Fantasy Faire Part III – Awesome stuff…and not so awesome, ripped stuff.


So, I have been browsing the Fantasy Faire since about 6 days or so like crazy. There is LOTS of good stuff to be had there and also, most sims really look awesome.

The Eyesore

Most. One sim sticks out like a sore thumb. I really wonder what the designer of that sim thought when they created it. It looks like a bunch of wooden cabins slapped onto a sim with screaming green/purple stuff inbetween and some odd chocolate fountains. I really think they could have tried to keep the sim as tasteful as the others and not looking like some weird mixture of candyland and a bucket of liquid colour toppled over. 😦 Probably a matter of taste, but well, that didn’t look like a lot of effort. Also, using obviously ripped content (now removed) to decorate your sim isn’t very cool either. You get awesome sims such as (example, it is my absolute fav!) Lumenaria created by Kayle Matzerath, and then you get ….that. Something that looks as if it’s been thrown together in two days. Matter of taste, I guess, so here I am stating mine.

Effort or no effort?

While a LOT of designers put a LOT of effort into releasing new and awesome stuff, or at least put up their best work, some designers really made me shake my head. I have seen advertisements there that displayed avatars from around 2008, and that’s quite frankly laziness, especially when so many awesome creators with far better stuff maybe could have gotten that stall. I am very aware that as an RFL event you are happy to get whatever you can, but sometimes, quality might beat quantity. However, last time I checked the notices, there were around 10.000 US Dollars raised already, so congratulations to that!!!

Content at the Faire

Talk about content. I do not quite understand why anyone would let a merchant sell sculpted copies of weapons FULLPERM for 50L at a faire of such a high profile. They even got the same textures as they have in Skyrim if I am not mistaken. That’s quite sad. I really hope they will do something about it. However, we have to keep in mind as well just HOW many creators there are. I am aware that something such as this can escape their eyes. Not everyone is a gamer as well and would recognize those. However, they have been made aware.

Ripped = Ugly in 90% of the cases

Oh, ripped content. Stop the whining, seriously. You do not have to buy ripped stuff to look cool in SL. Especially not badly ripped stuff with blurry textures, so badly rigged that you look like a skinny dude with a giant head, alpha glitches and no sizes. NO. It does not look cool. Your avi looks like an uglier version of Ezi/Geralt/Iorveth/Triss, but not cool or unique, nor high quality. 😛

/rant off.

Here is my current outfit. 😀
Hair: Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon, Mesh!! New!! @ Fantasy Faire —> Magnificat Sim)
Shape: Selfmade
Ears: Illusions (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, Mesh!!)
Make Up: La Malvada Mujer (faina Cortes)
Small top: Miel (Mika Nieuport, Mesh!!)
Bolero: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Corset: Poetic Gypsy (Lolli Hoxley)
Undershirt: Ever After (PersiaSky Lorefield, not for sale)
Skirt /w belt Addon: Blue Moon Enterprise (Solasnagealai Resident, Mesh!! @ Fantasy Faire –> Evensong Woods Sim)
Pants: Cellar Door (Nitestar Albion, part of The Seer Outfit)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui (Jackal Ennui, Mesh!!)
Gloves: Soedara (Marbelly Pronovost, part of Nudzahui Outfit)
Armor: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Ascalon Ranger @ Fantasy Faire –> Lotus Valley Dream Sim)
Bracers: Caverna Obscura (Elvina Ewing, part of Anariel Armor @ Fantasy Faire –> Lotus Valley Dream Sim)
Belt (Waist): Ingenue (Betty Doyle, Mesh!!)
Necklace: Arwen’s Creations (Arwen Serpente, partial Mesh!!)
Ring: Manna (Manna Yoshikawa)
Headpiece: GSpot (Jalilah Jewell, part of Dreamy Outfit
Bracelet (upper Arm): Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Nudzahui Outfit)
Flower: Elikatira (Elikapeda Tiramisu, part of Novel Hair)
Bag on Thigh: Soedara (Marbella Pronovost, part of Nudzahui Outfit)
Dagger on Arm: Innocuous (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)

Location: Private parcel I created. 🙂



65 thoughts on “Fantasy Faire Part III – Awesome stuff…and not so awesome, ripped stuff.

  1. There is oodles of quality designers there and almost all of the sims are immaculent – check out Damien Fate’s stall – gorgeous new stuff! Bauwerk did some great creative designs as well. You’ll find many many many brands you already know, and many you don’t – of varying quality. There is still at least 3-4 great brands per sim. One to look out among the rabble in Ravenshard is Kazuhiro Aridian’s store Europa:

    Don’t let the downsides dismay you from enjoying the many great creators and sims.

    1. I already raided Damine’s store and Europa as well. 😛 Still trying to convicne Kazuhiro to participat ein our event! 😀 And am trying to convince Damine, too, to make more stuff for us rpers. 🙂

  2. Hello.

    I read your post and I’m afraid your opinion is erroneous. I can understand your mistake because i try to make my work look good and as much as possible, but I think you should look before things if you want to be good “journalist” because you can cause undue damage.

