larion Rhode/Allia Lane)
Poses: Kirin Poses, Mimi/Haru Pose Packs (Caronlina Sauterau)
Fairy: !Ohmai, Bumble Bee Fairy, companion (Anya Ohmai, NEW @ The Arcade!!)
Fairy’s Hat: Remarkable Oblivion, Sugar Rush, Sour Grapes (Axsisthorn Resident/Nimvade Resident, @ The Arcade!!)

Location: Neverending, Pigeon Island

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I want to see the stars – News from Purple Moon, Eudora 3D and lots of hairs! :)

Heya peeps,

two more weeks until it’s finally the end of the schoolyear and I get to have a six week summer break. It’s about time, I am TIRED. :D Life is busy atm but I still managed to put together this outfit which is somewhat unusual and I really like it because of that! :)

Lets have a glimpse!

The squirrel!

This squirrel by Anya Ohmai for !Ohmai is adorable. I am not usually a BIG fan of the giant influx of plushies al over the place, but some always manage to stick out and this is one of them for sure. For this steampunk inspired outfit it is perfect. :) I love the incredibly welldone textures as well as the generally – somewhat unnatural- cute shape…plus the mini goggles! :) It comes with various options to hold and rez it and certainly is a good companion for anyone who like ssteampunksih outfits..or maybe plays a pilot? :)


The dress!

This dress by Purple Moon (Poulet Koenkamp) is, imho, a proof that templated clothing in SL does not equal uncreative and boring outfits.  It comes in two parts, the upper jacket and the lower skirt, so it can be worn and combined separately. I LOVE this dress. I love that it has the hi-low cut so that it displays your legs while still not being too sexy. :) There are far too few of these kinds of skirts out there! I really like the texture of the jacket. The skirt is nice too, but for me the jacket beats it since I am suck a sucker for leathers. :) This template also comes with a great deal of little details, for example the ruffled part on the belly and the metal applications. Pretty! And the best part is, it is an RFL item at Fashion For Life, which means a set percentage gets donated. :)

The boots!

Eudora 3D is a store that has been around for little more than a year by now. In my opinion, Eudora3D Resident is one of the best shoe-designers in SL hands down. His designs are incredibly real looking and the textures are so, so awesome. These shoes are SO perfect for victorian or steampunkish styled avatars. They come in two different colour packs with 12 texture options each. Each package is 650 Lindens, the fatpack is 950 Lindens, which is one hell of a deal. :D Their shoes are not on the cheapie side of the scale but still very reasonably priced for the awesome quality you get and the myriad of options. If you compare the whole package you buy here with similarily priced shoes elsewhere, you will realize they aren’t really expensive at all. I really hope Eudora will make more medievalish boots soon! Hint, hint, hint! :P

Hair 1: Truth, Hope, colours (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Hair 2: Tableau Vivant, Lindgren, fall (M4ri1yn Magic, NEW @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Hair 3: Magika, Serene, Unnaturals (Sabina Gully)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Ardent Eyes, angel (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Eyeliner 2: Mons, Eyeliner Royal, black (Ekilem Melodie)
Dress: PurpleMoon, Time Traveller (Poulet Koenkamp, NEW @ Fashion for Life!!)
Leggings: Kyoot, Hollander Leggings, basil (Saeya Nyanda)
Boots: Eudora3D, Victoria Boots (Eudora3D Resident)
Belt: The Forge, Bayram Belt, rare (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Pauldron: The Forge, Darkur Arm Guard, brown/leather, rare (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Goggles: !Ohmai, Steampunk Squirrel Goggles, human version (Anya Ohmai)
Squirrel: !Ohmai, Steampunk Chestnut Squirrel (Anya Ohmai)
Eyepatch: Contraption, Gavin’s Monocle (Faust Steamer)
Telescope: Anc LtD., b.b.t.b Telescope, rose (Aki69 Resident, Gacha!!)
Horn-Decor: The Forge, Aphrodite’s Horns, gold/white (Deccan Arida, Gacha @ Tales of Fantasy!!)
Headpiece: Keystone, Aglaea, gold (Aymee Monk)
Rings: Kunglers, old TDRF item
Necklace: Zenith, Geometry Stone Necklace, light gold (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Poses: Imeka, Various sets (NatiWilliams Resident)

Locations: Goatswood, New Babbage, The Golden Oriole


When I met you in the summer – News from Tableau Vivant, Mina and some thoughts on blogging!

