The Shoe-Disaster at FaMeshed

Heya peeps!

So today I am going to write about a topic that really irked me a little. I stumbled upon it on Plurk, a website where a horde of bloggers and creators chitchat, exchange gossip and much more. I edited the title after it was pointed out to me that it couldbe misread in a way that was NOT intended. Thanks for that.

If you are like me and tend to follow events such as C88, FaMeshed and others a lot, then you might have noticed that Hucci’s stall has been removed from the current round of FaMeshed.

What happened?

Apparently Cracked Mirror, owner and manager of FaMeshed, release a notice in the group which basically said that from now on (not affecting the current round which is fair!), shoes specifically made for Siddean Munro’s SLINK mesh-feet are no longer allowed within the event. Now, why is that so? There have been several arguments:

Apparently, Cracked calls those kinds of shoes a “grey area” since they basically only work with a product that is NOT created by the creator of the shoes, but by a third party.  At first glance I thought, okay, valid point. However, the shoes are STILL an original product and I dare say that we are all adults enough to decide wether we already have the fitting feet or want to invest in them to get these shoes to fit to our feet and look awesome. Also, if Cracked is so worried about people getting annoyed about ‘having to’ buy the feet that goes with those shoes, why does she also not allow the opportunity of creators offering BOTH versions: The shoes for SLINK feet and the shoes for the default feet?

That is basically their only argument that has been repeated over and over. Lets have a closer look.

There are four brands that offer shoes this round. Cracked Mirror also owns a store for shoes (quite cute ones actually!) called LaRoo and participates in her own event with said brand. Another brand is GOS, who is apparently (or was it another round?) offering a simple recolour of a previous shoe. Both Hucci and Boom, who sold the shoes made for the Slink feet, apparently had awesome sales during this round of the event. So, why exactly would a manager of an event turn down a WHOLE NEW branch of shoemaking when it obviously makes a lot of people happy? It makes no sense at all.

What does FaMeshed offer to its customers?

Many event sout there offer discounts, exclusive items (and exclusive in the sense of: You can get it ONLY there, and never anywhere else), limited editions, exclusive release etc. FaMeshed however is an event that has NO discount, NO mandatory new releases, NO mandatory, truly exclusive items (in the above sense, you can get them in the mainstore once the event ends), NO limited edition. Nothing of that. So, what IS the benefit of FaMeshed then? My answer: The benefit of FaMeshed is to give awesome creators who make their own mesh a way to showcase their items to a larger population. It gives an overview of who and what is out there and appeals to people who need something RIGHT NOW and cannot wait a bit. Especially considering this angle, banning a whole new, creative branch of items seems odd.

That is the exact reason why I and many others only rarely leave true amount sof Lindens there. Unless something really sweeps me of my stool, I do not buy it there. Instead, I memorize it and will give my traffic to the mainstore once it is released there to support that specific creator. Sometimes I buy nothing at all, sometimes a single item. The only creator I can immediately think of who releases actually truly exclusive items there ( I might forget others? hints please?) is Glam Affair, so if her stuff fits my style, I get it. Otherwise, I look around, smile, take notes and leave. And I know a lot of others think the same way. FaMeshed does not offer a whole lot to its customers that would appeal to my impulsive instinct to buy something right now….and not later. I don’t say this to demean the creators there, they are GOOD, awesome even, however, my money goes elsewhere. Despite the fact that not much (though it has gotten better!!!) at C88 is truly cheap anymore, I leave WAY more money there. Or at The Arcade. Or at Stuff in Stock. Pick whatever other event. FaMeshed is there for the creators to showcase.

It’s like going to a showcase for cars. You don’t go there to buy, you go there to look. Much fewer people buy there than those who just look and leave again. If I had to estimate, I’d say people make more money at C88 than they make at FaMeshed, but I am not sure, the high prices might balance out the lesser buyers.

So, again, why does FaMeshed turn down something that might attract MORE buyers, MORE traffic, MORE sale and opens a WHOLE NEW area of clothing? Since this is event is ALL and ONLY about showcasing?

Remember where I said that Cracked has her own horse in the race here? Right. I might draw assumptions here, and while I think that the -way- Eboni, owner of Hucci, reacted on Plurk (personal insults etc.) was not exactly fitting and a good choice, she has several valid points. It does reek of jealousy, of trying to protect her own brand while others moved forward already. I do wonder why she bans the whole Slink stuff instead of offering shoes for those as well? Well, given she did NOT react very friendly towards Siddean on Plurk, that might be a hint. I am not sure though, observations here.

