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Heya peeps!

Do you know that feeling when you are just unhappy with every damn outfit you wear? No matter how cool the items are, somehow it totally doesn’t work out. Today is one of these days. NOW I am happy, but it took me for-ev-er.

I was really happy to see so much supportive feedback from both respected bloggers and designers alike on my last post about bloggers asking for review copies all the time. It shows that I am certainly not the only one feeling that way and maybe it gives those who constantly do it the hint they needed.

The bunny!

Anya Ohmai of Ohmai! is known to not really have a mainstore, but to participate in some of the most reputable events around pretty regularly, so whenever I know she is scheduled for one, I really wait anxiously for her release. And she has never once failed me so far. The cuteness she produces is pretty much perfection, I cannot find fault with her little items. It started with bunnies and hamsters and she continued her great work together with her sister, Suetabulous Yootz of Beetlebones who I features on my blog before already. Look at this incredibly cute bunny! It is currently available at the Designers United Event and is really cheap. I forgot the price, but yes, it is very affordable. It comes with this holding pose, or you can attach it to your head. It also comes with a cute package of icecream which you can rez or wear as well! I am in love with this one, especially since my elf has a thing for cute little critters. 🙂 The fur and shape is just perfectly done and you can spy an Ohmai!-product from miles away. It’s no different in this case. 🙂


The facechains!

Aymee Monk of Keystone has been hanging out with Deccan Arida a while ago, I saw it! And…that generally is a good sign, haha! Look at the facechains I wear in this picture! I know Aymee only relatively recently has truly gotten into working with mesh objects and I already saw some really nice results. The tiny details on these facechains are really to my liking and they will come in a myriad of variations. I personally liked this one best. The goldtone is a really warm one which I usually prefer over greenish and cold seeming goldtones that often are very common among jewelry designers. I’ll certainly keep an eye on this one. ;D

I am so glad I actually DID pay attention to the hair called Rocky in the blogging folder. :O I Thought it was a guy’s style!!!

Hair: Truth, Rocky, Reds04 (HUD) (Truth Hawks, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard Tropical Brights, Lemon Sea (Josh Figgis, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Dress: Avale, Selenna Dress, brandy (Amara Myoo, Mesh!!)
Pants: Caverna OBsucra, Part of Ascalon Ranger Outfit (Elvina Ewing)
Legwarmers: Monso (Morphine Janick, Mesh!! NEW!! @ The Season Story!!)
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni Boots, chestnut (Onyx LeShelle, Mesh!!)
Armwarmers: Drift, Cozy armwarmers unisex, chocolate (Kallisto Destiny, Mesh!!)
Harness: Soedara, Here comes wicked, earth (Marbella Pronovost, Mesh!!)
Belt: LeLutka, Anna belt, true B (Thora Charron)
Pauldrons: GSpot, Odessa’s armor, bright copper (tinted) (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!!)
Necklace (short): The Forge, Evelyn’s Necklace, gold (Deccan Arida, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Necklace (long) May’s Soul, Gold Chain Necklace (May Tolsen, Mesh!!)
Bracelet (right): Tea S., Claw Cuff bracelet, gold (Tea Soup, mesh!!)
Bracelet (left):Kahli Designs, Arm Torc, gold (Kahli Designs Resident/Viland Resident, Mesh!! NEW!! 50L @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Ring: me. Jewelry, Power on Ring, gold (Siane Kanya @ Fashion United Event!!)
Headpiece: Glow Studio, Feathers Headdress, from the ocean (Jocelyn Anatine, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Designers United!!)
Facechains: Keystone, Catena Corona, Style 3 gold RARE (Aymee Monk, Mesh!!)
Bunny: Ohmai!, Usagi Mochi Bunny, pet version (Anya Ohmai, Mesh!! NEW!! @ Designers United!!)
Bow: EZ Weaponry, Eldar Bow, gold (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Blowdart: EZ Weaponry, Irdu Blowdart (Deccan Arida, Mesh!!)
Poses: Pretense Poses, Valere Set (Gidge Uriza, NEW!!)

Location: Alirium (Store Location), Alirium



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  1. Must have the bunny. And, I got some items from Keystone from the last Fantasy Gacha. Is it a new store? I loved the collars.

  2. I’m the slowest creator in the existence of creators. I’m working on getting my store open. I will make it one day! D:

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