Birdy’s Ingrid for The Chapter Four! – A Review! :)

Heya peeps!

Nina Helix of Birdy is rather close to releasing her newest skin Ingrid! BUT! You can already snatch up a preview of the skin at the upcoming round of The Chapter Four, for only 99 Lindens! The skin comes in the skintone PURE and in six different make up versions. Each package contains 4 browoption plus one BARE option as well as three different kinds of teints for all browoptions, which means you get 5×3=15 skins for 99 Lindens! The skinappliers are available as a group dollabie at Birdy’s mainstore. Honestly? For 99 Lindens (+ 1 Lindens for appliers, Lola appliers are avaiulable too, to my knowledge) sounds like one hell of a deal to me. Her skins are completely selfmade and not based upon any templates.

WARNING: I have no idea why my ears seem so dark. They matched perfectly on my screen where it matters, but uhhh. Meh.

The General Impression!

Birdy strikes me as a very high quality brand, which is why I applied for their bloggers’ group to begin with. She isn’t superfast with releases and that is often a good sign. Plus, the faces of Birdy have a VERY unique touch, and special, too. I was surprised I did NOT have to tweak my shape for this, because usually I do have to do that for Birdy skins. They really have very special features, so be sure to demo the skins! I think one of Birdy’s trademarks are her brows and the slight glow on her cheeks and I know people LOVE them. Being so unique however makes it harder to mix and match her skins with skins from other designers, so beware! I think the fact that they are 100% handdrawn adds to this impression.

I like the skintone in general, even though, despite completely neutral light, I think it has a sliiight tendency towards red. But not enough that it would bother me. I do think the shading on the ribcage (look below the bikini) looks a wee bit off, but I cannot quite place my finger on the reason for that impression.


The Make Ups!

I love these make up versions. Starry is not exactly my kind of style but I can appreciate that the make up is very well done. My personal favourite however are Scarlet, Natural and Cruel Intentions. These three are really, really hot! Those lips are just really, really welldone imho and look super sexy. I really hope one day Birdy will release her actual lips (pure tone!) on layers. Please? 🙂

The Brows!

This skin by Birdy as brows that are not as thick as her other skins, plus they appear a lot more groomed. I love that a bare option has been added so you can wear your own brows if you don’t like any of these. I am especially happy with the blonde and brown ones, they seem soft and very natural. I like the tones…besides the red. Again, it is a ginger. Okay, ginger IS the natural red, so I guess I cannot blame Nina. However I really wish people would add  truly red brows, too!

Ingrid Brows

The Teints!

Ingrid comes in three different teints/versions of highlights on the face. My personal favourite one is definitely Matte, because I think Dew is a bit too dark around the nose and TCF is just VERY bright. On the picture you see’Dew on top, then Matte and then TCF. I do like the subtle glow on the cheeks on Dew, however I believe Matte looks the most natural. I do think that is becomes visible on the faces that these skins are handdrawn, because they do not appear as smooth/utterly flawless as others.


The body!

The body of Birdy skins scores with gentle highlights/shading on the breasts. I really am not a big fan of boobs that are overly highlighted. The spine-area imho is a little strong but I know a lot of people love it. Hipbones! I love the subtle hint of hipbones as well as the whole stomach area! Plus, I couldn’t detect any seams of doom like on certain other skins that I blogged previously, which to me shows that she put a lot of work into this. 🙂 I do think however that the highlights on the legs are a little too bright, at least for my tastes and especially because the arms are not as brightly highlighted.


The summary!

With a Birdy skin you really cannot do much wrong unless you totally do not like her style. The skins are selfmade and thus very unique on the grid. You might have to adjust your shape, yes, but I suppose it could be very much worth it. One of the few let downs of such uniqueness is not being able to mix and match with other skins as easily. But honestly? For only 99 Lindens this is an instant grab for me anyways, and you shouldn’t forget to check out The Birdy Mainstore as well. 🙂

❤ Arica

What I am wearing:

Hair:Elikatira, Jennie, Redheads (copper) (Elikapeda Tiramisu, NEW!! Mesh!!)/Truth, Candy (Truth Hawks, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Feet: Slink, flat feet, M (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bikini: Not available anymore.
Poses: label.motion, Marta set (Anne Dakun, NEW!! @ TDR Fusion!!)


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