The Scoia’tael

Hair: Uncle Web (Din Raymaker)
Skin: The Body Co. (thebodyco Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* (Siyu Suen)
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: (umetaro Mayo)
Scars: ]proximity[ (Severus Koskinen, Marketplace), TheShe (Akihn Kirax)
Armorparts: [The Forge] (Baldur Armor and Drezloire Armor, Kain Flores)
Shirt: [The Forge] (part of Baldur Armor)
Undershirt: [Knickknack] (Levia Larsson)
Kilt: [The Forge] (part of Baldur Armor, modified)
Boots: LightStar (Krystal Silverweb)
Gloves: LightStar
Eyepatch: .:.GSpot.:. (Jalilah Jewell)
Scarf: ::Mr.Poet:: (hiwinyu Fazuku, modified)
Necklace: PIDIDDLE (Brutus Martinek)
Bow: Centipede Weapons (CentipedeWeapons Resident)
Backpack: Centipede Weapons (comes with bow!)

Location: The Black Road Role-Play, Luke Island