I made a bad decision.

Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks, I so love it!!)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade (not for sale)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity)
Eyes: Umedama Holic (umetaro Mayo)
Horns: Favole (Themis Enzo)
Facial Tattoos: The Plastik (Aikea Rieko, NEWW!)
Make Up: actchio. (Silver Milneaux)
Lipstick (Ag) (Amiee Galicia)
Vest: COCO (cocoro Lemon)
Tunic: Kyoot (Saeya Nyanda)
Undershirt: Fishy Strawberry (Fae Eriksen, part of Suede and Wool Dress)
Pants: Zaara (Zaara Kohime)
Boots: COCO (cocoro Lemon)
Gloves: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Anariel Armor)
Armor: The Forge (Kain Flores)
Belt: Tea Time (Eloindir Davir, thank you, Terava!!)
Waist Wrap: League (Nena Janus, 55L!!)
Ring: Yummy (Polyester Partridge, past Collabor88!!)
Necklace 1: label.mode (Label Mode)
Necklace 2: Kosh (Lynaja Bade, The Seasons Gacha!!)
Swords: Centipede Weapons (CentipedeWeapons Resident)
Dagger on Thigh: LR Weapons (Larion Rhode)
Wristbow: LR Weapons

Location: Rucott (Non-Role-Play, awesome furniture store!!), Embryo