Rebranding: GSpot –_> Enfant Terrible, Handverk —-> ieQED! Check this out!

Hey guys!

An announcement today! No, actually, two!

GSpot becomes Enfant Terrible!

Jalilah Jewell of GSpot is rebranding her store. The new name is Enfant Terrible which I personally LOVE. It sounds a lot less ambigious than GSpot and allows her to strive away from the ‘gorean only’ store to become recognized as a creator by a greater public. She has built her own meshstore and I think the choice of colours she made for this one is great. Here is a preview:



Here is a video Jalilah made of her first items:

This is the new store logo. I think she really did choose well with this one, I love, love, love the combinations of colours!

Enfant Terrible

Check out her new Flickr as well! You can find it here: Enfant Terrible There is also more info on there.

Handverk becomes ieQED!

I already mentioned that Daphne Klossovsky rebranded her store Handverk to ieQED and some of the first items released under her new brand are the awesome pauldrons at WE LOVE ROLEPLAY, displayed here:


You can find her new store at this location: TAXI to ieQED.

Here is ieQED’s new Flickr, go check it out: ieQED Flickr

So, don’t forget to check out their awesome new stores!!! 🙂 I am really excited for all the new upcoming items already. 🙂


❤ Arica




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