HUGE SALE at The Plastik!

The  owner lost all her data on an external Hard Drive and now has put up everything (!) for sale in the store. There is lots of  AWESOME  stuff for role-play, such as fantasy skins, ears, eyes, some outfits etc. etc. and everything has up to 50% off!! 🙂 Since Aikea always is super generous with gifts and such, I am all for supporting her to help her getting her stuff back.

All skins will be 50% off,
All the NEW Aleria and Averian skins are 40% off.
All clothing will be 50% off,
All Eyes and tattoos will be 50-70% off,
And anything else in the store will be at 50% off.




Image has been taken from Not sure if this was an official advertisement, if not, thank you. 🙂


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