    None of my creations are RIPPED. All are made by my point to point. So I have my creations SCULPT not mesh rather like that riped sell. But as I do, they are not perfect:

    If you had seen the items you would see that I can not make them equal. I’ve noticed this ax eg:

    If you see my creation has only one leaf, and leaf through inside the stick (mast). In the original game this is double blade ax, and passes to the sides of the mast. Error when you create mine, but if I ripped it I can not commit these mistakes.

    What’s more, if you want I can create a video record yourself one of these weapons from scratch, the one you want. Tell me what, and you see yourself.

    I pray you take pains to see the items before sending false accusations. Lose credibility your blog and could lead to problems.

    Obviously, if I try a sword resembling some other, my work will be good. If you’re not a bad job will seem.

    A shame that anyone is put out there writing without knowing and he calls himself “blogger”. A greeting.

    I pray you withdraw your accusations, a greeting:

    Flecha Warwillow

    1. As I said ingame already, I will talk to you,a nd you only. I don’t mind approving comments and if I have made a mistake, I do not midn apologizing either. I will however ignore your horde of ranting friends spouting insults, I do not think you will midn that.

      Oh and I really love my shape. 😉

  3. I know Flecha since long time ago, and I saw him designing his weapons on the program he use to design sculpts. He uses a picture of a weapon as a guide, and then he makes the sculpt, add the texture and so on (using Photoshop and other skills), and YES, I SAW HIM DOING IT AT RL CAUSE HE IS MY FRIEND, So, if you are a good blogger (Im starting to think you dont are) you CAN´T ACUSSE PEOPLE TO SELL STOLEN CONTENTS WITHOUT EVIDENCE!!! You are pissing off a good creator because of your comments when I can bet you many people know his work and nobody cant acusse him to sell ripped content. A good blogger can´t accuse people without any evidence (and he can proof how he built the sculpts) so probably you will look like a lier.
    So please, think a bit before making a false advertising that can damage a designer.

    Luas owner

  4. If you are going to make an accusation regarding plagiarism in SL – ar anywhere for that mater – perhaps you could show what was ripped and where it was ripped from. It is far too easy to inflict damage without proving your claims. As builder myself, I have no use for content theft, but I, also, appreciate how easy it is to ruin someone with false innuendo and gossip. If you are going to make such statements, please back them up with images and evidence, not just commentary.

    1. I’m not really sure how exactly you’re ‘sourcing’ your ‘legal’ products, but I’m fairly sure that most of us can agree that these two items look far far too similar to not be gotten any other way – here is an example, but by googling the name of said product and adding skyrim onto it, you can find the majority of the weapons. I did also notice you personally had stuff from Prince of Persia.

      While I understand many ‘content creators’ do at time use google to help source items, I’m pretty sure most of it at least make some attempt at making it our own. Yes, while they may be sculpts, you essentially just cut them out of the picture. There is so little modification being done.

      Your battle axe is no better:

      While I understand that perhaps you’re unaware of registered trademarks, copyright, and other legal terms – you’re playing on US servers and should probably research them. Having briefly visited your store and seen such copyrighted content such as the Lorax or Oreo products… I can tell that the items obviously are not yours originally. Photo sourcing is great and all, but just googling and using the image to port right into SL is really cheap in my opinion.

      I do not think Arica did or said anything inappropriate in this article, and I completely stand by the fact I personally feel these items are stolen. No, they’re not stolen as meshes, but as textures is just as bad. Just because you put the textures onto a sculpt does not make you any less legally immoral.

  5. I think that naming a creator that you have a problem with before any proper investigations have taken place is incredibly inappropriate.

  6. You should stick to rping your information is false about Flescha , I hope you know what Defaming is and how serious it is, if not you soon will i would imagine. good photo and attachments btw, but your shape is horrible.

  7. Really? Your really going to go on and on about a product you clearly know nothing about. Perhaps had you gone to Flecha BEFORE writing this rubbish you MIGHT have a claim. Anyone who knows anything about reporting knows to get their facts straight. Clearly you do not. He has issued you a challenge that if you had any backbone you would take him up on. I am so disappointed you would slander someone so easily. Having said that.. I have noticed you have not even used your sl name. I noticed he had no problem stepping up to prove to you how creative he is. Amazing.. but I suppose with all the good writers in sl.. there would have to be a bad one.

