Your purse is thin? You can still look fab! :D

Hey there!

So today’s post is about freebies/cheapies. I put two outfits together that I personally really like. However, on my journey on the search for freebies I encountered a very, very strange attitude among  many designers.

Lets start with:

What are usually the reasons to offer a gift/freebie/cheapie/luckyboard etc.?

I can think of the following ones:
1. To attract traffic (luckyboards etc.)
2. To thank your customers (groupgifts etc.)
3. To attract potential new customers.
4. To be kind to people with less money.
5. To increase the number of people in your storegroup.
6. To advertise for yourself.

What message do stores with bad gifts try to send?

So, if these are the reasons I can immediately think of, how come so many BIG stores, wellknown ones, offer crappy shit as gifts? I am aware that beggars cannot be choosers. But are your customers truly no more worth than one old, sculpted item from 2010 or even earlier? What kind of message arey ou trying to send out by offering a gift that feels like a slap in the face.

“Here, look at my shitty gift, but all my other items in the store are really awesome. Too bad you have to pay for them! I am sorry, but despite being a customer here, you are just not worth much more to us.”

I hope not. But sorry, that’s how I perceive it. If you cannot be bothered to come up with a NICE gift, better do not bother at all. I really feel like an idiot when I come to a store that offers good stuff, and their gift is some random crap. It is NOT good advertisement for your store. It makes you look like a greedy, selfish person.

How to impress?

If you want to leave a good impression, attract potential customers, if you want to appear kind and generous to people with less money – then offer GOOD gifts. Put some effort into them. I can create a leather string, put some spheres on it, tag it as a bracelets and call it a day myself. That’s no effort. Rather offer a GREAT groupgift once a year than 12 crappy gifts.

People will love you, they wil be thankful and will spread the word. There is a reason why certain stores get flooded by people once they release their annual/monthly gift, and there is a reason why some stores hardly get recognized for their gifts at all. People appreciate effort, they appreciate to be implicitely told “We like our customers a lot.”. No one tells others about that crap groupgift you offer, but once you put up something awesome, word spreads like wildfire.

There are a few wellknown stores who always stood out prominently to me for their awesome gifts, even if those are rare:

Mother’s Goose (Luckyboards/gift section)
Curio (annual groupgift)
LaQ (annual groupgift)
LeLutka (annual Subscribo)
Belleza (groupgifts/FLF)
Analog Dog (freebie balls, gift section)
Truth (annual subscribo)
Tokidoki (groupgifts, several/year)
World’s End Garden (gift section)
Coco Designs (crazy big giftsection)
Sn@tch (Lucky Boards)
The Plastik (Luckyboards, groupgifts/annual gifts)
Mr. Poet (Luckyboards, gifts)
Miel (Subscribo Gifts)
Maitreya (Subscribo)
S@bbia (luckyboards, gifts)
Cold Logic (groupgift/subscribo)
Pink Fuel (Many, many hunts)
Glam Affair (hunts, groupgifts)
Essences (hunts, groupgift)
D!va (groupgifts)
Iren (gifts, fabfree gift)
AlVulo (monthly groupgift)

I am sure there are more which I forgot. But yes, these stores aren’t greedy asses who try to mark random crap as a gift.

So, here are two outfits made up of freebies and cheapies that I personally really like. I present them on my freebie-alt, not on Arica. PS: I took this picture at 5 am. I apologize for the little mistakes. -.-


Hair: Analog Dog (Queue Marlow, FREE! @ NW corner of the sim in a bubble)
Skin: Mother’s Goose (Milok Hermit, FREE! Luckyboard)
Dress: World’s End Garden (Lucia Genesis, FREE! @ giftsection)
Shoes: Roly-Poly (Licht Lapis, FREE! @ Marketplace)
Wreadth: World’s End Garden (Lucia Genesis, FREE! @ giftsection)
Necklace: Miel (Mika Nieuport, FREE! @ Subscribo)
Bracelets: On a Lark ( Discovering Destiny, part of GRACE outfit, 30L @ 30L Saturdays)
Pose: Gesticulate (Elusyve Jewell, FREE!@ Fabfree Headquarters)

