The Adventurer 2

Hair: [Anaphora]
Skin: PinkFuel [PF]
Shape: selfmade
Make Up: -DAMNED-
Shirt: Ru-Designs [RU] (Rufus Darkwatch)
Vest (layer): Deviance
Vest: [UD] Clothing
Pants: [UD] Clothing
Boots: *COCO* (free)
Gloves: Severed Garden (part of outfit)
Armor: [The Forge], !Enchilada!
Backpack: Ru-Designs [RU]
Mask/Scarf: Cobrahive
Collar: [Plastik]
Belt: [Mandala]
Legknive 1: [Virtual/Insanity]
Legknives 2: Designs by Isaura (Isaura Simons)
Bow: Navar Harbinger
Daggers: Losthaven

Location: The Black Road Role-Play, Luke Island (accept the settings for Windlight!)