What is up with Collabor88???

Heya peeps,

today I have been to Collabor 88. Every damned month I am really waiting for it, no exaggeration there. I used to lurk in the neighbouring skybox when it was still at its old place and cambuy stuff as soon as it was set up by the creator…ahem. :>

I know the following won’t make me popular, but I want to express my opinion regardless.

The last few rounds, I have been a little disappointed. Anyone but me noticed that the prices there skyrocketed? There isn’t much left of the original concept of selling stuff for 88 Lindens when stuff is set at prices such as 588 Lindens by now. I’ve seen prices above 1200 Lindens, too, though I think not this round. Granted, it is a good and big item, but…don’t sell such an item then? Very few items are still sold at the old 88 Lindens price, and if so, with few notable exceptions, it is usually some sort of little item, say, a ring, earrings or whatever.


Wasn’t the whole concept originally to showcase awesome creators withing Secondlife and give people access to teaser-items (or maybe exclusive items working as a teaser) for a really low price, to offer a gREAT deal? Those deals really haven’t been so great anymore, and given the financial crisis, people now even have LESS money (on the average) in their pockets. Many, many people I know on SL really need to calculated wether or not they can afford item XY. I find it sad to see sometimes crazy high prices at an event like this. I even heard rumors that some items ended up -cheaper- in the mainstores after C88 ended, but I have no personal proof of that. Would I be surprised? Yes. I really hope the organizers keep track of that though and I think they wouldn’t allow that at all if revealed.

A Few choices

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand (!!!) that the creators do not want to sell their items under their value, but there are but a few choices to pick from:

1. Just don’t offer an item that would be greatly undervalued. Or maybe not every time.
2. It is Collabor 88, not Collabor 88-1088. Maybe adjust the name a little? I think it is very misleading nowadays.
3. Be generous and do it anyways. Chances are, the customers will hold you in very high estimation for it.
4. Do it at least sometimes. Not every round, but maybe every third?

If the only idea of the name supposedly was (and I absolutely doubt that, since in the first couple of rounds almost everything WAS 88 Lindens) to have the price end with 88, then it is a really bad deal imho because it means an item sold for regularly 2000 Linden could be sold for 1988. Awesome ‘deal’, huh? And if that IS the case, why is ISON allowed to sell their stuff for (admittedly awesome) 148 Lindens? ;D

C88 is a SALES event..

I am aware that C88 isn’t supposed to be a discount event, but you know, if you start as Colabor 88 with the prices originally BEING 88 Lindens, and then start to raise those prices through the sky? Don’t be surprised if people are upset and disappointed. My two cents really. Cory Edo of Trompe Soleil even admits in this PLURK that the merchants ARE told that it is a sales event, but what kind of sale is that when you save 12 Lindens??

Summary – No more IMPULSE BUYING and a lot less lindens left at C88

I think my beef with the whole thing is that C88 promoted itself very differently at the beginning. Prices were awesome and you made a great deal. Nowadays, the items are more expensive at times than similar quality items from the same creator in their mainstore.  I can see a creator’s perspective, they need to make their cut, too. However, people’s disappointment is very clear and the explanation of “The price only has to end with 88” seems far from logical.  I still like the event and sometimes you get a great deal out of it (I love the skirt from FD and the hair by Clawtooth this round), but I leave significantly less Lindens there now. I used to easily leave up to  3k ….now it was  exactly 2 x 188 Lindens. Back then, I also used to buy a LOT of stuff I didn’t really need, nowadays, I am VERY picky. Leaving 500 Lindens there is a lot for me. Back then, I bought a lot of stuff just because it looked cute, nowadays I don’t care to buy it anymore. Pity really, and I know I am hardly the only one.  No more IMPULSE buying for me.

Granted there are STILL a lot of cute and great items for a good price, but…it used to be a lot more of a bargain and I used to leave a LOT more money there. Sure, you can say “Don’t like it, don’t buy there.” And it is exactly whata  lot of people do nowadays. However, my kudos go out to those creators who still sell AWESOME items for a price that definitely is a bargain. Be it 188 or 288 Lindens, Glam’s skins are awesome. ;D And so are a couple of other things there.


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  1. On the Collabor88 site you can read this: Collabor88 is a fashion forward destination, where the most well loved content creators in SL get together to bring shoppers a superb selection of their well crafted merchandise at approachable, low prices. Collabor88 Merchandise is changed & updated each month on the 8th. (http://collabor88.com/)
    So it’s not really about the 88L. I think the price just has to end with an 8 (or 88, I’m unsure).At the start alot of people sold their stuff for 88L, because we were used to events like 50L friday and The Dressing Room (those events focused on a certain price (range)).
    And while I do feel that prices have gone up, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Because, as the Collabor88 website states, the prices are still lower than usual for the designer. There are so so so many events, that they have replaced a lot of the in-store releases for designers. We were, for a short time, very spoiled with tons of quality bargain releases. But discounts can’t last forever.

  2. For me, it is far less about the pricing and much more about how the event’s prices have skyrocketed. Sure, I don’t need to go there, and I in fact do buy a lot less nowadays.

    Here is an example of how the the first round of the ORIGINAL C88 event was promoted by one of their own participants, Illusory, on their old blog:

    “Collabor88 is a fashion forward project brought together by the fabulous Drinkinstein Sorbet. This is a monthly project that will be taking place at the official Collabor88 location (location not available at this time). On the 8th of each and every month, each participating store will be placing out one new item at an 88 price.

