I am losing my favourite game

Hey folks!

I know I have been slow lately, but I am currently facing some difficulties getting a feeling for SL again, especially because my real life is exceedingly busy and I feel like I barely have time to keep up. And then…

…I got really annoyed. Inspired by THIS picture by Constance Daehlie, I went to The Body Co to test their make ups and try out the Lavender skin. Unfortunately, while it looks GREAT on Constance, Arica looks just strange with it. Grumble!!! And then this: 1. They cost 500 Lindens. That is a LOT for four layers (lips, eyes, blush, whole makeover). 2. There are NO demos. Why on earth would you provide no demos?

But, being the shopping-idiot that I am, after ~ 20 minutes of pondering and hesitation I bought it for my League Skin. I tried it with a demo for their skin which I am considering to buy and …YAY!!!…I liked it. So today, I put on the make up, switched to my current skin from League..and BAM: There it was. A big fat LAVENDER Logo on my cheek. So, I just paid the super high price of 500 Lindens for this make up…and cannot wear it with any other skin than that one specific skin. Are you kidding me??? Grrrr!! I am angry and annoyed. Not even on my Orchid skin from teh same creator it fits.

Here is a hint: If you sell make up, especially in case you sell expensive make up, provide demos. And if you want to add to versatility and attract more buyers, do not write a hugeass Logo all over it that prevents people it from using it with skins other than your specific, single skin.

It’s what I’d call a good attitude towards customers.

Now to the positive things – LAQROKI:

LAQROKI is releasing a new skinline soonish. They have almost always been providing top notch skins, though in my humble opinion during the past years they didn’t quite keep up anymore with the quality other designers provided. Their body needed an update badly and the darker skintones were terribly yellowish. I have been seeing a sneakpeak at the new body and it has been mentioned the skintones will be updated as well.

I am pleased with what I see and totally looking forward to try out these skins! I hope they will not only release new ones but possibly update some of the most popular, older skins as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ To me, this body looks a whole lot more realistic and detailed than the old one. The strange yellow tendency seems to be erased as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel is about to release her newest skin, Kumi, as well. You can see a nice preview of that skin here. She has reworked her tones and I personally think the face is really, really nice. Stay tuned. I am so damned excited about this skin.

And here is my outfit of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see, I went back to my ‘old’ skin, Orchid by The Body Co. Despite their stupid make ups!!!

Hair: Elikatira (Elikapeda Tiramisu)
Skin: The Body Co (TheBodyCo Resident)
Shape: selfmade
Eyes: Mayfly (Arkesh Baral)
Ears: Illusory (Ivy Graves, currently not for sale)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade)
Lipgloss: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Dress: U.F.O (Charming Meiler, New!! Mesh!!)
Pants: enchanty (Nuts Andel)
Legwarmers: tram (moca Loup)
Boots: Leverocci (Jin Elfan)
Belt: Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth, Mesh!!)
Necklace: MG (Maxi Grossamer, Mesh!!)
Ring: Handverk (Daphne Klossovsky, Mesh!!)
Bag: Tokidoki (Maya Levane, Mesh!! New!!)
Stole: Tea Time (Eloindir Davi)

Location: Kingdom of Arerin (Medieval Fantasy Role-Play), Navagrod


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