Hi peeps,


the Arcade is starting soon and god, there are gonna be sooooo many cute items again. :) June is also a month of another round of The Fantasy Collective, a new event called Tales of Fantasy, The Secret Affair and of course WE LOVE RP. We got quite a few new designers in this round and I am reaaaaally looking forward to it. :) However, this post is NOT goign to contain JUST fashion. But lets see. :)

The hairs!

The first hair is soon available at June’s round of The Arcade. :) It is offered by Tableau Vivant (M4ri1lyn Magic) and is called Longfall. And that name is fitting: It is suuuuper long and wavy. :) Perfect mermaid hair imho and perfect for all kinds of fantasy characters in general. It’s soft and nicely shaded. I did notice that it bares a LOT of the forehead, so if you got a high one, it might look a bit too bald on you. Still, Tableau Vivant has really, really provided a very unique style here. I have seldomly seen hair this long done so well. Of course, a boobie version is included. :) And,, the best part is? Each colour comes with an invidiually designed, super pretty hairpiece. I hopefully willl get around to showcase that one soon, too! :)

The second hair (second pic) I am wearing is Astrid by Mina Nakamura for her store Mina, available at the most recent round of The Attic. And…it is soooo cool. It is a 50s inspired style (I think…ahem) and comes both with and without materials and includes a boobie version. I am showing the non-materials version because for some reason my lightning was being especially screwy today and looked weird on the materials. I think I need to update FS again. I LOVE this style. It is surely not an every day style but it is elegant and unusual. There have been quite a few of these styles lately but this is one of my personal favs, tit is just extra-big. :D Love the fact that it is asymmetrical too! But, I would ahve loved a hairbase for this one. :)

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Thoughts on Blogging!

I quite often get asked this. “I want to start blogging, but I don’t know. What should I do?” Or: “How can I improve my blog?”

I wrote up a little list of things that I, both as a blogger and as an eventmanager always consider to be pillars of good blogging. Now before you scream “How dare she? Who does she think she is?!” This is a personal list that -I- consider important and isn’t necessarily a universal perspective on blogging.

1. NEVER beg or demand review copies! It reflects VERY badly upon you and your blog. Be patient, blog continuously and once your blog is old enough (~ 6 months), apply whenever a store/event accepts bloggers. If people like you, they will approach/invite you. Applying for events/stores which you never blogged before is a bad idea.

2. Find your niche! Be unqiue, offer something the 10000 other bloggers don’t already. Don’t just open the 50th blog of the same kind. Research what is missing and try to fill in that blank. This is super, super important. No event has any use for 100000 bloggers with the exact same kind of style.

3. Have a good layout and good pictures! A good, easy to navigate website is important. If everything is cluttered and all over the place, it is very distracting and annoying. Large, crisp pictures are a must in my book. Don’t pick a theme that downsizes your pics to tiny thumbnails.

4. Only blog what you like! I don’t see the point of blogging what you DON’T like. If you like an item, but spot a major mistake with it that needs fixing, tell the designer before you blog it so they have a chance to fix it. If it’s a thing like…a missing hairbase or maybe you think the textures could be smoother? I think that’s fair game to say. Bashing items is shitty.

5. Never blog only for freebies! This is a thing that I personally find very important. I think you can SEE when people just blog whatever is tossed their way. Few people can conceal their lack of passion for a certain outfit. Blogging to get free shit will usually result not so awesome outfits.

6. Be honest! If you review, don’t fawn all over an item when it has visible downsides. People will value you for honesty, not for endless asskissing. Any designer with guts will also value your opinion, IF you a) word it politely and b) can back it up.