  8. Of course we can give our opinion I think, as you did. I took a look to your blog and your picts are cute, but.. I´m still thinking you cant acusse a designer without evidence.
    Is because that, I felt angry when I saw this post and I decided lo leave a comment (as Flecha´s friend and customer).
    You can create things inspired in games, films, books or even pictures, for example, if I want to make an outfit inspired in World of Warcraft, and I have the skills to make it (unfortunatly Im not so good to do it, I know, but well this is not the theme) the outfit could look pretty similar to the one of WOW so you can think is ripped. But maybe it took hours and hours designing on maya, photoshop, zbrush and other programs that designers use. So I think, before accussing someone, you need to have info and know its true, before posting something that can damage a creator.
    And I add, is very bad to see a blogger accussing someone, and saying a sim is horrible. You need to have some respect for the creator´s work. You can think something is a shit, ok, but how do you feel if someone who doesnt like your picts starts to post comments here or post on blogs saying your pictures are bad? Yes, we are free to tell our opinion, but we need to think our opinion can damage others. And I think that one’s freedom ends where the other begins.
    Just my opinion.
    Take care and have fun

    PD. The textures arent stolen. So then when you use a picture to build a onion in blender, maya, or whatever is the program you use, you are stealing them? LOL

  9. The textures makes in PHOTOSHOP and this takes many hours. If you prefer, you prove you’re lying here with video so should be longer. Ripped? MY JOB? no, now this. you are wrong.

  10. RIPPED is the same that someone export meshes from the original game, so i show that i make a sculpt. you’re wrong and do not know how to fix it. It’s easy. Delete this post, re-create it rectified.

    1. Flecha,

      In no way, shape, or form is using the ‘google sourced’ images you’re using remotely legal.

      Yes, Luas, if your onion textures are based on ones not filed under something like Creative Commons – Attribution (as can be seen at ) you cannot and should not be using those textures legally.

      If you’re looking for textures that ARE okay to be used in these manners, google DOES provide a way for you to search for images that fall within that license by using their advanced search method

      Unless the copyright holder has given explicit permissions for you to use these textures as you are, it is illegal.
      I highly doubt Bethesda has given you such rights, and they are the ones to own it. Linden Labs has absolutely no say in the matter, your argument of checking with them is invalid. Furthermore, their support department is frequently wrong on even trivial common sense matters.

      I would highly recommend you contact Bethesda Softworks if you’re interested in using these textures legally, since they are the original creators of Skyrim items and their textures, and those ARE what you’re using, even if they’re not directly ripped from the game, those images of their weapons are wholly theirs and theirs alone. If you were creating reproductions of these weapons using those as inspiration, it would be a whole other story, but you’re not – you’re actually using those weapons just stuck onto a sculptie.

      Please research American legal laws, as the servers we are all hosted on are in the US and thus the copyright, trademark, and other laws applicable to Intellectual Property (another important term to look up) apply to you and your creations.

      You would have absolutely no ground to stand on if Bethesda Softworks filed a DMCA against you.

    2. Just because you google an image vs screenshot or rip doesn’t make it any different from taking a picture of the same items within a game and then recreating that object perfectly to sell for your own gain. Anke and Arica are correct and your video is all the proof anyone could need.

      As I posted below in a separate comment, I suggest you look up and read about Intellectual Property and Copyright laws, which is what you are in violation of by doing what you are doing.

      All we want as fellow creators and game players of Second Life is for you to create your own unique ideas from scratch. There’s something to take pride in for doing so. If you can do that you did above, you can create your own ideas and make them into models too! 🙂

  11. Ok Anke, I understand. So then, all those creators who are actually making (they are many and most well known designers) who are using the Baratheon brand (Game of thrones) on a armour, necklace, all those weapons or outfits inspired in Prince of Persia, Assassins creed and all that games, are now doing bad and they would need to ask permissions to build them
    I think then, the most of the content in SL should be deleted… All we create based on RL things, clothes, others because people try to make some outfit similar to a game or a picture (Luis Royo pictures, Game of thrones stuff, Assassin creed..) well the ones I said before.

    1. Luas,

      Correctly, unless the author or creators of those Game of Thrones insignia or banners has given free usage to those, or usage as homage, or they have made their own original ones (hand drawn) in theme of the originals – they would be illegal.

      Weapons, outfits, and other accessories taken directly or taken with enough ‘themed’ to be mistaken as an original or imply that you have permission to copy when you do not are illegal. Inspired by is one thing, but to be almost outright copied and using the textures of the originals as bases is definitely illegal.

      You must recreate them by yourself with your own variances and tweaks for them to be legal, and that recreating does not mean ‘altering the original’ as Flecha has done. That is where the fault lies. “Directly a google image” is irrelevant, if you’ve used an image sourced from a search engine without getting proper credits from the makers and also crediting the original makers, it is still in the wrong.

      Just because others are doing illegal things, is it okay for you too? Just because everyone jumps into a pit of lava does not make it a good or safe idea. The burden of responsibility to ensure that your business and actions are legal falls on the shoulders of the creator, that is you and me and anyone else who makes stuff in SL.

    2. PS, If you have questions on legality, a really great person to contact is Laufey Markstein inworld. You may know him as the owner of Trident.

      Laufey is very well versed and helpful when it comes to exploring the legalities of products and ensuring they do not violate intellectual property laws. He is generally very helpful if he has the time.

  12. It’s imposible to use directly a google image. All creators use the original as guide, but is imposible use it as you see. All creators have to make a hard work in PHOTOSHOP to adapt it more real as we want, and you disrespect us all who work honestly from a blog that you just use to take shit without proof. You accused me of ripping, you now have become a liar. I wish you well.