It seems like a lot of unnecessary protectionism of her own brand (and possibly GOS – a clarification here, because after re-reading this for the 5th time, I see this could be misunderstood: I did not mean to say that GOS agreed with Cracked on that rule or supported her doing so, but that Cracke did so on her own, -possibly- to protect both brand without being asked to do so by Gos. My bad and apologies for failing to see that.) here by tossing a whole, awesome new idea aside and disregarding the fact that offering shoes for both SLINK and default feet counters her argument (third party, not original mesh by the creator, loss of customer swho have no slink-feet) immediately. If she was TRULY just worried about the latter, she’d have picked up on that choice and offered it to her participating brands. A pity really. And I think this is the reason why it is a bad idea to participate in your own event as a creator, unless you are extremely fair. This does not seem fair and people will assume the worst, even if she truly only had the best on her mind for her creators. It was the first assumption that came to -my- mind and I doubt I was the only one.

I cannot see a single reason as to why FaMeshed would promote ugly default feet or annoying feet you have to tint every damned time you change your skin. It sucks. But okay! Her event, her rules, even if those are very dubious at best. I can deal with that and instead buy other stuff there even if it strikes me as weird.

But the story goes on – not a cool thing to say.

All the above aside (Her event, her rules) there was one thing that really, really, really irked me. As I said, I strongly (!) disagree with HOW Eboni presented her point, however, that does not make them any less valid. Also, keep in mind that Cracked, wether it is on her ‘private’ Plurk or not, is a representant of her own event, a conglomeration of very wellknown, good stores. In the ensuing drama (I have no other worlds for it), Cracked and Eboni continously insulted each other etc. pp. Oh well. What boggled my mind (and that of several other people as well) was this:


I deleted the name from that Plurk because this is a quote. Apparently, Cracked realized just HOW shitty this was to say and deleted it from the original Plurk, or I am just too damned blind to find it, in that case I apologize. I browsed it three times. However, the following statements imply the same, even if less obvious, and they are still on there:


Mind you, I can UNDERSTAND how things can get heated, especially when you get insulted in quite a few bad manners (Eboni was quite guilty of that) and we are all humans, managers, creators, customers, bloggers, but I do NOT think that that is a reasonable excuse for this shit. Basically, what is expressed here, is a VERY condescending attitude towards so called back up designers. This is not a personal isnult only, but one towards every damned back up designers out there. And I don’t get it. I think every eventmanager out there who ever had a spot left open knows just HOW glad youa re when one of these awesome people says “Yes, I will help you out.” They have my eternal thanks for sure. This is one really shitty, mean thing to say and heated discussion or not, if -that- is your attitude, it is best to shut up and step back and take a breath. It really stinges just to read that and I can see how that must have struck quite a few people right in the face.

I am not impressed. At all. I did add Cracked as a friend on Plurk (she had her TL on public anyways to my knowledge) because I thought they were going really hard on her and I saw not too much fault with her. Her event, her rules. But I reconsidered after reading those tidbits. Meh. :/

However, I do hope FaMeshed will go on and maybe some things will be reconsidered, even if I am likely going to eat a ban for this. I think I have made it more than just a little clear that I value the concept of the event as well as the designers (all!) highly. If you still insist of interpreting this as me bashing designers, that is your decision and not true.

❤ Arica

PS: I also learned something new: Desaster is german, not UK english as I was told by my obviously not so awesome teacher back in highschool. 😀


20 thoughts on “The Shoe-Disaster at FaMeshed

  1. As a creator and also Gos Boutique’s store manager, I’d like to point out that the decision to ban add-ons and appliers does affect my own store as well as Gos Boutique. While a developer kit is not offered to other creators, there are add-on products and quite a few in development which will not be offered at this event by my store or Gos Boutique.

    1. That’s actually a pity. I am not even a HUGE fan of the shape of slinkfeet, but damn, they are a 100% improvement over cumply looking default feet. It’s a decision I just really do not get at all on a logical basis, since the simpleoption to offer both (+ addon/ without addon) would basically null their worries. 😦

  2. Event organizer’s prerogative and all that jazz. We are most definitely NOT protecting our brand though – I’d love to showcase our own add-ons 🙂 (Edited by Arica with permission from Caelan)

  3. I rarely ever dropped money at faMESHed because of the prices. Nothing was ever an “omg need” other then maybe something from Glam Affair or Exile.

