Nulla ha più senso te si vive solo per sè – News from D!va, Fashionably Dead and The Secret Store!!

Heya peeps!

School started again and I have 90 exams on my table that need correcting. Yay! So exciting…not. But I am not gonna complain because honestly, the happiness I feel when actually standing in front of my students outweighs this crapload of lameass work by far! But it also mean I#ll be pretty busy. I am also working on the new set up for WE LOVE RP and am soooo excited. 🙂

So instead of learning more about Arica’s motivations for teaching, lets have a look at what my avatar is wearing today. 😛 The Season’s Story and Collabor88 both started and I am gonna feature some items from those events in this and the following post.

The hair!

D!va by Marisa Kira is a store that is pretty much a regular at Collabor88. This time, she released FOUR different styles and this one is one of my favourite styles that she has at C88. It is super cute and soft looking imho and I LOVE those thin, wispy strands that dangle in front and around the face. It gives this style such a natural because often times the styles in SL just look TOO styled for my taste. With all these little loose strands, it could very well be an everyday style. I really hope one day Marisa will start to offer different tones of a certain colour, for example a whole package of reds or blondes instead of just one single one. Call me crazy, but I’d like some subtle flexi parts.


The top!

The Secret Store by Maylee Oh is a store I discovered years ago when she still made layer/sculpted clothes and even back then I was amazed. Maylee is a friend of Tee*fy’s Azure Electricteeth and is on the same sim and the connection shows in her designs, though generally speaking, Tee*fy is a little sexier. But her items are usually very, very wellmade and this blouse is, too. It is currently available at Collabor88 as well and comes both in a tucked version and a long version and in several tones. I LOVE the tucked version, it fits so very well with so many of my dresses. Maylee’s textures are never disappointing and this one is truly welldone as well. I like the detail with the bow though I wish there was a version without it as well.


The stole!

This stole by Fashionably Dead (Toast Bard) is yet another item I found at Collabor88 and I got it in two colours right away. Loving the softness of the look and the little foxhead. 😀 It looks super cuddly. However, with items such as this one I always think it is important to be able to fit them perfectly to your avatar. I am not exactly sure what the difference is (I think it is a matter of linking?) but some items can be resized only with the white ‘boxes’ and with some items you can adjust them just perfectly with the red/green/blue ‘boxes’. I muchly prefer the latter because it allows me to just tweak them -exactly- to what I need without resizing the entire actual item. Still though, given the special price for C88, this item is super cute and a good addition to many, many outfits. 🙂

Hair: D!va, Locuala, garnet (Marisa Kira, NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Ears: Slink, Sachara Elf Ears, pointy (Siddean Munro)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro)
Vest: On A Lark, Blayze Outfit, aqua (Discovering Destiny)
Blouse: The Secret Store, Mary Pleated Shirt, camel (Maylee Oh, NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Skirt: Tee*fy, Edela Buttoned Skirt, chocolate (Azure Electricteeth)
Pants: Sur+, Amalfi Pants, mud (Sienia Trevellion)
Boots: Coco Designs, Knee Booots, dark brown (Cocoro Lemon)
Cloak: PFC, Elven loak, woodlands (Pucca Firecaster)
Sleeves: Stitched, Caecilia Sleeves, red (Adele Bumblefoot)
Wrap: Fashionably Dead, Fuzzy Wrap, light brown (Toast Bard, NEW @ Collabor 88)
Stole: Fishy Strawberry, Faux Fur Stole, brown (Fae Eriksen)
Crown: Luminary, Hermione Crown, gold (Augurer Resident, PREVIEW!! Gacha!!)
Necklace: Fashionably Dead, Teardrop Gem Necklace, emerald (Toast bard, NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Legpouch: Death Row Designs, Middleages Legpouch, RARE (Jaimy Hancroft, Gacha!!)
Crossbow: Eclipse Development, Dire Outfit (Bryce Randt)
Bow: PFC, Black Sorrow Bow, natural (Pucca Firecaster)
Poses: Marukin, Passion Set (Valencia Southard), Kirin Poses, Rumi Pack (Carolina Sautereau) NEW @ Collabor88!!

Location: Harrowdale (Forgotten Realms RP), The Dalelands



2 thoughts on “Nulla ha più senso te si vive solo per sè – News from D!va, Fashionably Dead and The Secret Store!!

  1. I’m either missing it or you stopped crediting the skin in your last posts.
    I assume you got a blogger’s preview? Can’t you tease us with the creator’s name and that it is going to be released….

    1. I actually never credit my skin because it isn’t available in the way you see it. I only credit skins when I am wearing them in the way they are sold (aka not a masisve amount of layers) or when I am reviewing them. There’s no point in crediting layers and skins that aren’t available to customers. 😛

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