  13. Fletcha, I would recommend you do a bit of research on the concept and laws regarding ‘Intellectual Property’.

    All of the items that Anke referenced above fall under copyright laws and you are violating them, at least within the United States, as your items do not look significantly different (or at all different) from the items within the games you’ve ‘referenced’ them from. Just because you sit and ‘work’ on these items for hours doesn’t mean you’ve come up with the original concept for them or even changed them to the legal degree required to be considered a new work. Therefore you do not have the right to use them or much less sell them for a financial game, Linden or real life currency.

    Unfortunately, this is something that Linden Labs (despite putting on the show that they care by making users take that IP quiz before they can upload mesh that you probably completely blew through and ignored) has chosen to essentially ignore and do nothing about unless the original copyright holder (for example in your case that would be Bethesda Games, creators of Elder Scrolls and Skyrim) legally notifies and comes after LL for hosting and harboring such content stolen specifically from their creations and IP.

    If you do indeed put hours into your work and are a skilled creator, then it saddens me that you wouldn’t put such effort into creating your own original ideas and being able to take true pride in that you have made your own creations. While there are plenty of people who are willing to ‘fight’ blindly on your behalf, as evident by the stampede of followers you likely asked to white knight for you on this blog, it would be a great asset to all of them, to us, to the Second Life community if you were to put forth your own ideas, your own creativity rather than riding the coat tail of others and stealing IP from mainstream sources.

    Your video only served to prove that in the eyes of the law what you are doing is illegal. Again, please do a bit of background research on Intellectual property, copyrights and so forth. I’m sure you’d understand what we’re talking about.

    I hardly wish to start a fight but perhaps I’ve made Anke’s and the OP’s stance a bit more clear for those confused. I genuinely wish you nothing but the best and really hope to see you turn a page to create original content and work with the rest of us. It’s obvious you can do it if you put the effort into it!


    1. I bet he creates many original things.. Or now you are going to judge his work because some of his weapons are inspired in Skyrim ones? (not ripped from the game). You can check his store by yourself and see it.. I use many of his stuff on my creations (sacks, backpacks, jars, and other stuff) and I know many many creators use them too..
      And again I repeat, all we, designers, are inspired by RL things, movies, games and other things to our creations. Maybe we can imaginate new things..but all is invented in RL and in SL. So nobody is really and totally original.. Cause all already exists! Have a good day

      1. I’m judging his work, as everyone does when they decide whether or not to purchase it, piece by piece. If he has original creations in his store, good for him! Those are great and totally legal to stay. I didn’t see any when I looked in his store but if they’re there, awesome. The things he directly took are not okay. Just because you like him as a person or already use his stuff doesn’t make it right.

        Let me put it this way, as an example, and see if it makes any more sense to you.

        You are a sculptor in real life with a store. You sculpt this awesome clay model in real life of a woman holding a bird. You make a bunch of them, in fact, because people have told you they’d buy it from you! Yay! It becomes a big item and you decide to mass produce it and sell it on a larger scale. You’re doing great in business.

        Not long after, someone else copies your work. Their sculpture looks identical to yours and they are also mass producing and selling it, except they’re selling it in wood for much cheaper in a different city.

        Would you consider what the second person is doing okay and proper?
        The law doesn’t. The law makes the second person’s copies -illegal- and it does not matter how he made them, how long it took to make them, what they’re made out of, etc. They are visually the same idea and that’s copying, cheating, stealing. The original creator of the sculptor retains the right to transfer their idea to another medium and could take the second person to court for significant damages to their business.

        The same applies to what Flecha is doing by taking pictures of the weapons and items from within Elder Scrolls games and recreating them.

        Again, if Flecha can do that, I’ve no doubt he can create his own original stuff instead!

  14. Kalia, didnt you see any original work in his mainstore? What is for you an original creation, then? A onion is not original? why, because other sculpter´s designers made it first? OMG, so lets stop making skirts cause years ago, a super original designer decided to build a skirt in SL.. So lets stop making backpacks with fruits cause i cant remember how many I could see in SL. Lets stop making trees cause there are …thousands, millions..? over all SL

    About originally, when you are designing things inpired in RL (apples, sacks, jars, a mobile phone, a bottle, a chicken..) you cant be more original than RL is. Many sculpter designers can make a lemon, and all that lemons will be different, but of course is not a original just a lemon! Nobody invented it cause it already exists in RL

    About law I understand your point of view..but let me remind you… , do you know Zara, Pull and bear, ..and other RL shops? They clon often other designers work (D&G, chanel and so on) and law has nothing to do with that ( im not sure but i can imagine, cause his owner is one of the richest person.. and the stores are still open).

    Of course, I wouldnt like someone directly ripping off my work (I suffered it before so I know it well) but if i make an outfit with some skirt and top, and then, other designer makes other outfit that looks similar to mine.. I have nothing to do.