    As an owner of slink feet, I applaud Siddean’s decision to open up her feet for other designers to build off of, as well as designers to make appliers. I enjoy a SL where creators help each other, instead of just trying to “be the best”.

    If you eat a ban, I won’t ever touch the place again because bans for opinions are immature and I won’t support anyone who is that immature. I’ll just wait for all the items to show up in main stores.

    Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy reading what you have to say on situations like this.

  4. This blog has been brought to my attention, and while I’d like to not say anything and leave it be, I do feel that for the integrity of the event and all people involved I should probably set a few things straight…

    Let’s make this clear, the new policy is not solely applicable to shoes nor is it directly targeting any one particular current product or system. This is not a personal attack on anyone or the work that they have done and still do. Those who have read too far into and added their own wording to the notecard stating the policy change as it being a personal attack and solely targeting one such applier/addons and/or developer kits is quite simply incorrect in the conclusion they have come to.

    Every event organizer(s) are within their right to change and amend rules as is deemed necessary to protect what they feel is the integrity of their event. Again, this policy is targeting no one individual, nor is it claiming that mesh object x made one creator to work with another creators mesh object y, are not original, templates, or that hard work and time were not put into making product x and y. None of this was stated or claimed in the notecard informing people of the policy change which goes into effect for the August round of FaMESHed.

    This does apply to all *current* and potential *future* items that utilize appliers, add-ons, developer kits, or other systems. Any such kits and add-on systems that we cannot foresee or predict the future of how, in what ways, or what other products a consumer must purchase in order to even utilize a product made by a separate creator that is or will be potentially attempted to sell at FaMESHed, we feel it is in the best interest of the event for the organizers and participants to be able to moderate so as to protect the ongoing integrity and vision that FaMESHed was meant to be.

    You may not like it or agree, but it is a decision that has been made and if you wish to discuss it, contact the organizers directly, one-on-one, don’t pitchfork or put words into the mouth of those making the policy change to make it out to be a personal attack on any one creator or system when in fact all current and potential future systems we feel must be moderated and carefully weighed as to whether or not they fit within the original vision that FaMESHed set out to be. The FaMESHed organizers are more than willing to discuss this matter individually if you should choose to do so.

    Now, as far as my own personal integrity goes, yes the plurk you screen capped had well over 450 responses to it, MOST of which we had a civilized debate and discussion regarding the issue at hand. The parts you screen capped were probably the worst parts (when Eboni came in and attacked me). I admit, I did get pretty irate in response to a very scathing 400+ comment long plurk in which I was personally attacked, my own integrity, my brand, my products that I create and even my friends were called names and pitchforked over and over again. This mob mentality completely baffles me and I will admit that it did set off some heated words on my end. Again, I am only human and the work that my co-organizer (Sunbunny Moonites) and I do for Fameshed is virtually endless, and we do not get paid for it. After all fees are collected I still pay out of pocket to help maintain all the financial aspects it takes to keep this event running. FaMESHed is a successful event for a reason, and I think that Sunny and I have both contributed to that greatly as well. So I hope now you can understand why it can be extremely easy to lose your head for a few seconds when someone repeatedly bashes you and all your hard work AFTER making HUGE profits off of your hard work month after month and acting like you should be thanking them instead.

    As far as the whole “jealousy” accusation goes, that is completely invalid on your part to make this assumption and serves to cause nothing but more drama and pitchforking. Let’s not forget my main brand (and main source of income) comes from my own personal mesh clothing store, Cracked Mirror. We have more clothing brands in Fameshed then any other brand. So your “observation” that I am trying to stifle the competition for my co-op brand, LaRoo is ridiculous. I welcome competition and can completely admit that there are clothing brands in Fameshed that are superior to my own (in my opinion anyways) but I still sell very well and still do well financially. I can also promise you that LaRoo has experienced its best month in sales in June (and I don’t take my promises lightly). For these reasons yours and Eboni’s accusations and insults are invalid. So please don’t make these personal snap judgments against my character when you don’t know me and have never spoken to me. They only serve to speak against your character. Also, in response to what you said in your post that I was rude to Siddean, I was perfectly civil and diplomatic to Siddean in my plurk so I genuinely don’t understand what you’re talking about as far as that is concerned.

