We’ve come to far to give up who we are – NEW releases (Elikatira, Junbug, On A Lark)

Heya peeps!

So there, have been a couple of new releases this time around. One of my favorite stores for hair re-opened today and I am sort of happy! Sort of!

The Hair!

Elikapeda Tiramisu of Elikatira has been making us girls happy with her hair ever since 2007 I think, back the it was ETD. Then she worked for Fri.day and proceeded to open her own store, Elikatira, which she closed down a whole ago to open up again, TODAY! I pretty much stormed it once I heard about it. I must say, her hair has always been impeccably done, very pretty textures, good sculpt/meshwork and styles that for some reason always fit my head. Technically, I do not need even to demo it.

Yet again, her styles are supercute and very, very well executed. Nowadays, her hair comes in huge colorpacks with 18 (!) texture options to choose from. The colours are changed via an easy to use HUD. Of course, the Essential pack is still available as well. Sadly, the reds in the Essential pack are not the ones I need/want, so I have to stick to the reds pack. It’s a pity, because I used to do well with the Essential Packs, but with the new textures, the color range in the pack has changed and doesn’t suit me anymore. The price is 350 Lindens which is good for that many options.

However, despite my very obvious fangirly attitude towards Elikatira, I noticed a few let downs for me as well.

1. The demo only comes with one colour. I’d really love to see the other colours, too. Especially blacks and reds tend to very, very tricky.
2. 18 options per package are nice, but I’d personally rather pay less and have less otpions. After all, I really only will use 1-2 colours of those anyways.
3. Many of the reds have a very pinkish undertone. It was hard to find a red for me which was truly red. BUT: The hair is tintable! Yay!
4. Some of the styles look VERY familiar. I wish she had offered more stuff that feels truly new.

However, despite my concerns, I already bought three styles there. The quality after all is just very, very good.


The corset!

Juno Mantel of Junbug gave up, she is tired of listening to my whining and bitching about her gown not being mix and matchable. And tadaaaa! Now she released the corset with the blouse separately from her last released gown. ๐Ÿ˜€ I am so happy! The corset is very welldone even if I wish the highlights were a little less bright. I love it! It is easy to combine with other pieces and fits very well. The texture is cute, too, as well as the attention to detail. I love the lacings. ๐Ÿ™‚ The fatpack will be 650 Lindens for 9 colours, which is one hell of a deal imho! A single colour costs 295 Lindens, which is a very good price as well. Check these out. ๐Ÿ™‚

The vest!

I love vests. You can combine them with just about anything. When I saw PewPew Zero’s Post about a release from Discovering Destiny of On a Lark that included a little vest I went there and was all the happier when I saw just how many choices of colours you have. It comes with a whole outfit called Blayze and costs 250 Lindens. Skirt and vest are mesh, then there is a necklace, a layered undershirt and more. I am not usually a huge fan of OAL, but this little vest really did it for me and I quickly picked it up. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I have one more little item added to my collection plus a new skirt. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here is my today’s outfit:

Hair: Elikatira, Allie, Cherry (Elikapeda Tiramisu, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Horns: Auxiliary, Oblivions Horns, Rare!! (Tyr Rozenblum, Mesh!!)
Vest: On A Lark, Blayze Outfit (Discovering Destiny, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Corset /w blouse: Junbug, Mayfly Corset Top, brown (Juno Mantel, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Skirt: Ecelectic Apparel, Anna Skirt (Eclectic Wingtips, Mesh!!)
Pants: Zenith Fashion, Draped Trousers, Choco (Miffyhoi Rosca)
Boots: Lassitude&Ennui, Embroidered Boots, Red/gold (tinted) (Jackal Ennui, Mesh!!)
Armor: Innocuous, Shell Outer Armour, garnet) (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Harness: The Forge, Chest Harness female (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Mask: Yasum Designs, Face Armor (Azlyn Vaher, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Necklace: Manna, Elenween Necklace I (Manna Yoshikawa)
Crown: GSpot, Suncrown Rose (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Gacha!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry, Eldar bow, black/gold(Deccan Arida, NEW!! Mesh!!)
Dagger: LR Weapons, Pirate Dagger (Larion Rhode/Allia Lane)
Poses: Label.motion, Berry Poses (Anne Dakun)

Location: City of Dust (Gorean Role-Play, currently CLOSED for Rebuild!), City of Dust

So, City of Dust, home of the Myrmidons (or at least it used to be) is being rebuilt by Yasay Resident and Cloey Scorfield. I really like this build, it is much prettier than most GE sims and not flat! It is rather obviously not made for large raids. It has NPCs, lots of attention to details and clues that can be picked up for role-play. There are clear sections yet at the same time the layout is confusing enough to get lost in it. It has a very realistic feeling to it for a gorean sim. Pretty textures, too! I am in especially in love with the red rooves, those are so, so nice! I truly hope that whatever group will be there will be actually role-playing instead of simply honoring the three Rs of Stupidity: Raid, Rape, Release. This sim and its environment certainly deserves much better than that. ๐Ÿ™‚