7. Get connected! Link to other blogs you like, link to Flickr (important!), Facebook, Plurk, Google Plus, whatever floats your boat. Use the social medias to get your blog out there. :) Get on the feeds!!!

8. Always improve! Chances are, there are 200 bloggers out there who are much better than you. Watch tutorials, try to get the gists of basic photoshop editing. You can add a lot of flair to a pic by just doing little things. A few neat tutorials can be found on Stawberry Singh’s blog. It took myself a long time until I finally dared to try it out, but…it works! :) Learn how to tweak WL settings in SL to fit your image. If you look at my pics from a year ago and now? I learned a lot I think and there is STILL room for so much improvement.

9. Do not over-accessorize! It’s something that I did in the past for sure. If your outfit looks as if you right-clicked on the latest gacha-event folder and then clicked ‘wear’? Not good. Designers want their items to be represented and if you wear 100 of them?…little of each one will be seen. Find a balance. Even I have a hard time with this one sometimes. :D

10. EFFORT! Your blog should show that you put effort into it. Pictures, layout…everything sums up to effort and how much time you are willing to spend to advertise products. If little effort is shown and every post looks as if it was done in 15 Minutes? Why should anyone invite you to blog for them? If you couldn’t even be bothered to find a pose that doesn’t make your layered meshclothes glitch all over the place…why would I bother buying it?

11. Credit your items!! I personally don’t do Slurls unless it is an event because too many stores move around all the time. But they are a nice addition for sure. Credits should contain the NAME of the designer, the name of the store, the item’s name and version/colour. If it is an event, link to it! Some people credit the price as well which is really nice.

12. Be picky! Your blog – your reputation. Which stores do you WANT to represent? Don’t accept EVERY offer and EVERY invite. Be picky and think carefully: Do the items fit your style? Do you truly like the items? If you doubt, don’t do it.

13. Not too much porn! This is a personal one. If your blog is full of pixelporn, mewmew and semen dripping from your giant pixelboobs, chances are you’ll get kicked from every feed and Flickr will not show your pictures instantly (maturity filter) which means a lot less exposure for the designers you blog for. The least thing you can do is push the porn pics into a different category, so they won’t land in the feeds and get you kicked.

I am sure there is more, but these are MY personal basics that I tell people usually. I hope it helped and don’t mind my rough wording. I am passionate about a couple of things in here. <3

Hair 1: Tableau Vivant, Longfall, reds (M4ri1yn Magic, SOON @ The Arcade!!)
Hair 2: Mina, Astrid, reds (Mina Nakamura, NEW @ The Attic!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Feet: Just Designs, My Feet, flat (Davidefre Resident)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Ardent Eyes, angel (Eleri Catlyn, NEW @ Kustom9!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Top: Silk Worms, Venus Shirt (and Harness), burnt (Trippy Fall, NEW @ The Countdown Room!!)
Skirt: Indie Rose, Drop Back Skirt, black (Angelina Eizenberg)
Pants: Sur+, Amalfi Pants, mud (Sienia Trevellion)
Sandals: Just Design, Gladia Sandals, earth (Davidefre Resident, for JD My Feet!!)
Belt: Pucca Firecaster, Belt Packs, brown (Pucca Firecaster, Gacha!!)
Armor (red): Innocuous, Shell Outer Armor, garnet (Circuitous Resident)
Bracers: Meshed Up, Armlet, brown (Torridx Resident, Gacha!!)
Wreath: Zenith, Grape Leafs Corolla (Miffyhoi Rosca, @ FaMeshed!!)
Hairflowers: Distorted Dreams, Kyna, peach (Distorteddreams Resident/Epic Maidstone, SOON @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Necklace: Half Deer, Wooden Savannah Necklace, gazelle (Halogen Magic)
Pouch: The Forge, Leg Pouch, brown (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Bow: LR Weapons, Hazel Bow (Allia Lane/Larion Rhode)
Polearm: Distorted Dreams, Del Trident, rare (DistortedDreams Resident/Epic Maidstone, SOON @ Tales of Fantasy!!)
Poses: Imeka (last pic), Lucy Set, (NatiWilliams Resident), Label.Motion (Anne Dakun)

Location: Home of the Unknown (GE Gorean RP), Sylvanas




Never be afraid again! – News from Lassitude & Ennui, Little Bones, Alchemy and more! :)

Hiya peeps,

finally a new blog! I have been testing out some new PS techniques, thank you so much to all those people who constantly help me. :) No big bla bla, lets move on to the outfit! :)

The hair!