    I do sincerely apologize for my wording on my part about Eboni being irrelevant because she was a guest. It was only directed at Eboni because of how she had been bashing me thus far. What I had meant to say, but clearly did not come across as so (I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always the best at communicating my words very eloquently) was that I did not feel she would be affected by this rule because as a guest her participation is optional and it does not affect her. If she does not agree with policy’s we put forth she doesn’t have to participate. But we will not change the rules in Fameshed because of a vendor that only occasionally participates (especially when none of the other permanent participants had much of a problem with it so much so that they would no longer continue participating in Fameshed). I appreciate all guests and everyone who participates in Fameshed and would have listened to Eboni if she had come to me personally instead of starting a huge dramatic pitch for community on plurk and perhaps, if there was enough of an outcry from the designers involved we could have modified the rule (now or later down the line).

    Having said all of this, I do not wish to engage any further in a debate on why this policy has been taken into effect and I do not feel like I need to justify my actions any further. I opened up my private plurk timeline for the entire night this whole thing went down and encouraged people to come and discuss it with me (in a civilized manner) if they had issues with it. Many people chose instead to trash me and throw insults in Eboni’s plurk instead, which is fine. But I cannot answer to that. Sunny and I spent most of the night explaining our reasoning to people who did not understand in my plurk and I feel that all of our reasons were perfectly valid. While we still kept an open mind, not one person managed to convince me or Sunny that we were making a mistake. So the policy still stands. I don’t wish to discuss the “wisdom” of our decision any further with anyone else except those personally involved in the event, and even then only in private. Fameshed sells more than just shoes. I think we need to give our mesh creators more credit; they are so much more capable of making amazing mesh items besides addons and appliers, as they always have done.

    Also, what you said about FaMESHed is false; all creators are required to produce a new and exclusive item for Fameshed. Yes we do allow retextures (and always have), as I’ve said before we can only expect so much from the creators (this is not an unusual thing by the way, all events do this). But this has never been abused. Occasionally we do have who creators put certain colors in Fameshed and other colors in their store (this does not differ from any other event). I would say your accusation is completely unfair and insulting to many of the participating designers in Fameshed. I know I myself have always used brand new content (non-recolors) every single month (exception a top I did one month) and so have 99% of the other designers in Fameshed most of whom have NEVER used a retextured item (Rebel Hope, Valentina E, Trompe, Kauna, Emery, The Secret Store, NYU, Exile, Cheeky Pea, etc). Your question is, “What do you get for shopping at FaMESHed?” Well, you get to shop at the only monthly mesh event in Second Life (as far as I know) that guarantees that the items are original to that creator and no templates are used. We also guarantee that the item (whether it is a retexture or not) is new and exclusive during the duration of the event. This is clearly something that appeals to people because month after month we have unique visits ranging in the 15k+ and sales continue to go up each and every month as well as our subscriber and group numbers. So while you may not like it, that is okay. I think we will still be fine anyways. Btw, I have never banned anyone from Fameshed because I disagreed with their trash talk. If you want to come and spend your money at Fameshed that is your own business but I will not punish the participating vendors by banning potential customers. I like to think I have a little more maturity then that.

    1. Hello Cracked,
      first of all, thanks for the Plurk-talk, which was MUCH more civilized than what some certain Plurker tried to pull off under the coverage of “This needed to be said” while in fact doing the exact same thing they accused me of. Thanks as well for the apology, I think it showed quite some character.

      I do not think the assumption is THAT ridiculous really from an observational point of view. Trying to weed out competition while having your own horse in the race is not completely out there and pretty common and even understandable from a certain, economical point of view. I do apologize however to draw that assumption without contacting you first, would have been the wiser and fairer step.

      Also, wether or not a recolour is a new item I guess can be discussed endlessly. 🙂 To me it is not. Exclusivity -during- the event, yes, that is true. FULL exclusivity, to which I am refering to, is not part fo Fameshed, otherwise the items should not be available instore, not even after the round of the event has ended. But we all discussed yesterday already what ‘exclusive’ really means in regards to events on SL, so I suppose unless some common denominator in regards to the definition of what ‘exclusive’ means can be found there, that is just really something vague for now, which is why I tried to clarify what -I- think is exclusive. But I have staed as much on our Plurk already I think, lost the overview a bit.

      Anyways, thanks for your reply, Cracked, and as I said: One can can dish out, should be able to take it as well, and the same applies to me.


    2. I agree that items relying on third party created items really are not essential to showcase anywhere – thus forcing someone to go buy said item if they do not already own it. I don’t see it as a strike against the product of such symbiotic creations, but more deterring items which a buyer would need to leave the showcase area to purchase said item to wear the one they just purchased. There is nothing wrong with people putting those items in their stores and submitting different items in the showcase which are 100% self reliant.

