Je sais que tu m’aimes aussi

Perse, thanks for the awesome gift. I love it. 🙂 So here is the long promised post! 😀

“She was fairly complected but had extremely dark hair and dark eyes, very red lips; the movement of her exquisite body was a torment to observe; she looked at me with a slight smile […] (Assassins of Gor)

Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron, NEW!! Partial Mesh!!)
Skin: League (Nena Janus)
Shape: selfmade (not for sale)
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity, currently not for sale)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Make up: La Malvada Mujer (Faina Cortes)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena, comes with Elly Skins)
Blush: Bella di Notte (Jade Glazner)
Tattoo: Nuuna’s Skins (Nuuna Nitely)
Hairbase: LeLutka (Thora Charron, comes with Knotted Up Style)
Corsetwraptop: Ever After (PersiaSky Lorefield, currently not for sale)
Undershirt: Luas (AinaraLuas Resident, part of Nahid Camisk)
Long Skirt: Vigo (Vilandra Miles, part of Liv Outfit)
Short Skirt: Luas (AinaraLuas Resident, part of Nahid Camisk)
Shoes: Zaara (Zaara Kohime)
Bracelets with Rings: Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Ribbons: Luas (AinaraLuas Resident, part of Nahid Camisk)
Earrings: Fanatik (Kendra Zarauk)
Hairflower: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell)
Collar: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost)
Necklace: Purplemoon (Poulet Koenkamp)

Location: Oasis of the Red Scimitar (Gorean Role-Play), Lost Oasis