You’ll be scared when we’re alone

Hair: Burley (Bella Earst, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Skin: League (Nena Janus)
Shape: selfmade
Ears: Illusory (Crushed Clarity, currently not for sale)
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Lipgloss: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Facial Sunburn: BOOM (Aranel Ah)
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer (faina Cortes, freebie!!)
Shirt: Tres Blah (Juliette Westerburg, Collabor 88!! Mesh!!)
Bodice: DCNS (Devin Klaber, available on Marketplace)
Pants: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident)
Boots: Miel (Mika Nieuport)
Belt (hip): Bukka (yano Hyun)
Slingbelt: Deco (Veluu Faulds)
Hat: Deco (GutterBlood Spoonhammer)
Necklace: Miel (Mika Nieuport)
Ring: Kunglers (AvaGardner Kungler, The Dressing Room Blue!!)
Bracers: Rochambeau (Leviathan Flux, part of Valmeyjar)
Dagger on Arm: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident)

Location: Ark 13 (Postapocalyptic Role-Play), Sunny Side