      A way around this is to have the original item (such as the Slinks feet, since this is the issue which caused problems) available there alongside with such items. I don’t see that as a bad notion. But you also specified appliers – Are every garment created with breast augmentation ability to be banned as well? That will be a huge backlash upon you since women have gone overboard in breast implants in SL, and to ban garments offering appliers for them would be seen as a ban against them, as well; your event will lose popularity. But then, to permit things with breast appliers and not feet appliers, then you are really playing God with your own rules and that is called favoritism and boycotting. Pick your fights wisely.

      FaMeshed is nice to go and look, but most of the items are pricey. High prices do not make the item ‘superior’ nor the creator ‘superior’ to others by any means. In fact, after having been ion SL for over nine years now, I will say that those designers who offer quality items at lower prices tend to fair better because folks think less about buying another in a different color or style because they can afford to, whereas it might make me hesitate buying a pair of heels which are 1k and yeah – pretty – but how much can I buy for 1k elsewhere. Would be nice to see ‘sale’ prices at FaMeshed.

      The only thing I have an issue with are the degrading remarks about ‘just a back up designer’ and negating the efforts and handiwork of thousands of designers out there which your own words delegate as inferior to your own ability and craftsmanship. There is -no- excuse for such awful behavior, whether being verbally attacked or not. It is an awful thing to -ever- say to another person, especially in a public arena in which many designers will see this and might be dissuaded from their own craft because of your callus words. There is no apology which can smooth that over. But then again.. who are you? I never knew your name until reading this article. That just goes to show your self perceived prestige is just that – self perceived. Be good to all designers, and those who willingly participate in your events. Without them, you are nothing.


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  6. I don’t want to keep beating a dead horse but I will go on and make one admission and a clarification. I was restrained with Cracked. She went out of her way to insult me as a creator in every manner possible. I never called her out of her name, and I never said what I really thought of her, I held back to the best of my ability. She has acted very poorly to a lot of content creators. She never once said sorry we didn’t mean it that way, she went on to clarify that what she meant was even worse than I assumed, and that she was jealous of the attention other brands were getting for what she thought was quick and easy work, which is not the case all.

    Also she has repeatedly in public and privately state that I asked to be in FaMESHed. I never ever once asked to be in FaMESHed. I responded to requests to fill in, and I will add these requests were last minute, so I felt I was doing the event a favor. I have a busy schedule and I turn down almost all events because my school and personal schedule do not permit me to participate in events. I only ever agreed to fill in because some of my friends told me they did pretty good there. I have all my chat logs with Sunny (I never interacted with Cracked ever except to request an invite to the group so I could rez, Sunny always contacted me), and they clearly show that I just responded to Sunny requesting that I be in the event.

    If Cracked had a leg to stand on, she wouldn’t have to repeatedly lie, or insult everyone that has ever helped her event out at the last minute. Content creators don’t need events, events need content creators.

  7. I also want to add, in the chat logs where I talked to Sunny, I told her I was making shoes, I mentioned it 3 times duing my chats with her right before the event, so they knew I was making shoes. Anyone that follows my brand knows I have been making slink addon shoes, they could have told me then they didn’t want slink addon in the event, and I would have just declined. The reason I had to use those shoes instead of something else was because they asked me last minute. I was preparing for Arcade, and did not have time to make a new product, but I had this one sitting just awaiting textures.

    They could have handled everything better, Sunny is a good person and has good people skills, Cracked should let her handle everything, she at least understands how to talk to people and present her case. I wanted other content creators to know what to expect dealing with FaMESHed and now they know, if they choose to do business with them then they can go in eyes open.

  8. Hi….I want to admit now, I did not read any of the other comments (sooo much to say) but the main thing I got from your blog was a severe lack in professionalism. It just seems so odd and so bad for business to ever ever loose your cool in a manner that allows you to degrade, snap, or speak nasty to someone else. Never mind how it reflects on your business, but you as a person. There is always a way to verbalize your issues, concerns, and problems to another person without becoming harsh, critical, and just plain mean. I feel that the behaviour has reflected very badly on the event and through that the other designers, which is bad….because they don’t seem to have done anything wrong. But you know…you hear one bad thing about an event and it all goes to rot….so, as a leader one must always be sure to be fair, honest, kind, and understanding….because what you do and say reflects on those you represent. Private or public….once you became a leader, you must always be aware of how you represent yourself to others.

