Dwarfins coming home! – Fantasy Faire Part IV


So, I have a strange fascination for breedables in SL. I used to be totally into KittyCats. I don’t even know why I dropped it, well, duh, I do know! Because I lacked the time to keep track of them all the time. I think in my case it is mainly the theorycrafting that gets me. πŸ˜€

So, a while ago I stumbled upon something that freaked me out at first: Dwarfins. Breedables dwarves. Breedable humanoids. At first I thought it was creepy, but you know…it is freaking cute. THe little dwarfins are really cute, wellmade. They have certain traits that can be common or rare and depending on how you breed them, those traits get passed on from generation to generation. They got different haircolours and -styles, weapons, clothes, eyecolours etc.

The pricing is very reasonable imho, both for the dwarfins starterpacks as well as the food. They also can interact through interactive items such as a barrel for ale (hahaha :D), or fireplaces and many more. The furniture is REALLY cute. Also, they do not only come as breedables, but as wearable avatars (see second and third pictures!), too. I am the female avi in those pics. Am I not hot? πŸ˜€

Horny dwarfins!

However, watch out! Them dwarfins are horny! If you do not turn off the breeding option through the menu (via clicking on the dwarfins) and you happen to be offline for a couple of weeks, you will come home to a GIANT family of dwarfins. πŸ˜› Happened to me, though luckily the baby dwarfins stay in their stone-‘eggs’ until you birth them.

Dwarfins at the Fantasy Faire 2013

Darfins has a big store at the Fantasy Faire 2013, located in the Lumenaria sim. The dwarfins you see displayed here have been made especially for the faire and come in cute little wizards outfits. Even the food, mushrooms in a bowl, is special. πŸ˜€ Dwarfins also offer them as avatars, alongside with an interactive Magic Book and an interactive Andronicus Stone. As a bonus, the newly released Rinn and Rorek Rockbeard dwarfins are available as avatars for those who could not win the breedable versions at the auction. All of these items are really wellmade. πŸ™‚


In the picture ALL furniture besides the bear rugs, the barrel to the right and the little bowl on the table are made by Anke Hatchuk and her team (Kalia Firelyte and Codereth1200 Nemeth) for Dysfunctional Designs who have a stall at the Fantasy Faire at The DragonSpire Sim. I really love her furniture and deco-items, my entire parcel is stuffed with it! It is handdrawn, original mesh and comes at very reasonable prices, so definitely worth to check it out. They had 14 (!!!) new releases for the faire, which I think speaks of a LOT of effort they put into it.

The bear rugs are made by Tia Biscuit for TIA, another store that I am incredibly fond of. Her textures and meshwork is plain awesome. πŸ™‚ The small bowl and the barrel are items for the dwarfins. πŸ™‚ The shack itself is a meshbuilding made by Nash Sauber for Absent Designs and a new release.


In this picture you see more of Dysfunctional’s new releases at the faire: The dresser and towel-shelf to the right. The bed is made by TIA and the pictureframe comes from a store that is -about- to open: AISLING by Druunah Esharham and her team. Stay tuned for that one! I am amazed by the quality they offer and already had a chance to take a peek at some upcoming items.Β  On the left you can see more items by Anke’s team and the pillow on the ground is actually a freebie made by them. πŸ™‚

So, Dysfunctional Designs, TIA and Aisling are definitely three of my favourite creators for rustic furniture in SecondLife. Envisage Limitless would be the fourth, but I#ll wait for her newest release before I blog them! πŸ™‚

Here a look at Absent Designs’ shack in my parcel, with me as a sexy dwarfin with Elikatira’s hair in front of it: