It is me again! – The pony-riding Chipmunk!

Hellos everyone! 🙂

I have summer-vacations since yesterday and I loooove it. But it always gives plenty of time to 1. do things I procrastinated the entire time 2. chill and hang with friends 3. prepare our holidays and 4. blog a lot!

Ohai! It is me the chipmunk again!

Once again, a disclaimer:
I bought the items in this picture, which means I LIKE them. But since I did not want to wear nothing at all and go with a newbskin, I had to pick something. If anything, this picture shows that even good, high quality items can look bad on a bad shape.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about the rather  – in my humble opinion – fugly looking shapes that seem to dominate the blogs and feeds lately. You can find it here: Old Post. Miefi Willis, a fellow german blogger, wrote something rather similar: Momo’s Blog.

I believe our opinions on these wonderful beauty ideals of SL are pretty clear: Fugly, fuglier, chipmunkfaces.

So, what constitutes these shapes in general?

As I said, to create this shape I needed ~ 2-3 minutes. The mandatory characteristics are:

1. Set your hips as widely as possible.
2. Make your lips HUGE and PUFFY and turn down the mouthcorner-sliders a LOT.
3. Both the eyesize and the eyeopening should be close to zero.
4. Set eyes so far apart that Admiral Ackbar would be jealous of your pretty features.
5. Tippy-toe-feet are mandatory.
6. The slider that affects the width of your upper nose-bridge: Set it to WIDE, very wide.
7. The rest of the nose has to be Michael Jackson-Style.
8. Bunnyteeth are mandatory. It adds to your sexappeal.
9. Do not forget to set your boobs to ~ 90 at least. They are, of course!!!, not affected by gravity.
10. Add piercings and, if you have it, slutwear. I don’t really sport that in my inventory.
11. Angry or sad-panda eyebrows are welcome, too!

Summary: Just exaggerate with every slider and set them to the extremes. The outcome is what would happen if Leia decided to have kids with Ackbar.

But what did the POLL say??!

Here is a screen I gyazoed of the results.

Surprise, surprise! An overwhelming majority does NOT like the frowny ponyriders. Why am I so not surprised at all? So why on earth do we still SEE them everywhere? Yes, I noticed the trend is somewhat declining lately, but still they hurt my eyes. 😦 Of course, everything is a matter of taste and people can look however they want. I agree. That does however not mean that I will not voice my opinion on certain looks.

In summary, I can only hope that these …creatures…vanish sooner or later.

But wait! The chipmunk-faces aren’t the worst on the grid!

Revelation: The Psychotic Barbie!!!

Amd I not pretty? Well, I’d say while this trend luckily has faded some, there are still many, many around of these. Pretty ladies with legs so long that Linda Evangelista would faint at sight, eyes so big that Sailor Moon would die of jealousy, titties so big Lolo Ferrari pales next to them and très chic flexihair that was way cool in 2007 (yes, this is my hair, too. I liked it a lot way back.). Usually they wear flexi miniskirts and a whole lot of…bling bling bling. And ripped Redgrave skins from 2007. And looks how lovely she smiles! Jo-Jo-Jokerface!

These two do have something in common however, besides being out of porportion and generally being pretty ugly, imho: Tippytoe-feet!

In my opinion, neutral expressions win!

We do not run around the entire day smiling as if we are on drugs, nor do we look 24/7 as if our favourite teddybear has been stolen from us. I think a neutral expression is the best. SURE, you can emphasize the character of your avatar soemwhat by giving it a slight smile or a slight frown (I think I even have the latter?), but there if a fine line between looking good and looking ridiculous.

Gogo once wrote a good article about it with some examples of what I personally find to be pretty okayish. You can find it HERE: Juicybomb.

So, what do YOU guys think? What is worse? Psychotic Barbie versus Chipmunks!

Vote, vote, vote!

Yours, always ranting,

Arica. 😛


3 thoughts on “It is me again! – The pony-riding Chipmunk!

  1. Other: Extreme Model Chicks. Legs at ten meters, body weight set to zero. 8 foot tall before they slide into their inevitable stillettos. Frankly all three, poniegirls, barbies and extreme models should be about on par. I always called the chipmunk thing a ‘frog face’ cause really.. frogs have no chins either.

    1. Funny, I used to call the frogfaces as well until the word chipmunk was introduced to me. Well…and I agree about the models. Though apparently, as I have been told, a lot of them only have that shape because that’s what teh designers build for, so I left them out. I do know that a few change into their normal shape once done…

  2. Well, at the beginning I liked the ponyriding chipmunks (well not in their extreme form how we see them today) I was glad that the avatars start to become smaller and stop this retarded smiling all the time. I also like that the girls startet to have curves again and not being a stick anymore. I think there is a border between looking good and being a chipmunk and they start to cross it again and again.

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