Lets peek at skins! – Skin Fair Preview

Hi guys!

Skin Fair 2014 is starting soon, in three days to be precise (March 14th), and I already did pick a few skins that I really adore this round. Surely there are more, but these are the ones that I liked right away!

I already noticed a general trend this round (well, noticed this before but it has become increasingly obvious: Ever since Nina Helix of Birdy has been super successful with her skins, a LOT of other designers took on her rather unique ways of highlighting the face and giving the cheeks and nose a dewy look. On the one hand, it is an understandable and valid phenomenon, on the other hand, I wish not so MANY did it, because it makes it increasingly hard to find skins that DO NOT have it. However, a few designers stick to their style or add very subtle highlights only, which I like. πŸ™‚

In the following pictures, I always wear the same eyeliner freebie by League, available at the Skin Fair 2014. All pictures display the same shape as well.


The skin displayed isn’t Steffi Villota’s actual release for Deetalez at Skin Fair only, it was released three days prior at the Slink West event already, but it is still very new and called Dawn V2. I have recently re-visited her store. In the past, her skins never were quite what I was looking for, but the past months I had noted a change of style, and I LOVE it. Her face are unique to be sure and many people may have to adjust their face a little, especially around the eyes. Her skins are NOT the kind of common skin you see everywhere, they have rather defined facial structures. I love them. I like her noses and lips and the many variants she offers for her skins in regards to eyes, noses, lips etc. It comes with three brow options plus a no brows version as well, additionally, she sells colorful brow layers separately, such as blue, pink etc.Β  The tone I chose is called nordic. I like the stomach area and I quite like the subtle asymmetrical structures she implements in her skins too.The highlights on the cheeks are subtle and not too dewy. Liking that!

Her skins are EASILY among the best ones currently available. I could detect no seams. It baffles me that some of the larger events have not yet considered inviting her. This is surely a store you should check out.

Skin Fair 1


YAY! Whenever Nena Janus releases a new skin I go all “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I want!”. This time was no different. The tone displayed is called ‘fair’ and I picked the bare make up. The skin comes four brow options and a no brows version, plus several other kinds of addons on layers. The face is a typical, fierce looking League-Face (that’s a compliment!) and I love these lips! I DO wish she had kept the nose a little lighter, it seems fairly dark compared to the rest of the face. But given I bought the skin anyways proves that it cannot be THAT bad! I LOVE the area around the eyes though, I think it is super detailed and very, very welldone. I am a big fan of the stomach area on League skins, it looks toned and very fit. If I ever wanted to try to make a Lara Croft avatar ingame, this skin would be my choice! Imho, Nena has once again proven that she delivers quality work and I like that she didn’t jump on the dewy bandwagon yet! She sticks to her style, though sometimes I wish she’d try to do something truly different.

Skin Fair 2


Nina Helix released FOUR new skins for Bidy at Skin fair 2014. That’s just insane. I am only displaying the ones that came in my tone, of her skins is made for darker avis and looked out of place on mine. Of all the three skins displayed I like May best, then Megan, then Hazel. Hazel is a bit too strongly shaded and highlighted/dewy for my personal taste, but May and Mega are really, really cute. I love the lips on both, though I wish the shadow above May’s upper lip was a tiny less obvious! Nina, too, has a thing for adding little, subtly asymmetrical structures to her face. I noticed it on both Megan’s and Hazel’s lips. I think it adds an interesting feature to an avi’s face, but if you look for perfection, it might not be for you. I am so, so, very happy that Nina has been getting away from only thick brows on her skins, May and Megan both have slimmer ones that I personally like a lot better! Unlike League, which has a VERY strongly shaded body, Nina keeps her stomach area much more subtle. I guess it is really a matter of taste. I like both, depending on the type of shape I try to pull off. I guess I will forever remain a Birdy fan, even if her skins, much like Deetalez, are so very unqiue they likely require you to adjust your face some, which I didn’t do. However, Birdy skins are worth their money, it is quality and a unique, detailed style combined.

The Skinnery!

Umazuma Metaluna of The Skinnery released Quiana for Skin Fair 2014 and..well. I am torn. On the one hand, I LOVE this skin because I truly enjoy her skins’ new body textures (that bellybutton is SO cute!) and her pricing and overall textures are VERY much to my liking, but on the other hand, I am a little on the fence about the lips. I gave up trying to adjust them and went with my normal shape for this one, too. You can clearly see how MUCH bigger they are than the other lips, on the same shape too! I feel a little duckfaced and I guess making them look less ducky will require a lot of work though i am sure we can pull it off, no? πŸ˜€ Also, the skintone is called ‘champagne’ and is a WEE bit yellow. But you know, I bought the skin, and I bought it because Uma delivers awesome quality, unique faces and has her very own style which I like. Wish it came with more eyebrow options though! The rosy cheeks are really cute and much like with League and Deetalez, I really like the amount of details around the eyes. Overall very happy!

Skin Fair 3


The skins above I haven’t bought yet, though they -are- on my list of skins I may consider. Essences offers a TON of skintones and each package comes with 5 different brow options. As far as I am aware, eyebrow removal layers are available, though I’d prefer a no brow skin to be honest. I enjoy the tone displayed a lot which is called ‘light rose’. On Olyvia you can clearly see the popular dewy look and both skins feature the popular and cute button nose Inka Mexicola always has on her skins. the lips are yummy, too! But, and that is my one beef: I spied a seam on the back above the butt and for a skin that is quite above the price level of other, similar skins, that is a bit of a let down for me, even though it is a really subtle one and really only visible if you zoom in very closely. It is more visible on the darker skins.

Atomic’s skin by Ivy Graves is really cute and I very much enjoy the lips and brows, though i must say it looks a bit too snotty-faced in my book (kind of like Olyvia). I wish the nose was not as red, though it does certainly add to its cutesy look. It just seems a little off to me to have a permanently reddish nose. I wish there was one less shaded option available! I’d have bought it right away, because the quality Ivy offers is really great. What bothered me tho was that there is one big dark stripe around the hips where the seam between lower and upper body is, which makes it next to impossible to determine whether or not the skin has one there. Though i guess I should justtrust my instinct there and say: “Nawwwww…”. πŸ™‚

So, that’s it for now. I guess you’ve had enough of text already anyways. ❀

Gnite everyone,



Hair: Tableau Vivant, Low Hair (M4r1lyn Magic, NEW @ Collabor88!!)
Top: Wimey, Captive Princess (Sash Arabello, NEW @ The Fantasy Room!)
Cuffs: The Forge, Celtic Bangle (Deccan Arida, SOON @ The Countdown Room!!)
Bracelets: On A Lark, Crysantha Arm Cuffs (Discovering Destiny, NEW @ Fantasy Room!)
Poses: Marukin, Forever Set (Valencia Southard, NEW @ Collabor88!)


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  1. Great review Arica! The league, as always, really suits you. I’ve fallen in love with the Skinnery Quiana. After some adjustment, got the lips looking great.

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