Freebie skins! Cheapie skins! Yay! :D

Heya peeps!

Today, I wanted to give you an overview of skins that are currently available for less than 100 Lindens. 🙂 Some of these are actual freebies, others are great cheapies. You certainly don#t want to miss out on these if your purse is somewhat empty or if you just want to equip your alt. Granted, some of these are so awesome, I’d totally put them onto Arica as well. 🙂

Here my current favorite freebie skins!

Freebie Skins ^1

To the left you see Essences’ Whisper Skin for The Dressing Room Fusion. Essences skins are very universial and while I wish the make ups were a little more subtle on her special skins, I quite like this one. If you wish to read a review on one of Inka Mexikola’s skins (her textures have not changed besides the face), feel free to read here. This skin only costs 70 Lindens!! As per usual, it comes with various browoptions, freckles, several blushlayers and more!

In the middle you see La Petite Morte’s Lindley skin which is offered by Voshie Paine at The FreeStyle Shop. That shop – it is awesome. So many awesome freebies and cheapies to be had there and besides a few low quality items a lot of the items you can get there (for example the top I am wearing on the picture) are high quality. The Lindley skin has strong make up and gives me a bit of an angry face, but that can easily be tweaked. Voshie herself proves in can look really cute, and it only costs 25 Lindens!!

At the right you can see my current fav! This skin is from one of Mother’s Goose’s Lucky Boards which change like every three minutes. Chances are, you’ll be able to pick this up relatively quickly. I love, love, love the soft look andthe sexy lips. 🙂 Very much a fan of this skin and unless you call waiting for your letter ‘payment’, it is totally free, too! Also, a teethversion is included. Milok Hermit not only offers this one, but a TON of other skins, though as far as I saw this is one of the few skisn with no funny make ups. Plus, he also offers a ton of dollarbies.

Freebie Skins 2

To the left: Nina Helix of Birdy/Alchemy has been amazing more and more skinaddicts lately. Her store just reopened at a very pretty location. There she now offers a very, very nice dollarbie as a groupgiftt (entryfee: 50 Lindens, VERY worth it) alongside with a cute little plushy and eyeliner. I very much like this skin called Brooke, even if I’d tweak my brows some to give my character a less pissed off look, hehe. 🙂 Another fav of mine for sure!

In the middle you see Hlin Bluebird’s gift for visitors of The Black Fair which is a special make up of one of her newest releases. Not exactly my style, but the quality of the skin is good, so I wanted to feature it here. Pay attention though: At Al Vulo’s stall, there is a little item (it did not rez properly for me) right after you enter,s lightly to the left, standing on the floor. That is the giftie. 🙂

To the right you can see Cashmere’s (by Gianni Broda) current offer for Fi*Friday. I got the palest tone. The skin only costs 55 Lindens which is one hell of a deal imho. A pity it only comes with darker brows, but I really dig the face and lips. I had never paid much attention to their skins before, so this one was very worth to give it a try. I like it!

Frebie Skins 3

On the left, Sopha Portal’s current freebie skin for My Ugly Dorothy is displayed which is currently available at the mainstore. Please ignore the lashes, for some reason I forgot to take them ooff in the beginning. Mesh lashes never seem to rez properly for me. I like this skin a lot, even if it is very pale. Soft brows and very very cute freckles. It comes with a teeth version, too! I’d definitely pay her store a visit and grab this before it might be gone! Meanwhile, take a look at her usual skins, too!

On the right side, you see Pink Fuel’s Alena skin for The FreeStyle Shop. I am really, really liking this skin. It comes with four eyebrow variants and the make up is subtle enough to be worn every day. Mochi Milena’s skin only costs 50 Lindens. If you know just HOW popular her skins are, you know this is a very awesome deal. Plus, if you want to know what I think about Pink Fuel’s bodytextures, feel free to read here!

What else am I wearing?

Hair: LeLutka, VENT Hair, Blonde Fun, Subscribo Gift (Throa Charron, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Umedama, Doll eyes, groupgift (Umetaro Mayo)
Lashes: Maitreya, VIP Groupgift (Onyx LeShelle)
Top: Sassy!, Casual Chic Top (Ivy Burner, Mesh!! @ FreeStyle!!)
Necklace: Miel, Uva Necklace, Subscribo Gift (Mika Nieuport, Mesh!!)

Hope you found something to your liking!

❤ Arica


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