    And yes, He already creates his own original stuff.. Im not defending him because is my friend, is because i like his work and I know how he makes it, and the hours he spend to make them 🙂

    1. I would appreciate if you could stick to what I’ve said rather than bring in other people’s arguments and words.

      “A onion is not original? why, because other sculpter´s designers made it first?”

      Copying nature is fine. Nature holds no patents or copyrights. Everyone can make what nature provides us. There’s no dispute there.
      There is dispute if I were to make my own model of an onion. That model is my interpretation of an onion. If you go and create a copy of that model I made as opposed to starting from scratch, that is not okay. If you start from scratch, you will no doubt end up with at least a few minor differences in the model as opposed to a copy. Those differences are important because it means it is yours from the beginning.

      Replace the word ‘onion’ with ‘tree’ or anything else you find in nature. We can all make our own interpretations of things and then there’d be variety within Second Life so we can all be different. Isn’t that better than 10 stores selling the exact same thing?

      Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s alright to do it yourself.

      Linden Labs has left creators like myself and Flecha in a ditch. They don’t care who copies who unless the law smacks down on them about it. Only the original IP creator and owner can make LL move. That’s why it’s important that we all work together to create standards and not steal ideas from one another or other sources like Elder Scrolls/Skyrim.

      “Of course, I wouldnt like someone directly ripping off my work (I suffered it before so I know it well)”

      If you know what this is like, why would you support someone else doing it…? What if the artist from Bethesda Games decided to come into SL and sell those weapons themself? It’s unlikely but it could happen and then Flecha would be in a world of trouble. It wouldn’t matter that he spent hours making those weapons. The ideas and concepts of them belong to Bethesda Games, not him. He does not have the right to create them in Second Life or anywhere else. It wouldn’t take much more effort to create his own idea for a weapon and change it up to make something original.

    2. Also, again, his original content is fine. I’m not suggesting ALL of his content be removed or protested – merely what he has directly copied the ideas for from an image that is not his original work.

  15. Ok Kalia, forgive me..Maybe I didnt understand your other post well. I understood you said any of his creations was original.. So sorry! English is not my native language so I can confuse myself. Now I understand you were only talking about the Skyrim weapons. My apologies!

  16. As one of the 2 original designers of Fantasy Faire (the other being Zander Greene) I can tell you that the amount of work it takes to create a sim is tremendous. Zander and I worked almost alone the first year of the Faire and created all 8 sims- and have watched Ember Farina’s idea grow into a community of artists and fans who wait all year for this event. You can say what you like about personal taste; but to call into question how long it takes any of us to do what we do is a low blow that the designer in question certainly did not deserve. In addition, you as a blogger who is granted early access to the Faire needs to make certain that if you have an accusation against any one of us who work so tirelessly for the cause of beating cancer, that you have the responsibility to either check back to see if any offending items are removed, or get the rest of the story. It is not fair to assume that because something was removed proves guilt, but rather you might think that the designer did his or her best to abide by any copyright laws. The offending items were taken down as soon as this designer was made aware that they might be questionable- and before the Fantasy Faire opened. The fact that you have made such a witch hunt of this issue leads me to believe that the real problem you have with this designer was those few items and that prejudiced your opinion. That sim has been one of our most popular and the list of creators wanting a spot in it far exceeded the available stores. At Fantasy Faire we will in the future be weighing the pros and cons of allowing such early access in order to avoid this very problem. Lauren Thibaud

    1. I create parcels and sims myself. I am truly aware of how long it takes. Being granted early access does not mean I am forbidden to voice my opinion. The creator of said sim has been made aware and the blog clearly states that the items have been taken down. It does not change the fact that said creator put little thought into where she got her items from to begin with. The proof has been shared already, the items can be found in Torchlight.

      Btw. The witchhunt was not started by me. This post is TWO days old already. It was the creator herself alongside with some initiators who made it MUCH more public than it was before. If they had not posted the whole stuff repeatedly in the FF group, not even 1/5 of the people would have been aware of it. Or no, lets say 1/10. I usually have around 200 clicks per day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Now I had 1000. Now, who really dragged this to the public?

      I already spoke with Alia. I do sincerely (as has been shown in groupchat) apologize to those who worked hard on their stuff and got into trouble over this and probably have a headache and I admit the wording might have been a little hard. I am sorry. I do take his advice that he gave me.

      I do not apologize to people who drag a two days old post into the larger public and threaten to leave over a SINGLE, admittedly harshly worded, opinion, in order to get a lot of pats on her shoulder and have people beg her to stay. I truly wonder what kind of committment one does have to a good cause to throw such a fuss over one single blog pointing out a matter of personal taste. Imho, that is even worse than harsh words. Dragging a participating creator into the dirt in groupchat because said creator dared to point out the obvious isn’t good style either.

      It also might have been a little more reasonable to point out that within my last three posts about the faire I blogged a lot of outfits that I praised, I congratulated and pointed out how extremely pretty some other sims are.

    2. First, the sim is majority prim, and the mesh items were lifted from the internet so I don’t know exactly how much time it took to build compared to other skilled creators, but I wouldn’t insult the original creators by comparing the two.

