The Poor Woman

Hair: Truth (Groupgift at Truth District, Truth Hawks))
Skin: Filthy (Your Inner Bunny Hunt Gift)
Shape: selfmade
Lashes: [chuculet] (Farah Palmer, ~ 1L)
Make up: ee. (Bubble Faintree, 7L)
Corset: ~Couching~ (Feorie Frimon, 1 L on Marketplace)
Cardigan: The Sea Hole (Drinkinstein Sorbet, Freebie, Marketplace)
Undershirt: Tailleurs Putain (Noemi Azambuja, part of outfit from 25L T.’s Fall Fete)
Skirt: Couverture (chocolate Arashi, groupgift)
Socks: oyakin (Kinbo Akina, gift in store)
Boots: *COCO* (Groupgift in store)
Gloves: Modd.G (moddishh GossipGirl, groupgift in store)
Belt: [chuculet] (Farah Palmer, ~ 1 L)
Becklace: berry.berry (Wanda Starfall, 10 L on Marketplace)

Location: Oldtown, A Song of Ice and Fire Role-Play, Praxis