Little Bones is a store which is relatively new on the horizon. Not TOO new, but somewhat new. The storeowner is Nova Faerye and I have been keeping my eyes on this store since a while now. The constant improvement has really been showing, though I think some small things still could be improved! But, I have LOTS of positive things to say about this style which I picked up at Kustom9. First of all, the hair is HUD-driven (rumors are some hairmakers still clutter your inventory!!!) and the style is really soft and smooth. Her mesh has improved constantly as well. The textures are really pretty imho, though I wish the top of the head was just a little less dark. I really, really love the thin strands this hair has. :) The package I got was 249L and contains 10 different tones. Imho, this really is one damn good deal. Another little thing that bothered me (but not enough to not wear this hair all the time) are the alphabarts aroudn the strands which seem large and glitch a lot in forests. I am NOT sure if these can be avoided though so it is really just a tiny complaint.


The dress!

This is the new dress by Lassitude & Ennui (Jackal Ennui) for the World Goth Fair which just recently started. It is…pink. And I love it. This version is called orchid and I just loved the combination of pink and green, it went so well with my roses and…all the rest! :D The texture is soooo soft and I love the inscriptions on the top layer. The mystic dress is only 290L per dress and this color is the one that is a 100% donation for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. As always, Lassitude & Ennui provides us with original mesh items which are just plainly awesome. :) Don’t forget to check this out!

Blog367PS_3 copy
Hair 1: Little Bones, Starry Eyed, reds (Nova Faerye, NEW @ Kustom9!!)
Hair 2: LeLutka, Fionn, reds (Thora Charron, NEW!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Dead Apples, Broken Glass, aqua (Soleil Reid)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup)
Dress: Lassitude@Ennui, Mystic Dress, orchid (Jackal Ennui, NEW @ World Goth Fair!!)
Armor: Alchemy, Ritual Armor, bronze (Nina Helix/Tyr Rozenblum, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Crown: Luas, Elvira’s Crown, golden (Ainara Luas, NEW @ The Countdown Room!!)
Wreath: Zenith, Grape Leaf Corolla (Miffyhoi Rosca, NEW @ FaMeshed!!)
Flower-Sleeves: Lark, Briar Armband (Sienia Trevellion, for Enchantment!!)
Bracers: Luxe, Wooden Cuff, dark zebra (Jaycee Dover, NEW @ Kustom9!!)
Staff: On A Lark, Talon Staff (Discovering Destiny, Gacha!!)
Mushroom-Friend: Alchemy, Mushie, ice (Nina Helix/Tyr Rozenblum, NEW @ Dark Fair!!)
Demon-Friend: Alchemy, Demon, gloom (Nina Helix/Tyr Rozenblum, NEW @ Dark Fair!!)
Poses: Kirin Poses, My Paper Airplane (Carolina Sautereau, NEW!!)

Location: Private Parcel

Mariliel Blog 367PS_1

You will see me before you die – News from Mina Hair, Zenith and more. :)

Hi guys,
so, two days ago I was approached by a certain guy who asked me if it was possible to create an outfit for an IC event on their sim that reflects a proper gorean freewoman. Now, you likely noticed my love for Gor is shallow at best and I rarely if ever dwell in it anymore. However, the idea of creating an outfit that is NOT the usual boring kind of dress for a FW made me curious and I agreed. Granted, my FW has weird ears and is a naughty one: She takes off her veil at times. ;)

So, lets have a look!

The (messy) hair!

