The results of…

…a long session in Photoshop and a ton of noob questions from my side to Sienia Trevellion, who was kind enough to help me. I really like this picture enough to blog it, sorry! And funny thing is, what took me hours and a BIG headache to figure out with a very patient teacher in my IMs, is probably the most mundane, easy thing ever, yet it already boggled my mind. I wonder why, I tend to be pretty techy, but Photoshop scares me!! Thank you, Sienia, for a ton of time and screenshots. 🙂

I will crawl into my bed now and tell myself that this pic is really super crazy processed. Uh huh. 😀



2 thoughts on “The results of…

  1. Your photo looks awesome! Doesn’t it feel great after all those long hours of work?? 😉
    I use both PS and Corel Photo (paint shop pro user from wayyyy back) I’m still a PS newb also. Keep up the great work

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