Charity celebrity Auction for Feed A Smile by Mad Pea Productions

Hey guys,

I am posting this after Jaimy Hancroft of Death Row Designs approached me about it because I think it serves a good cause. MadPea Productions is holding an auctions where SL Celebrities (hmmm….) auction themselves off for a good cause. All proceeds of this auction go to the Feed A Smile Project, which aims to help children in some of Kenya’s most deprived communities.

It is their goal to raise at least 1,200,000 Lindens, which would be enough money to feed 400 children for one month! Take your TAXI HERE to go there and bid on people in order to support them!

I think this is a goal that deserves supporting. You’ll find many truly wellknown people up for auction, such as Jaimy Hancroft, Strawberry Singh, Bryn Oh, Kehl Razor, Aikea Rieko, Kattington, Ziki Questi, Barnhard Drax and many others. Each of those people can be ‘bought’ individually and offer you some sort of special service which is presented in a notecard. You receive the notecard by clickng on the pictures on their respective boards.

The Mad Pea Blog contains some useful info:

Mad Pea Blog

For more visual information have a look at this video:

This blog has some adidtional information for you as well:

Virtual Outworlding

So, take your Lindens and go have a look at this auction and maybe meet someone you always wanted to get to know in SL! 🙂 Thanks go out to Kiana Writer, Jaimy Hancroft, Bernhard Drax, Bobbi Bashir and Fugazi Rubanis.

❤ Arica