Well first of all, this hair is not up for sale yet, but will be soon at The Attic. It is another release called Mientje by Mina Nakamura for her store Mina and it is SO pretty. I really enjoy messy updos and this one is really cute. There are not enough of those out there. Mina’s textures are among my favourite textures for hair out there and her hair is materials enabled, too. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to take a pic with materials on without my computer just…blowing up. I like Mina’s tones though I do think the highlights tend to be a wee bit too orange at times.Though the evolution Mina’s hairs has been undergoing has been such an improvement. Her strands often used to be thick and kinda chunky, now they are just right. However, I would have LOVED some more wispy strands around the sides. :)

Blog347PS_2 copy

The dress!

The dress is called Anne and is made by Augurer Resident for her store Luminary. It is original mesh and a VERY unique design if you compare it to most other dresses out there. I always have been sucker for cool ideas and this combination of a highwaisted skirt with a vest is really cool. I love the shiny, silken look of the skirt which imho is very fitting to be worn by woman of a higher caste. I do believe the edges around the wrinkles at the botton may be a little too sharp and thin, however that hardly takes away from the skirts awesome look. Given the VERY reasonable prices at Luminary I dare say this dress is a steal. :)

The belt!

The belt is offered by Miffyhoi Rosca for her store Zenith at the current round of Men’s Department. I squeaked happily when I saw it. It comes with three rigged sizes and one unrigged version, which I had to use for this one. It comes in several tones as well. Fitting it is a little tricky, however once done, it is totally worth it. I very much like the leather and metal textures on this one as well as the general idea. This makes a nice addition for a lot of outfits, though due to its shape, the bag is much easier to fit above pants than above slightly flaring skirts.

Hair 1: Mina Hair, Mientje, reds (Mina Nakamura, SOON @ The Attic!!)
Hair 2: Taketomia, Sanae, reds (Bella Earst)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Mysteria Eyes, ice (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Moondust Day Eyeshadow, white witch (Julep Mixemup, NEW @ Skin Fair!!)
Dress: Luminary, Anne, green (Augurer Resident)
Vest: Velvet Whip, Silvana Suede Vest, brown (Reeva Hax)
Sleeves. Cashmere, Fur Sleeves, sienna (Gianni Broda)
Collar: The Forge, Feather Collar, gold (deccan Arida, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Belt: Zenith, Leather Waist Bag, choco (Miffyhoi Rosca, NEW @ Men’s Department!!)
Tiara: Keystone, L’thia’s Coins, bronze/copper (Aymee Monk, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Ring/Bracelet: Eldritch, Caird Set (Kiera Ashdene, NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Veil: Arwen’s Creations, The Hood, blue chocolate (Arwen Serpente)
Poses: Kirin Poses, Various Sets (Carolina Sautereau)

Location: Samnium (Gorean Role-Play), Cinnamon Bay

Blog347PS_1 copy

But I said it all to another heart – News from Underscore, Stitched, Entente and more! :)

Heya peeps!

So, rather recently, I was pointed to a hairstore that has been around since a while but never really caught my attention until now: Underscore! Plus, Stitched released this really cute rustic tunic and several other items have been tossed onto the grid. :) I Hope you like my more rustic outfit this time.


The hair!

Please bear in mind that this is a review for a hair that is the second attempt of Nikolai Dionysus at original mesh hair and I think for that it is damned decent. As mentioned, Underscore never really made it to my attention because most of their simply didn’t suit my taste. I am glad that the co-owner, Syndel Daviau, sort of shoved their last released in my face and was kind enough to even re-send it when I was too blonde to find it in my inventory. So, I promised to have a look at it and didn’t expect too much at first…and then was pleasantly surprised. :D First of all, the hair comes in THREE different texture variants: Smooth, realistic and fierce. ‘Fierce’ is very strongly shaded hair that kind of looks rough, ‘smooth’ is the exact opposite, very much like most hairs out there. Realistic is my actual preference! It has nice highlights and slightly stronger shading, but doesn’t look as rugged ats ‘fierce’. I like the red tones. They come in all kinds of variants from ginger to actual red, however, the colours slightly differ depending on the kind of texture you chose. The hair is HUD driven and comes a ta price of 250 Lindens which I think is very fair. The overall meshwork seems pretty well done, however I do wish the strands were a little smoother and less chunky. You can see the slightly chunky strands of the bangs in the pic below. The parting, too, could be a little smoother, however that is something MANY hair designers struggle with.The style itself is very cute and feminine and flows nicely over the shoulder. It did not interfere with my meshclothes at all! :) Overall I have to say I am glad I did take a look at this and while I think some improvements can be done (as expected, second try!!!), this is a very nice start into the original mesh area and most definitely worth to keep an eye on. :)

