Looking good with cheap stuff! :)

Hair: Fri.day (Mollie Monday, The Seasons Hunt, 0L)
Skin: Al Vulo! (Hlin Bluebird, current groupgift)
Shape: selfmade
Eyes: ::Umedama Holic:: (umetaro Mayo, groupgift)
Lashes: [chuculet] (Farah Palmer, 1L)
Make Up: *elymode* (Elysium Eilde, 0L)
Vest: ::C’est la vie!:: (Larcoco Mathy, Mushroom Hunting, 0L)
Corset: [:T:] Tuli (Tuli Asturias, part of The Black Rose, old group gift)
Shirt: Twisted & Spoiled (Phia Vaughan, old group gift)
Undershirt: [SAKIDE) (Kinu Mayako, TOSL Hunt, 0L)
Pants: [:T:] (part of The Black Rose)
Socks: *evergreen* (poco Topaz, November groupgift)
Boots: *COCO* (cocoro Lemon, groupgift)
Gloves: [:T:] (part of The Black Rose)
Bangles: *Fishy Strawberry* (Fae Eriksen, gift in store)
Bracelet: BRB (Mijn Seoung, The Seasons Hunt, 0L)
Necklace: [EY:NO] (Andreaa Umino, Mushroom Hunting, 0L)
Belt: [BUKKA] (yano Hyun, Lucky Chair item)
Scarf: -Tres Blah- (Juliette Westerburg, The Seasons Hunt, 0L)

Location: Aisling (Medieval Fantasy Role-Play), Crao


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