      Two blog posts doesn’t amount to a witch hunt. And it’s incredibly tacky to try to emotionally blackmail someone with “what about cancer,” to shut them up.

      It’s incredibly unprofessional and a sign of poor judgment to attack someone for making light of a shady situation because no one was proactive enough to prevent that content from being on FF sims in the first place. Try addressing the problems created on your end before creating a scapegoat out of someone who just made a damn blog post. This lack of professionalism leaves a sour taste and frankly makes me want to patronize the shops even less.

      Also, several people have made light of fact that there are still items which were ripped from the internet and/or cases of IP infringement. Some of those items are also for sale. What’s more important now?

      I can’t imagine how this sort of behavior is going to reflect on the event name and the charity itself. But this is not the way to defend it.

    3. And I’m still baffled that you think cutting early access will prevent such problems in the future. Selecting actual creators with some common sense prevents these problems in the first place: not sneaking around until the last minute in the hopes that you can somehow catch every infraction and criminal act before the doors open.

      1. Throwing this out there at the risk of defamation… there are PLENTY of creators who would leap at the chance of creating a Fantasy Faire sim and sponsoring it but will never get that opportunity because the sims are already arranged and sponsored by the time they open registrations. Just another kick to those people, too. 😦

  17. Hi., That folder named copybot is to save some info about a copybotter who stolen some of my creations to send the DMCA fax to Linden Labs. I made it long ago, and I already sent the DMCA file, but i didnt delete that folder ye. That folder has screen captures, profile of the copybotter and so on. Nothing more..

    1. How about the “Incognito” exe on your desktop. Incognito is the name of an SL copybot viewer and it is aligned with your other SL viewers…

      1. Sounds legit. I had a friend that had folder on his computer labeled PORN that he told me was so he could drop notes in it about how bad pornography was. I didn’t check.. He’s a good buddy and he’d never tell a fib 🙂

    2. That’s interesting, considering a number of people have seen proof that you have copybotted other creators IN SECOND LIFE. And yet nothing you say excuses you from the fact that IP INFRINGEMENT IS ILLEGAL.

  18. wow

    it’s incredible! You are searching the form that attack me! Jealousy? Maybe?
    Incognito file is a manual about to detect a copybotters!!! but better SEE YOU!!!
    This program is in spanish but say “COMO DETECTAR INCOGNITO” = “HOW TO DETECT INCOGNITO” .. (you can use the translator if you want!!!)
    and I deleted my video when I saw that ignorasteis I do my work and that ye have to look very closely to see my documents. That person is farfetched! I’ll deleted this video too. I only create this account for this stupid..

    And this is the end in this blog. You only search the form to attack me and dont know how.

    1. Let’s not forget that now there is the very prominent “HTML Executable 4” program on your desktop – a program that allows you to turn any website, document or text file into a stand-alone exe file. There is, of course, that in the first video it is title “Incognito” and in the second it is named “incognito.exe”, but we’ll just ignore that for now.

  19. LOL Except – the original video with Incognito on your desktop, the file didn’t have an “exe” extension attached to it.

    Are you really this much of an idiot? Seriously. Just shut up and stop trying. You’re only making it worse for yourself.

  20. course! I added the extension because faut damien said “” Incognito “exe on your desktop”, so they do not think he was a doc or the like making it clear that it is an executable.

    But this does not matter. tried to attack and you do not know where. 3 years and more than 400 articles with no problems ever, so me know. Others can not say the same.

    I wish you well. I will not continue giving you visit and feeding the troll

    1. So let’s break this down here.

      1. You upload a video that contains an executable Incognito file – a known copybot program used with Second Life 2.0 and Firestorm (two programs you also happen to have next to this executable).

      2. This video also displays a file explorer of your desktop – which houses a folder named “copybot”.

      3. Your second video, meant to “disprove” the Incognito file of being malicious software – the file is now renamed to include the .EXE file extension (oddly though – neither Blender nor Evernote are displaying the .EXE extension, which they would be had you simply unhid the file extensions on your computer – as anyone who has ever used a PC knows that if you rename a file with file extensions hidden – the way you did here with Incognito – this does not change the file extension, merely renames the file).

      4. Let’s say for arguments sake that you DID rename the file – and added the EXE file extension. It may well be an EXE file. However, let’s also notice that in your second video, you now have a whole new program – HTML Extension 4 – – which allows you to create stand alone EXE files from any HTML group, word doc, text file, etc. (Here’s a handy visual aid to show the changed file name, and the sparkly new HTML Extension 4 program icon –

      5. NONE OF THIS discounts that you still haven’t proven a thing – you took a picture from the internet, and made a cookie cutter sculpt of it (and not even a very good one, I might add), and you dont even bother to texture it. And because you did something that any day one sculpt student can do, and you didn’t even TEXTURE it, we’re just supposed to buy that you’re telling the truth, even after all of the above is brought to light?

      6. Oh, and by the way – the above? Still a no-no in terms of IP infringement. And Bethesda LOVES to press criminal charges.