The tunic!

Adele Bumblefoot of Stitched released another really cute item. I have been looking around desperately for nice, somewhat flared tunics the past weeks and never found much that really seemed to fit what I imagined. This tunic however hit the nail on the head (is that how you say it? :D). It looks really cute with the natural colours and the slightly torn look.The wrinkles seem natural and welldone. I really liked the belt it comes with but I would like it event more of it had a bow/lacings/a buckle or something else. The texture is very soft and remind sme a lot of suede. I do think if these tunics came in a dirty version, too, or with a more rugged looking texture, they were pretty much perfect! :)

Hair: Underscore, Lana, reds (Nikolai Dionysus/Syndel Daviau, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Umeboshi, Mirror Eyes, Unnatural (Keiba Resident, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Tunic: Stitched, Shaman’s Tunic, grass (Adele Bumblefoot, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Sleeves: Yasum Designs, Nicci’s Steam Sleeves, rare! (Azlyn Vaher, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Pants: Zenith, Draped Trousers, choco (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Legwarmers (long): Monso, My Legwarmers, khaki (Moprhine Janick, Mesh!!)
Legwarmers (short): Tram, Fox Fur Leg warmers, brown (Moca Loup)
Boots: Entente, Sentier Boots, basic (Baudouin Resident, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Belt: Tokidoki, Flower Belt, brown (Maya Levane)
Crown: GSpot, Queen Of the Woods (Jalilah Jewell)
Headpiece: The Forge, Boadicea’s Headpiece, copper, rare (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Necklace (short): Izzie’s, Autumn Leaves Necklace, gold (Izzie Button, Mesh!!)
Necklace (long): Yummy, Tiny Acorn Necklace, copper (Polyester Partrige, Mesh!!)
Ring: Yummy, Winter Flower Ring, copper (Polyester Partrige, Mesh!!)
Armor: Innocuous, Shell Outer Armor, worn (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Bow/Quiver: Pucca Firecaster Creations, Dark Whisper Bow (Pucca Firecatser, Mesh!!)
Poses: Marukin, Gaze Set (Valencia Southard, NEW!! @ Collabor88!!)

Location: Camerius’ Gorge (Gorean Role-Play), Malignance


Are you my friend? – News from Taketomi, GSpot and some thoughts on blogging

Hey peeps!

I wanted to say something that really irked me since a while. Recently I heard from a lot of creators all over the place that bloggers ask them for free stuff. Here is the thing: If you have a bit of integrity, you do not ask, UNLESS the creator makes it obvious that you can ask (in their profile etc.). Even then there should be a certain limit of items you ask for. Bloggers have bad reputation as it is (only wanting to blog to get free stuff etc.) and I do not think supporting that kind of behaviour helps the blogger-designer relationship at all. Not even if a designer is your friend. Which friend of yours would -really- deny giving you their created items for free even if they wanted to? It’s a really bad situation you put them in.

Fact is, if someone likes your blog, they will hand you the items. If someone wants you to blog for them, they will invite you or accept your application. Begging/asking for items though when the designer shows NO sign of being approchable in that regard, is really bad style. If you blog to get items for free or to become ‘famous’, that is certainly no good idea at all and only annoys those you seek to impress. It takes patience and not a myriad of IMs to all kinds of creators.

Now on to more positive things! :D

The hair!