Location: World’s End Garden (Non-Role-Play), Worlds End Garden
Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron, FREE! groupgift in store)
Skin: Belleza (Tricky Boucher, FREE! @ Cynful Clothing Birthday Celebration)
Make Up: Kosh (Lynaja Bade, FREE! @ Make Up section, uy the DEMOS, it is in there! ;D)
Dress: Ikshu (Pippala Resident, FREE! @ groupgift in store)
Boots: The Lounge (Erielle Deschanel, 50 L @ WE LOVE ROLE-PLAY!!)
Gloves: Evie’s Closet (Evangeline Miles, part of Halloween Fable outfit, FREE! @ World Goth Faire!)
Scarf: Mr. Poet (Hiwinyu Fazuku, FREE! @ giftsection in store)
Ring: Sn@tch (Ivey Deschanel, FREE!  @ @ World Goth Faire!)
Bracelet: Just You Jewels (Clyde Avon, DOLLARBIE!! @ giftsection in store)
Pose: Tram (Moca Loup, FREE! groupgift in store)

Location: Winter Moon (Non-Role-Play), Winter Moon


8 thoughts on “Your purse is thin? You can still look fab! :D

  1. I understand some of your points — when merchants use a free gift as an advertisement to lure people in and then the customer gets there and it is crap is one thing. Free gifts, however, can have other purposes besides luring people to the store. Some merchants offer some of their earlier or retired items as free gifts as many still find them useful. If you don’t want them, you don’t have to take them!

    1. I can agree with putting up old stuff isn’t necessarily bad, but having an “outlet”-section with gifts or something is a WHOLLY different thing than groupgifts, subscribogifts, lucky boards etc. Bliensen + MaiTai for example has such a section where you can get free and cheap stuff that is a couple of years old, but even there, there is no real CRAP. It might be dated, but I can see that being useful to some and I think it is nice to have it there. But when a store send sout a notice about “Our new, generous groupgift to our customers” and I go there, inspect the prim and it is from 2009? No. Not cool and not generous.

  2. Funny you write this when not an hour ago I walked past a lucky chair at a really well known, quality designers store and saw a ‘?’ on the chair which essentially any one can sit on and get the prize. I took one look at the dress and thought ‘I wouldn’t even take it for free’ and kept walking. The picture was shocking and the dress and shoes so 2007 newbie looking that I just thought why even bother. Now I’m sounding mean, but I totally get what you’re saying. The old adage ‘you have to spend money to make money’ kind of rings true. The new residents of today without much money may be the real spenders of tomorrow if they really get into the game.

    Great post.

    1. You know, that old adage IS true imho. I totally agree there. I remember way back when I started out, some store had an item as a gift that, for the times back then, was awesomesauce. I got it. Guess what? The first time I ever had Lindens I went to THAT store and spent them there. Pretty sure it was called Ravenswear?

      Also, if big brands prove themselves to be so greedy to set up old crap for lucky chairs, boards etc.? I’d rather rather wear a no name brand that offered something COOL as a gift.

    1. Heya!

      my pictures are only slightly touched, I do not even own PS until now. I use a spanish version of Corel paintshop.I crop them, I use a slight filter for colours (but none that would change the colours a whole lot without hvaing at least one pic in the post where you can clearly see the actual colour), I ‘clear’ the picture a little (Aclarar) and I add a little light (you can see it on top right on the first pic). All very subtle though, I don’t want them to be misleading.

      Here is the original just a little differnetly cropped due to Gyazo not wanting to upload anything bigger. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to mention Epic, Illusory, Aura, Glitterati, and Insufferable Dastard as more amazing stores that really show some love for their customers. I’ve been in SL for years now and I have to say, I understand that designers are in no way obligated to give gifts. Some creators who give gifts get crappy treatment from customers who are only out for freebies. I can see both sides really. But honestly, if I had the choice, reduced prices speak more for a store than gifts. This is something that has kept me spending out the wahzoo at stores like Bare Rose. Even buying products as gifts for others, which I rarely do. But if that isn’t the best advertisement then I don’t know what is!

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