Love shall tear us apart – New hairs on the grid, Severed Garden, Ryvolter and more! :)

Heya peeps!

Hair-attack! SO many awesome new hairs have been released lately, it is really crazy. So in this post, I am featuring three of my current all time favs. :O

The top!

Berta Avro of Severed Garden just recently released the outfit of which this top is a part. I really, really enjoy the design of it. While it does have a bit of a “metal-bikini-armor”-flair to it, I think if you combine it well it can pimo your outfit quite sucessfully and give it a nice detail. 🙂 You can either display or hide the undertop through a HUD which also allows you to give the top various texture options. I do like these textures a LOT! It is the fiercest looking version that I could find and imho all the small details are really enhancing it. I also like the straps! However…the belt around the ribcage is very hard to fit. I’d have to wear size L to make it fit perfectly and my avi is tiny, but size M apparently is made for anorexic waists. 😦 I think it would have to be adjusted some for a more natural look. Overall though I really enjoy this item with the many options that it offers. 🙂


The bunny!

O M G! This is purest cuteness! Nina Helix of Birdy released this cute bunny, which is ONE colour and ONE animal out of a lot of versions, as a gacha for The Chapter Four. This is a really, really cute idea imho. They come with kitties, bunnies, a corgi, a pug and a sloth!! The texture of the pocket can be adapted to your clothes and since it is a pocket, you can pretend it was stitched upon it and it doesn’t have to match 100%. 😀 Nina has been making a LOT of pets lately (and now works together with Tyr Rozenblum under her brand Alchemy on a whole collection of pets and animals in general!) and she really, really does have an eye for textures and extremely cute faces. I love it. 🙂 Though sometimes I -personally- wish to find some more realistic looking pets on the grid too.

The alltime favs!

You likely noticed there are some items I keep using again and again. I know, bla bla, bloggers should only blog new items but I don’t believe in that, especially not for outfits such as the ones I blog. Here a list of my alltime favs in this pic:

Belt by Ingenue. Why? Super easy to resize, comes as rigged/unrigged mesh and various colours, is a waist belt and can be used easily to cover uo glitches. SO flexible in its use!

Legwarmers by Monso. Why? Because while hard to fit them with many boots (especially rigged ones), these make the perfect winter additions for warm legs when you wear a skirt. 🙂

Armwarmers by Yasum Designs. Why? See above. Same reason and I love the texture!

Underlayershit by Nemesis. Why? Because layers like this one can change a Sailormoon Outfit into a badass one!

Legpouch by Death Row Designs. Why? Because I LOVE legpouches in RP. Chicks gotta carry all the little stuff SOMEWHERE! 🙂

Crossbow by Eclipse. Why? Well, badass is badass. 😛

Do YOU have all time favorites that you combine with many of your fav outfits?

Hair 1: Truth, Coral 2, reds (Truth Hawks, NEW!!)
Hair 2: LeLutka, Travail, jessica (Thora Charron)
Hair 3: Milk/DRD, Willow, amber (Kattington Resident/Jaimy Hancroft, NEW!!)
Ears: Mandala, Elf Ears, fantasy (Kikunosuke Eel, NEW!!)
Eyes: Adored, Unreal Eyes, iced (Constance Daehlie, Mesh!!)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel , Mesh!!)
Hands: Slink, elegant (Siddean Munro, Mesh!!)
Cape: Katat0nik, Wishy Woman Cape, cinnamon (Katat0nik Pidgeon)
Top: Severed Garden, Isa outfit (Berta Avro, NEW!!)
Undershirt: unavailable
Skirt: Ryvolter, Irina Flare Mini, grey (Inna Bilavio, NEW!!)
Legwarmers: Monso, My Legwarmers, brown (Morphine Janick)
Armwarmers: Yasum Design, Arm Rap, gacha (Azlyn Vaher, Gacha!!)
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni XTD Leather, bronze (Onyx leShelle)
Headpiece: The Library, Skadi Headdress, fall, rare (DeamFantasia Nightfire, Preview!! Gacha!!)
Armor: The Forge, Eldar Armor, wood (Deccan Arida)
Belt 1: Ingenue, Bertille Belt, moss (Betty Doyle)
Belt 2: Sax Shepherd Designs, Gatcha Fae Belt, iron (Sax Shepherd, Gacha!!)
Bracers: The Forge, Viking bracers, leather (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)
Bunny: Birdy, Pocket Pet, brown bunny (Nina Helix, Gacha!! @ The Chapter Four!!)
Legpouch: Death Row Designs, Middleages Legpouch, RARE (Jaimy Hancroft)
Crossbow: Eclipse Development, Dire Outfit (Bryce Randt)
Bow: PFC, Black Sorrow Bow, natural (Pucca Firecaster)
Poses: Marukin, Passion Set (Valencia Southard, @ Collabor88!!)