      Did I leave anything out?

  21. I understand that some of the content may not be to your liking.
    I know that all of the artists have put on a fantastic effort in aid of a good cause.
    The focus here should me more on cancer and the rfl.
    If you don’t like something (which you are entitled to) then move on.
    If you have nothing constructive to contribute, then why share your opinion? If you think you can do better than these artists you are welcome to put your name forward as a designer for next years fair.

    1. It does not work that way. While I indeed do not write negative reviews about items that I do not like, because those are indeed voluntarily blogged, I quite simply HAD to enter the sim in order to get to 2-3 stores on it. People blog to voice their opinion, negative and positive. I suggest taking your own advice: If you do not like it, move on.

      This attitude of “Do not say something at all if you do not have something nice to say” is a case of political correctness that borders on asskissing. Yes, the good cause is indeed the focus of this, but I sure as hell do wonder why a creator would THEN throw a giant dramafit over a single opinion on a blog and leave in a cloud of butthurt when indeed her entire mind is on the good cause.

    2. If someone throws SUCH a fuss and keeps the organizers on their feet for about 12 hours as has been said by one of them after being pointed to the ripped content in her sim and even behaves in an incredibly selfentitled and arrogant manner, I really do wonder if that person has a problem with simply admitting a mistake.

      Just yesterday I slapped a befriended creator on the wrist….hard…for using a clearly ripped template. Know what? They got know a very popular store among role-players. How did they react? THey apologized for not paying attention and removed instantly, afterwards we chatted and joked. That shows dignity.

    3. Negative opinions make the world go round. If no one ever spoke what was truly on their mind or people couldn’t let the bad go and take from it the good, artists would never improve to develop a style. Musicians would never create symphonies and classics. Architects would still be building in medieval style.

      Arica expressed her opinion. That’s what freedom of speech is all about. It may have been worded harshly, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. If you were served what you felt was a terrible dish when dining in a restaurant, you’d speak up no doubt and perhaps the wait staff and chefs would learn not to make their mistakes again.

      Keep moving forward instead of trudging back.

  22. Hello. My name is Khyle Sion.

    This year, I created the DragonSpire for the 2013 Fantasy Faire. I have owned, operated and created original material for Second Life through my business, ~Refined Wild~, since 2005.

    I am also an award-winning game developer, and am currently employed at one of the largest video game companies in the world.

    I logged on to SL today, to a flurry of activity. A blogger of mine was distraught and unhappy, having left the Fantasy Faire group due to unequivocal moral undoing. I asked her what was wrong, and the tsunami of information began. Notecards, chat logs, screen shots, links to websites, you name it. I started looking it over, and began feeling sick to my stomach.

    I hadn’t visited the sim mentioned in Arica’s blog post yet. I’d been much too busy to do any sort of sim-exploration, but I’d been hearing rumors about it. My business partner and right-hand-man, Saikatsu Epsilon (who is also an avid game modder, and frequently pulls apart games such as “The Sims”, “Torchlight”, “WoW”, etc, to study wire frames and models), had been floating about the sims, and had mentioned to me that he’d seen a ripped cat from “The Sims 2” up for sale in someone’s shop, with what appeared to be an external-content fish in its mouth.

    I then began to hear rumors that there was other stolen content present on the sim, but I didn’t know the extent of it until I was actively shown. I’d been way too busy to even take a glance, let alone study the content — but I have now. Not only am I completely shocked, but utterly and entirely disappointed in not only how the matter was handled, but what sort of shame this instills over the Faire itself.

    Yes. The models in question are definitely ripped from “Torchlight”.

    Yes. There are many “TurboSquid” models on that sim.

    Yes, there are a lot of badly-ripped “Skyrim” weapon models on that sim, that are also for sale/included in the sale of products.

    Yes, that cat for sale is ripped from “The Sims 2”.

    And, yes, Flecha. What you’re doing is entirely and absolutely illegal.

    There is a definitive difference between creating content based of an idea and creating content straight from the idea. You didn’t take the image of the sword as inspiration, drew up your own concept and worked from that. You literally traced over it. You flattened it, you traced over it, puffed it out into a horrible-looking sculpt and then took the screenshot and made a really bad texture out of it. That’s not original. That’s not creative. In fact, that’s the direct opposite of that.

    As someone else mentioned, it’s like tracing a picture of Mickey Mouse, and calling it your own. That’s IP infringement. Plain and simple.

    You boast that you have all of this glorious talent — that you can make these objects on your own, that you build them “good” and you texture them “good”. That you “design” stuff yourself. That you take “pride” in it.

    If this is the case — WHY create models based off of “Skyrim” mods or properties AT ALL?

    There is absolutely NO excuse to NOT come up with YOUR OWN original content for SL, if you have creative ability. If you are in the Fantasy Faire, you’d think it’d be a given that you are a creator who makes all original content. Are you not creative enough to maintain that? Are you not skilled enough? You seem to be. Why can’t you JUST design your own things? Why risk your reputation?

