All ends with beginnings – Happy New Year 2014!!

Hey guys!

A different greeting and a modern post! 😉 Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you all spent your night well. I kept this outfit simple on purpose. It was the first time ever that I didn’t go out last night and it was a strange feeling. We just recently moved to a huge city and I know very few people here, work kept me busy the past month. All friends live quite far away right now and well, my bf and I were too dumb to go buy the tickets for a certain club on time. So, for the first time ever, I was spending actual time in a club in SL with some friends. (*waves to Sienia and Sigi*). I was at Elysion by Syn Beresford and I must sa,y the entry fee was worth it. What a pretty setting!

So now, lets have a look!


The dress!

The dress is currently available at FaMeshed and an item by Sissy Pessoa for her brand Baiastice. I have one odd habit in SL when wearing modern clothes: I don’t want to wear stuff that I wouldn’t wear/be able to wear in RL. This dress is perfect. I love it, because it is elegant, yet simple, with a bit of a fancy detail with the larger ‘ruffles’ on the side. I like halterless tops in rl, too, and even more so in SL (because here my boobies won’t accicentally plop out!). The texture is glamorous and I really enjoy this colour specifically. The coolest part though is that it is a two piece set: The top and a skirt. You can wear both separately or as a dress, the alpha layer options are adjusted accoridngly. 🙂 very cool idea with a very elegant design!

The hair!

Eaters Coma by Kumii Yoshikawa released this hair just recently. And man, I am usually a wee but aversed to really HIGH ponytails because they can easily make you look like a bimbo. But, I loved this one for some reason, maybe because of the loose strands. I just really, realyl wish Kumii would offer some actual reds for her hairs. These colours called mauve are nice, but not really as red as I’d like them to be, plus the textures are very welldone, but could look a little less dry? The style however is awesome in my book. I like the soft strands and the slight curl to them. It looks natural how they fall down besides the face and over the shoulder. But, please add some sizes for Lola Boobs, too? That would be awesome! 🙂

Hair: Eaters Coma, Style 45, light mauve (Kumii Yoshikawa, NEW!!)
Ears: Slink, Sachara Elf Ears, pointy (Siddean Munro)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro)
Feet: Slink, Medium feet (Siddean Munro)
Dress: Baiastice, Kitrsy Skirt and Kirsty Top, midnight (Sissy Pessoa, NEW @ FaMeshed!!)
Shoes: Boom, Posey Pumps, cherry (Aranel Ah)
Necklace: Modern Couture, Peacock Necklace, gold (Donatela Couturier, NEW @ Kustom9!!)
Headpiece: Keystone, Lynthia’s jewels, bronze/gold, common (Aymee Monk, NEW @ Oh My Gacha!!)
Poses: Miamai, various sets (YeahYeah) (Mavi Beck)

Location: Elysion (Event Location), Les Reves