    P.S. I heard Plurk was evil!!! O.O

  9. I think when Cracked saw how upset people were, she should have known the laws of supply and demand.

    Like you, I only visit fameshed to see whats new. In five months, I’ve only purchased there twice. Every other time, I waited until the item was released at the store – and even then, it’s only been a few times I really wanted something from the event. I mostly browse to see whats new – that is, I treat Fameshed as an aggregate.

    And you know, one of those two items I bought there was a shoe for SLink feet. Oops.

  10. I just came across this article, I don’t plurk, I don’t care about the cool table of SL. I do however, give a dam about PRINCIPLE. Just looking at the big picture, Looking at the start, and ignoring all the petty B.S. – I don’t like how Cracked decided against including 3rd party items. That all I needed to know, fameshed lost me at that! Damm where would we all be if SL thought like CRACKED! No 3rd party content, shit we couldn’t even sign in on our 3rd party viewers. SO SUPER FAIL TO CRACKED FOR MISSING THE ENTIRE POINT OF SL!

  11. I am going to agree with Delilas. I rarely ever buy anything from Fameshed, as I find it to be a bit too pricey… Also… As an owner of SLink feet myself… I did like how it “seemed” Fameshed was coming around, and was delighted to see SLink shoes being sold there. I think you should leave it up to the consumer as to wether or not they want to purchase SLink feet. Hate to burst your bubble, but SLink feet are the new COOL in SL and they are not going to die off anytime soon. I can honestly say that I do not know anyone in SL who do not wear SLink feet and hands. Especially most us bloggers. I love that I have to do very little correcting around the ankle and wrist areas during edit. Saves me loads of time, which with 4 children IRL, I have very little of. As far as professionalism on plurk… I saw very little coming from both sides. That being said… I was absolutely appalled at the level of “cockyness” that was seen from Cracked Mirror. I use to be a fan. I’m not any longer. Will probably be a while before I buy from Cracked Mirror again. At least till the bad taste she left in my mouth subsides…

  12. Okay first. I like hucci. it is a label i know, since i registered in SL. I am totally in love with add-on’s for the slink feet. And yes slink feet are the best on the market! i wont discuss about this fact.

    second. Mrs. Mirror is really rude and overprotective about the brand. she banned me from the FLICKR GROUP and her land, after i posted ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! picture of my shoes in her group by an accident. So think about it and make your own decission. if you ask me, she isnt really ………

    Anyways. I really have to say, that i dislike C88. Why? Because as it started it was announced as ” everything only 88 L” and now you rarely find a 88 L item anymore. I mean come on. The designers decided to participate. and now they dont feel like ((L per sale would make up for the energy they invested in their products. SRSLY? Creators have to create their things only ONCE.
    Thats something, THAT ANNOYS me. XD

    Okay finished my ranting for now.

    1. Umm, I’ve never banned you nor anyone from my land or the Fameshed event EVER for personal reasons and only if they were copybotters or spammers at that. Please stop lying. I don’t even know what you’re talking about as far as removing you from my flickr group, that flickr account is a shared account btw.

      All you guys who complain you “never bought from Fameshed much anyways” that’s fine, but I mean whose the one being rude here? It’s as if your saying none of the stuff the creators made was ever good enough anyways. But that’s fine because many people in Fameshed make a decent income off of it and we don’t rely on you alone so obviously some people (a lot of people) like shopping at Fameshed. But what I’m trying to say is if you never or rarely shop at Fameshed then why are you acting all scandalized for? Why do you even care??

      Everyone else is entitled to their own opinion but 3rd party does not necessarily mean the same as you think it means in this case. Because by that logic then Fameshed should also allow templates as well. Those are, after all, 3rd party creations to…

    2. Also, god I just can’t with you.

      I’m not affiliated with C88 but it was never advertised as a “everything 88L” it was advertised as everything in 88L increments (i.e., 88L, 188L, 288L etc). Please get your facts straight. And you’re delusional if you think that designers don’t want to participate in C88 anymore because they don’t think it’s worth it. As far as I know many designers would still cut their toes off to be in it (and I know a lot of designers). Also, you’re crazy if you think you can get a high quality mesh item or skin or freakin bedroom set for 88L. SL would not have quality creators willing to invest time and efforts into their creations if they had people who thought like you because then we’d never make any money or income. Hello SL circa 2006!

      You are wrong, you blatantly lied and you don’t know how to get your facts straight, therefore, every point you have ever made in that comment is INVALID.

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