    You’re either a) really stupid, or b) really REALLY stupid.

    There is. No. Excuse. To not. Create. Unique. Content.


    Especially if you are one of the people designing a Fantasy Faire SIM.

    While the person who developed this sim in question may have made a mistake in terms of their personal judgement and morality, it’s disappointing that they are not only failing to own up to their mistake, they are causing undue turbulence about it. I don’t blame them, though. I’d probably skedaddle as fast as I could out of SL, too, if I was daft enough to use obviously ripped content from a FANTASY game during a FANTASY Fair visited by thousands of people (some being avid gamers or professionals), thinking no one would notice.

    Everyone is so very focused on leaping onto Arica for her personal opinion and comments, but they don’t seem to realize that her opinion of the sim was likely tainted by the presence of so much blatantly stolen content. I know -I- would have some -pretty harsh words- if I was a blogger, and I saw someone using stolen content on what is supposedly a sim designed completely by the sim designer, with their name plastered on the objects. I would hardly have a nice thing left to say.

    What she expresses is certainly within the realm of personal opinion. The sim was obviously not her cup of tea. I do agree that she uses some pretty harsh words, and I would have definitely been more gentle — but her opinion is completely centered around how she felt about the creative side of it. She’s not blaming the sim creator for things beyond the sim creator’s control, or blaming technical problems on the sim creator. She’s not throwing hate-speech around. She just really, really didn’t like the creative implementation.

    If you can’t take people thinking your stuff isn’t creative? Don’t be an artist.

    If people KEEP saying your stuff isn’t creative? Listen to them. It’s probably true.

    There have been people who have mentioned “DragonSpire” isn’t their cup of tea. I’ve also been told it doesn’t handle shadows well (it doesn’t!), that it’s hard to take photos inside it (it’s true!), people kept getting lost in the tunnels (so did I!), and half the time the Chameleon nests didn’t work (they didn’t!). But that’s just how it is. I mean, you’re definitely going to get a handful of comments that are completely inappropriate in terms of your work, that one -should- gripe about (I know I did, during the faire, and have griped about it quite a bit) — but don’t focus on the creative-oriented criticisms. Those are completely subjective, as they are merely personal opinion. Just like Arica’s.

    That said, I really feel I need to express how disappointed I am in how Fantasy Faire organizers have handled all of this. It seems as though they’re putting the blame on the bloggers, who are largely being swept under the rug about it all. It’s almost being treated like it’s a problem that, if ignored, will go away on its own — when that’s certainly not the case. It’s inherently shameful, how much stolen and ripped content is present [on that particular sim]. It makes me physically ill.

    The reason why I Relay is because I know what it’s like to have to overcome great obstacles due to one’s health. I know what it’s like to strive to achieve great, large things, when your body says “NO”. I know what it’s like to have an incurable disease. I put my health on the line to get my sim done. 98% of DragonSpire is ORIGINAL content — created especially for the Faire. Created by me. Developed from scratch. Drawn out on paper, from my head. Modelled by hand. UV mapped, painted and uploaded. Having this sort of thing present in such a degree at the Faire? It’s atrocious. It’s insulting. It belittles every hour of sleep I missed, every painkiller I took, every moment I spent making sure the majority of the content on the sim was mine — that I could put my name on the sim, and be proud. Blood, sweat and tears.

    It’s an insult to all of us who are truly original, innovative, and creative developers in Second Life. I do NOT support it.

  23. It sucks that people would do something like this for an RFL event. Charities are pretty strict. I want to see RFL stay in second life cause it does such a good thing for a worthy cause. People please do not lose this for us by bringing in ripped or shady content for charity. I lost my grandmother to cancer and cancer of all sorts runs in the family. It’s scary to even go through each year of my life wondering when it’s my turn or if my children will suffer. Do the right thing for this charity and use common sense.

  24. i’m so glad i’m not the only person who found that one sim to be …. lacking
    when i first arrived at it, i stood around at the loading area for half a hour waiting for it to finish rendering before i realized it was done, and that was what it was supposed to look like

    1. That’s exactly how I felt. I was pretty dumbfounded, especially when you compare to sims such as Lumenaria and Titans Hollow, which are my personal favs for this faire. Add to that the fact that some of the content offered there is/was stolen content…meh.

      1. i didn’t realize that till i read this post, and yeah that is pretty horrible in itself, but even if it was all original it’s still kind of shocking how different it is from the other sims. the main problem for me was that it was very difficult to browse the stores since i kept getting lost, i hope i managed to see them all and didn’t miss out on anything but after a while i just gave up on trying to navigate it. after a while i was vaguely able to appreciate that it was supposed to be seuss-burton-alice-in-wonderland inspired (though with the name Ravenwood, why?) but that still doesn’t account for the fact that if there were roads, i never found them, and that the shops weren’t organized in a easy to visit style at all. possibly the strangest thing of all is that this is the only blog i can find that mentions this fact.

        but my disappointment in the blog coverage of this event is another subject entirely :\

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