Envisage:Limitless – my absolute fav when it comes to landscaping, decoration and furnishing.

Hey folks!

So, I decided to advertise. And not just randomly, not even fashion…but for someone who’s builds are so damned amazing and more creative than almost everything else I have seen in SL when it comes to decoration/landscaping for role-play sims in Second Life.

I am talking about Aliandra Miami. I am pretty sure hardly anyone knows her so far, that’s mostly because she is a pretty reclusive and quiet person, and if I had not accidentally stumbled upon one of her crazy amazing builds in SL, I most likely still wouldn’t know her things.

Her store, Envisage:Limitless, is located at Incantre. If you want to have a quick impression of her skill, go to the teleporter and pick the Location named ‘Se’Vahk’. Imho, Aliandra is incredibly talented, skilled and creative. She makes her ownt hings from scratch on, her owns culpts, her own textures, her own effects. Everything. Her prices? I thought it was a mistake when I read those first: Incredibly cheap. Pricerange for deco etc: 0-175L. The primcount? Among the lowest primcounts I know…and yet she maintains an impeccable quality and has SO much detail in her work.

Really, I can only underline that this chick deserves all support for her creations she can get. Her collection is not too vast yet, but she constantly adds new things…and each of them is unique in its own way,made from scratch on by herself.

Also: Imho, she has made (or rather, is currently building) one of the most realistic places for drow that I have seen around so far. So looking forward to it being finished. You can find it at Se’Vahk, too. (Take the teleporter in the skybox). Go have a look around Incantre’s Se’Vahk and explore those labyrinths. You’ll be amazed.

Her store on the Marketplace.

Teleport to Incantre (Mainstore, or from there, go to the teleporter and then tp to Se’Vahk or to the forest, tho the latter is currently being worked on).

Here are a few examples of her work.