    Participating stores include Artilleri, IIlusory, Boom, Grixdale, Pig, The Sea Hole, Truth Hair, Ingenue, Nylon Outfitters, barnesworth anubis, EarthStones, Sauce, Lisp Bazaar, Whippet & Buck, Fashionably Dead, R2 Fashion, and Elikatira.”

    I severely doubt that any participant back then would have falsely advertised the event. 😉

    Fact is, back then, 90-95% of the stores that participated sticked to the 88 Lindens price. Nowadays, I applaud the few ones that are left. Imho, the name is misleading for several reasons:

    1. C88 has been promoted on many sources back then as an event where everything costs 88Lindens only. If that was WRONG, why was it never corrected publically?

    2. IF the name Collabor88 truly refers to all prices havign to end with 88….how come items are sold at 148 Lindens? That makes no sense at all imho.

    All this doesn’t change the fact that there are STILL very good bargains to be had from some very awesome creators there.

  3. I do agree with you, I use to go to C88 all the time, and I was so excited, but now, I feel kinda screwed, there is not much things at 88 linden and I don’t have the feeling of getting any sorts of discount.

  4. great article! I still make it a point to try to get to Collabor88 but have found that sites like SeraphimSL and Elysium Hynes’ Pinterest, are awesome tools to make a shopping list before I go to these events. It helps me with the impulse purchases (sometimes! lol) and I agree that this round (Collabor88) stands out as very lackluster. The brands that are tried and true you can tell their products would be worth the price they are set for, but some of the newcomers..upon closer inspection I find that their products are either poorly made, poorly priced and would be better suited for another event/hunt/store/marketplace.

  5. Awesome article and the truth honestly if the prices were at 88L as it use to be and the super items were offered i tend to remember the creators who have sold awesome items at sale prices and will return more often to their store to purchase higher priced items because i see the good quality but it does seem with mesh items more and more it’s still the same thing coming out just different texture or texture changing huds so yes it’s time consuming to hop around and find that item at who has the lowest price but in this day and age lets face it were all watching our lindens and really digging deep back into the inventory.

  6. I’ve noticed it as well and I’ve definitely found myself spending less and less at Collabor88. I’ve noticed the prices, though I didn’t actually think about it and just unconsciously reduced my spending for finding myself not willing to spend so much at a sale event because I go to Collabor88 with the mentality that I’ll get a bargain. If I were to go to a store normally, I’d be in the mentality for normal prices so I more and more leave empty handed from Collabor88. It’s a shame, imho.

  7. I haven’t actually been there in about 4 months because of that. Impulse buy range (as I discussed with you the other day) really is important when dealing with marketing your products. I like the stuff there – good quality usually. Not always my style… However, the prices sometimes really are a bit much. That has contributed to my not desiring to return.

    If you do not want to sell your item for 88L$, make an item you would be comfortable selling for 88L$ and put that up. Remember that this is a loss-leader style system, which means you might be losing a lot off of the original price, but the getting your name out there with a good feel (“Ooh, this is affordable!”) is typically worth it. They’ll remember you, and if it is nice, you’ll likely see them again.

    I know that there is some elitist perception of c88 on how it has a lot of big names and is sort of exclusive designers… But I think that compared to how it used to be (with taking in the understanding we ALL reminisce about ‘golden years’ for everything, not just c88) that the overall prices are just too high.

    Ask yourself: Would you rather sell your lovely item 5 times for 588, or 50 times for 88? Do you really want to so greatly limit this awesome creation? Don’t you want to share it to the world and help make that beautiful SL we all dream of?

    Just my 2L$.

  8. I agree, totally. I have noticed this, also, and I also buy less. I allot myself a certain amount of lindens each week to spend, and in the beginning, on the 2nd week of the month almost that ENTIRE allotment was spent at Collabor88. I no longer do that, and like you, I am much, much choosier in what I buy. I can understand, perhaps, for the Glam Affair skins, because they’re still a bargain. However, many of the items haven’t gone up in quality, but in price, alone. It reminds me of how now a half gallon of ice cream in the US is not longer a half gallon. And it’s irritating and I find it a bit insulting. I don’t know if the creators’ expenses have gone up, and they are just passing that along to the “consumer”, or if it’s a form of greed taking over, but, either way, I’m not nearly as excited about it as I used to be. I find myself far more excited about FaMESHed every month, even though I know their prices are generally higher than C88’s. The items are better, and I’m a mesh addict as it is.

  9. I used to be just like you…waiting till the clock struck 12 so I could rush in there with every other sl bargain hunter…these days it’s not worth fighting the lag to go there the first day, I’ll prob drop by sometime next week to check out this current round. And truth…I spend a lot less lindens too, back in the day when everything was 88, if I really liked an item, I would buy it in every color! So lets say you have out five colors, that is 5×88 that I’m spending on your item, these days I might buy one color if I really like the item for 188, and if its going above 200 I have to really really like it, so that means I’m spending only half the money that I used to on your products. Also, a lot of creators seem to basically release the same sort of item with small variations every round, so it gets harder and harder to justify buying something I already have several versions of in my inventory already.

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