And here comes….CLEO! – Review

Hey guys!

I am sooo happy that finally Aida released this skin for Glam Affair. I think it has been a long, long time since I have been waiting this anxiously for a skin. Amberly was nice already, but I like Cleo better. I was so damned jealous of Magenta DeVinna and of certain other individuals who got this skin as a preview. Jealooous. I have been camping the damned store the whole time.

And Aida did not disappoint me!

Cleo comes in six tones: Arctic, Europa, America, Jamaica, India and Africa.Β  My personal favourite ones are Europa and America, so these are the ones displayed here:


I love, love, love these lips! I quite like the body, even though I haven’t been a big fan of her Lola-appliers, because they come with no layer to hide the sideshadows (also called sideboobs) whenever you do not want to wear giant boobies. But I think the shading is pretty nice and ever since her older releases such as Gio etc. she has improved a LOT imho. The face is very soft and youthful and I also like the hipbones. πŸ™‚ Personally, I like faces that look a little more ethereal and not that doll-like, but I am still pretty much in love with it.

Due to my lack of Lindens I obviously cannot display all twelve make ups for this skin, but those are really, really pretty. This one does the job as well. πŸ™‚ The skintones look very natural to me unlike those of certain other skincreators that always either seem too reddish or too yellowish. Also, a big improvement when you compare these to her old skins!

What’s in the package?

One skin costs 999 Lindens and comes with the following features:

6 (!!!) eyebrow options, displayed below

3 types of freckles on layers, displayed below

3 types of lips on layers, displayed below

3 types of nose son layers, displayed below

ALL 6 eyebrow options on a natural version of the skin

2 types of lashes on layers.

Here a picture of all eyebrow types:


I think these eyebrows are really well done, very neat, pretty and detailed.

And here a picture of all noses, freckles and lips that come with the package:


Those noses are adorable and I LOVE every skindesigner out there who puts theirs on layers. It is one hell of an opportunity to customize your skin. The freckles? Geeze, I am currently a redhead and these are really natural looking, especially the ones that go all over the face. I like that they aren’t symmetric, which always looks very odd to me. And do I have to mention that these lips look really yummy? I am mostly a fan of the matte lips I must say, not so much of the super shiny ones, but that is clearly a matter of taste.


Okay, I am calling Aida crazy, because that is one GIANT package for that price. O.o I am truly amazed by this offer. I was standing earlier in the store and was talkign to some other chick and told her that I expected the price for one skin to be upped now due to all the features. Well, they haven’t gone up and this is a freakishly good deal!

So, here is your TAXI to GLAM AFFAIR and I hope you’ll leave some Lindens there for Mrs. Ewing. πŸ™‚

BTW: The hair is by Magika (Sabina Gully) and until tomorrow itonly costs 150Lindens for a whole colourpack (including all naturals/all oddly coloured ones etc.). The eyes are from Dead Apples (Soleil Reid), the lashes a current gift from Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle). πŸ™‚

❀ Arica


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