Bella Earst of Taketomi has released a hair that really caught my eye on Skye Everidge’s head. Usually, Taketomi always looks a little too big on my head and the textures are, much like Eater’s Coma, a little too dry imho. BUT! This style is really, really lovely. I am wearing the Red 2 tone andI love how gently it falls down over my shoulders. As per usual, the other two styles that have been newly released, were a little too big on me, but this one is just really nice. Also, the price of 200 Lindens for five tones seems very fair.

The headpiece!

Jalilah Jewell of GSpot is ever improving her mesh skills! I am so happy to observe how far she has come over the past year. I have always liked her textures, but now she makes her own mesh as well! The headpiece I am wearing will be released relatively soon and is actually a hairnet, however, I lowered it some since my hair was a bit too poofy for it. I love, love the details on this one, the tiny pearls and miniature chainlinks. :) The style is very elegant and can be combine diwht a lot of hairs if you lower the piece justa  little. Otherwise, you will have to search for a hair that allows you to display the full hairnet on top, which is a little difficult. But..I love! :)

Hair: Taketomi, Namie, Red02 (Bella Earst, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Umeboshi, Cloudy Lenses, Duo Blue (Keiba Resident, Mesh!! NEW!! @ The Season Story!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Harness: Soedara, Here comes Wicked, eart (Marbella Pronovost, Mesh!!)
Corset /w blouse: Junbug, Mayfly Corset Top, Arica’s Earth (Juno Mantel, NEW!! Mesh!!  @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Skirt: Tres Blah, Leather Skirt, brown (Juliette Westerburg, NEW!! Mesh!! @ Collabor88!!)
Pants: Zenith, Draped Trousers, chocolate (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Socks: Fashionably Dead, Knigh High Mesh Socks, brown (Toast Bard, Mesh!!)
Boots: Stitched, The Doubled Boots, brown/black (Adele Bumblefoot, Mesh!!)
Belt: Ingenue, Bertille Belt, coffee (Betty Doyle, Mesh!!)
Bracers: Bitch, Armor Bracers, Leather (Maxwell Graf, Mesh!!)
Legarmor/upper arm: B@rerose, Warrior Lady (June Dion, Mesh!!)
Wreadth: LeLutka, Alvina Hair (Thora Charron, Mesh!!)
Headpiece: GSpot, Ghaaliyas Gems, Hairnet Gold RARE (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Necklace: The Forge, Evenlyn’s Necklace, bronze (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!! @ 30L RFL Fair!!)
Necklace: Yummy!, Tiny Acorn Necklace, gold (Polyester Partridge, NEW!! Mesh!! @ Collabor88!!)
Ring(Left): MishMash, Honey BooBoo Ring (Lena MacBain)
Ring (right): MG, Atlantis Moon Ring, gold (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Bracelet: Kahli Designs, Arm Torc, gold (Kahli Designs Resident/Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!! 50L @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Bow: LR Weapons, Nightdale Bow (Larion Rhode, Mesh!!)
Poses: Kirin Poses, Autumn Breeze Pack (Carolina Sautereau, @ The Season Story!!)
Location: Lennon Park Massacre (non-Role-Play),LennonParkOnTheRock

We’ve come to far to give up who we are – NEW releases (Elikatira, Junbug, On A Lark)

Heya peeps!

So there, have been a couple of new releases this time around. One of my favorite stores for hair re-opened today and I am sort of happy! Sort of!

The Hair!

Elikapeda Tiramisu of Elikatira has been making us girls happy with her hair ever since 2007 I think, back the it was ETD. Then she worked for Fri.day and proceeded to open her own store, Elikatira, which she closed down a whole ago to open up again, TODAY! I pretty much stormed it once I heard about it. I must say, her hair has always been impeccably done, very pretty textures, good sculpt/meshwork and styles that for some reason always fit my head. Technically, I do not need even to demo it.

