But my hands have been broken one to many times (Releases from EZ Weaponry, Truth and Monso!!)

Heya peeps!

A couple of new items on the horizon once again! So lets have a look at the new stuff now. ๐Ÿ™‚

The sword!

Okay, my character does not usually carry swords and this one is especially huge. I did not resize it in order to really have it be an eyecatcher in these pictures. Deccan Arida of The Forge/EZ Weaponry once again has come up with an awesome design. THis sword has imho amazing details and textures that are truly breathtaking. It looks rustic and used, which I love. I am showing the bronze version here. It does come in a golden version as well which looks a lot fancier than this one, but doesn’t fit this character as much. Look at those details on the blade and sheath. I really enjoy Deccan’s sense for patterns and colors. Often the…um…ahhh…the thing that prevents your hand from slipping onto the blade accidentally (I do not even know that word in german D= ) is a bit of an eyesore on many swords I have seen, but in this case, the style really is to my liking. ๐Ÿ™‚ Welldone once again!!!


The hair!

Girls, I am aware I have said it already but I am in love with Truth Hair. Truth Hawks’ tones are some of the best in my book. Plus, his styles ALWAYS fit my head. I have no idea why, but they do. They are soft and well-varied. The style shown is called Renata and is a new release. It is a very soft, long style that has a very feminine, girly look about it. And now…drumrolls…I am so happy with this: It comes with a HUD. Right. You won’t litter your inventory anymore with a gazillion of items, nope. You get ONE hair plus the colourpack you chose in a HUD. I love it! But I wish the HUD would display names or numbers for the colours, it would make it much easier to tell which one I am wearing. So now, I will just count from right to left, row per row. More new hair from Truth to be blogged soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

The legwarmers!

Monso is a still somewhat smallish store which I first discovered through Gogo’s blog. Their items are extremely welldone. I love these legwarmers due to their soft, natural looking texture and the super, super awesome natural way they are shapes. The wrinkles and folds just lookย  so very real to me. They are currenly available within a colour-package at The Season Story Event, which is most definitely worth a visit for every role-player out there. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hair: Truth, Renata, Reds04 (HUD) (Truth Hawks, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Bolero: Innocuous, Cassiopeia Bolero, brown (Circuitous Resident, Mesh!!)
Blouse: Gizza, Folded Blouse, Cotton Green (Giz Seorn, Mesh!!)
Top: Miel, Playa Top (Mika Nieuport, Mesh!!)
Undershirt: Nemesis, Fighter Bodysuit, coffee (Calypso Clip)
Skirt: The Plastik, Verity Skirt, Decay (Aikea Rieko, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Pants: Ison (Harry Hyx)
Legwarmers: Monso (Morphine Janick, Mesh!! NEW!! @ The Season Story!!)
Shoes: Attic, Navajo Moccasins, brown (Citta Wiskee, Mesh!! NEW!! @ The Chapter Four!!)
Gloves: Kei’s Spot, Kei’s Leora Outfit, brown (Keiko Zoon, Mesh!!)
Belt: Mabinogion, Medieval Belt, brown (Airedine Poe, Mesh!!)
Chestbelt: The Forge, female Harness (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Bag: JPK Village Store, Leg pouch, brown (hekirekika Jinn, Thank you, Cathe Thor, for telling me!)
Ring: MG, Tiger Lily Ring, gold (Maxi Gossamer, Mesh!!)
Necklace: Yummy!, Tiny Acorn Necklace, gold (Polyester Partridge, NEW!! Mesh!! @ Collabor88!!)
Crown: Keystone, Aureus Regius, gold (Aymee Monk, Mesh!! New!!)
Headpiece: GSpot, Ghaaliya’s Hairnet, gold, RARE (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Coming Soon!!)
Bracelet: Kahli Designs, Arm Torc, gold (Kahli Designs Resident/Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!! 50L @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Sword: EZ Weaponry, Wrath’s Conviction, Bronze (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Poses: Label.motion, Wiza Set (Anne Dakun), Kirin Poses, Autumn Breeze Pack (Carolina Sautereau @ The Season Story!!)

Location: Port Lydius (Gorean Role-Play), Corona Wild



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