I am sick of dancing with the beast – News from The Fantasy Collective, Exile and more!! :)

Heya guys!

I stormed Shoetopia and got quite a few nice additions there. These boots are an example of my recent additions, prepare for more to be displayed here. 🙂 If anything, Shoetopia proved so many people who’ve said it before to be right: SLINK add-ons are the way to go for shoe designers. I personally see no reason anymore to buy heels or shoes that contain a meshfoot, simply because SLINK add-ons:
– will always match my skin 100%, not just 95%.
– are always cheaper than the often very expensive shoes that contain a meshfoot
– are MUCH less of a hassle to deal with, you get your foot applier once and are done. No lame tinting, clicking and whatever.
– are now available in so many different heights and styles, that you really don’t have to feel as if you miss out anymore.

There is but two reasons for me anymore left to shop at stores that do not offer add-ons:

1. Truly unique styles that are not available elsewhere
2. The feet sometimes simply look better than the SLINK feet.

So well, I am definitely looking forward to more SLINK add-ons to come and more event sinvolving them hopefully! 🙂

But, lets have a look at the outfit!


The pants!

The pants displayed are offered at the current Collabor88 by House of Fox. The designer Fashionboi Landar is known for her really welldone meshitems and I guess the name is wellknown among those who frequent events such as C88, Fameshed etc. The mesh is original, which I already like. The pants have a nice, rough looking leather texture. I really like the look of that seam on the legs. luckily, there is no visible zipper and also, I noticed these pants do fit with quite a few meshboots I own and also go well with a multitude of tops that I tend to wear a lot. So that’s a big plus in my book. 🙂 Layering is important! However, there is a downside as well, and it is something I noticed with a  couple of her items (which didn’t realy prevent me from buying them though!): The pants got a bit of a ponyrider effect. The gap is quite visible and while the bum is ROUND (and I I like the shading on it a lot!), the legs looks skinny. To fit these into boots, I gotta wear size S,a nd these legs are skinnier than what my elf usually has. Not awfully skinny at all, but I wish the gap was less prevalent and the thighs/lower legs generally a little thicker. But that’s certainly a matter of preference, too. I just always wonder why a bum would be big with no legs to support it. 😛

The boots!

As I mentioned before, these boots by Ryvolter, Sanya Bilavio’s brand,  are the result of my little shopping spree at Shoetopia. I instantly wanted them. The texture is really welldone and I like the general shape of them, PLUS: They are neither wedges (everyone is making wedges this year) nor have they obvious heels! They can pass as flat boots, yay! However, once I looked at the price, I swallowed really, really hard. 850 Lindens for non-rigged boots that have a design that is otherwise available since quite soem time for cheaper at a different store, just a little less detailed and with less options. Hmm. 850 Lindens is  a VERY steep price for boots that are not even rigged. They do come witha  HUD with which youc an customize the various parts (straps and such), which I adore. But honestly, if it wasn’t for the store, Ryvolter, and it’s known good quality, I would not have bought them, pretty or not. I do wish they were a little roudner at the front, but honestly? These textures are awesome and in my personal case, the fact that these shoes are not rigged actually HELPS! because it means I can fit them to my leg and don’t have to hope one of the sizes fits me. 🙂 So, yes. I paid 850 Lindens, wish they were cheaper so I could have grabbed more of them without feeling so guilty, and now I wear and like them. 🙂

Hair: Exile, Run To You, dark reds (Kavaer Cleanslate, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Ears: Illusions, Drow Ears (Siyu Suen, Mesh!!)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie, Mesh!! NEW! @ Cosmetic Fair!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Spots: Grendel’s Children, Spots Tattoo, tinted (Flea Bussy)
Blouse: Kei-Spot, Tharlarion Rider Tunic, green (Keiko  Zoon, Mesh!! NEW!!)
Vest: Legal Insanity, Sonnet Fur Gilet, honey (Datrip Blackbart, Mesh!!)
Sleeves: Cashmere, Fur Sleeves, sienna (Gianni Broda, Mesh!!)
Undershirt: League, Suede Dress, brown (Nena Janus)
Cloak: Fateplay, Kollo Cloak female, woods (Damien Fate, Mesh!!)
Pants: House of Fox, Leather Pants, taupe (Fashionboi landar, mesh!! NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Boots: Ryvolter, Maia Shark Boots, brown (Sanya Bilavio, Mesh!! NEW @ Shoetopia!!)
Gloves: Coco Designs, Leather Gloves, brown (Cocoro Lemon, Mesh!!)
Belt: Mabinogion, Medieval Belt, red (Airedine Poe, Mesh!!)
Crown: Junbug, Wild Thing Bead Band, gold rare (Juno Mental, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Headpiece: The Library, Titania’s Headdress, gold/green rare (Augurer Resident, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Neckwrap: ieQED, Twig Berries Necklace, bark (Sigifaust Resident, Mesh!! SOON @ The Fantasy Collective!!)
Necklace: GSpot, Mari’s Necklace, gold, common (Jalilah Jewell, Mesh!! Gacha @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Earrings: Sense-able Fashions, Dragonfly earrings, copper (Lysa Helendale, Mesh!!)
Pauldrons: ieQED, Dragon Pauldron, black/gold (Daphne Klossovsky/Sigifaust Resident, Mesh!! NEW @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Crossbow: Eclipse Design, Dire Outfit (Bryce Randt, Mesh!!)
Pouch: Velvet Whip, Moss Essence Outfit (Reeva Hax)
Poses: Pretense Poses, Rubric Set (Gidge Uriza, NEW!!)

Location: Vespertine (Store Location), Pure Dreams