Yet again, her styles are supercute and very, very well executed. Nowadays, her hair comes in huge colorpacks with 18 (!) texture options to choose from. The colours are changed via an easy to use HUD. Of course, the Essential pack is still available as well. Sadly, the reds in the Essential pack are not the ones I need/want, so I have to stick to the reds pack. It’s a pity, because I used to do well with the Essential Packs, but with the new textures, the color range in the pack has changed and doesn’t suit me anymore. The price is 350 Lindens which is good for that many options.

However, despite my very obvious fangirly attitude towards Elikatira, I noticed a few let downs for me as well.

1. The demo only comes with one colour. I’d really love to see the other colours, too. Especially blacks and reds tend to very, very tricky.
2. 18 options per package are nice, but I’d personally rather pay less and have less otpions. After all, I really only will use 1-2 colours of those anyways.
3. Many of the reds have a very pinkish undertone. It was hard to find a red for me which was truly red. BUT: The hair is tintable! Yay!
4. Some of the styles look VERY familiar. I wish she had offered more stuff that feels truly new.

However, despite my concerns, I already bought three styles there. The quality after all is just very, very good.


The corset!

Juno Mantel of Junbug gave up, she is tired of listening to my whining and bitching about her gown not being mix and matchable. And tadaaaa! Now she released the corset with the blouse separately from her last released gown. :D I am so happy! The corset is very welldone even if I wish the highlights were a little less bright. I love it! It is easy to combine with other pieces and fits very well. The texture is cute, too, as well as the attention to detail. I love the lacings. :) The fatpack will be 650 Lindens for 9 colours, which is one hell of a deal imho! A single colour costs 295 Lindens, which is a very good price as well. Check these out. :)

The vest!

I love vests. You can combine them with just about anything. When I saw PewPew Zero’s Post about a release from Discovering Destiny of On a Lark that included a little vest I went there and was all the happier when I saw just how many choices of colours you have. It comes with a whole outfit called Blayze and costs 250 Lindens. Skirt and vest are mesh, then there is a necklace, a layered undershirt and more. I am not usually a huge fan of OAL, but this little vest really did it for me and I quickly picked it up. :) Now I have one more little item added to my collection plus a new skirt. :)

So, here is my today’s outfit:

Hair: Elikatira, Allie, Cherry (Elikapeda Tiramisu, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Horns: Auxiliary, Oblivions Horns, Rare!! (Tyr Rozenblum, Mesh!!)
Vest: On A Lark, Blayze Outfit (Discovering Destiny, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Corset /w blouse: Junbug, Mayfly Corset Top, brown (Juno Mantel, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Skirt: Ecelectic Apparel, Anna Skirt (Eclectic Wingtips, Mesh!!)
Pants: Zenith Fashion, Draped Trousers, Choco (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Boots: Lassitude&Ennui, Embroidered Boots, Red/gold (tinted) (Jackal Ennui, Mesh!!)
Armor: Innocuous, Shell Outer Armour, garnet) (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Harness: The Forge, Chest Harness female (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Mask: Yasum Designs, Face Armor (Azlyn Vaher, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Necklace: Manna, Elenween Necklace I (Manna Yoshikawa)
Crown: GSpot, Suncrown Rose (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Gacha!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry, Eldar bow, black/gold(Deccan Arida, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Dagger: LR Weapons, Pirate Dagger (Larion Rhode/Allia Lane)
Poses: Label.motion, Berry Poses (Anne Dakun)

Location: City of Dust (Gorean Role-Play, currently CLOSED for Rebuild!), City of Dust

So, City of Dust, home of the Myrmidons (or at least it used to be) is being rebuilt by Yasay Resident and Cloey Scorfield. I really like this build, it is much prettier than most GE sims and not flat! It is rather obviously not made for large raids. It has NPCs, lots of attention to details and clues that can be picked up for role-play. There are clear sections yet at the same time the layout is confusing enough to get lost in it. It has a very realistic feeling to it for a gorean sim. Pretty textures, too! I am in especially in love with the red rooves, those are so, so nice! I truly hope that whatever group will be there will be actually role-playing instead of simply honoring the three Rs of Stupidity: Raid, Rape, Release. This sim and its environment certainly deserves much better than that. :)