Soraya, Oh Soraya! – Deetalez by Steffi Villota

Hiya peeps! 🙂

Today I want to write about skins again! More precisely, I want to talk about DEETALEZ by Steffi Villota. Deetalez has been around since a long time and I always kept an eye on them. The constant improvement has been very visible and still IS visible in her store, because she keeps the skisn that belogn to certain lines or years in separate rooms. I was always, actually until very recently, sad that none of her skins seemed to fit my shape, especially the older ones I never got to work. Then I met Jarla and I fell in love, tweaked my shape a little e voilà! But, this isn’t about Jarla but…

About Soraya!

Soraya is Steffi Villota’s newest release and available at the Skin Fair 2014. The skin comes in four tones of which I am wearing nordic, which is the second lightest and imho neither is too pink nor too yellow. For 1099 Lindens, which is a very reasonable price, you receive:

seven brow options (including a no brow option), shown below
– a tintable lipstick tatto
– a tintable eyebrow layer
– a tintable eyeshadow layer
– eyebrow shaper

All appliers for boobies, bum, lips, hands and feet are sold separately and are a little more expensive than those of your average skindesigner. Also, Soraya comes in two versions. The  difference between the two are the lips, which are a little more glossy on the first version. I personally cannot decide which one I like better,t hey are both yummy!

The face!

One thing that I generally LOVE and learned to value about Deetalez is that these skins are not your average boring pretty girl face. You very likely will need to tweak your face a little. You very likely will notice tiny things that aren’t 100% symmetrical (look at the collarbones!), and I love those. 🙂 These skins give you a characteristic yet beautiful face and don’t turn you into another plainfaced beauty. I also like that Steffi didn’t jump on the bandwagon of producing VERY highlighted and glossy skins only. Leave that up to Birdy, guys, and find your own style instead of copying others, it’s what makes YOU unique.. She’s the best at it anyways. 😉 Her face is matte with subtle highlights, unique and beautiful.

Also, look at those lip!They are absolutely yummy imho. I think Steffi, Birdy and The Shops produce my favourite lips so far.

Deetalez Lips Final

The brows and eyes!

As said before, Steffi offers SEVEN brow options in each package, all of which are displayed in this post. I LOVE that she makes a difference between  light blonde and med blonde, all the blondes in the world will know what I am talking about. 🙂 A no brow option is great, too, too many skindesigners still don’t offer it or offer removal layers instead, which eats up one of your tattoolayers when it shouldn’t. Her brows are awesome imho. They are very detailed and natural looking and some of the best brows out there hands down. For those among you who enjoy truly RED brows (or other fantasy colours), she also offers those colours on a separate tattoo layer which can be worn with all of her All Around The World Skins. 🙂 The only thing that confused me are the thick brows: I think the idea is awesome, but  I DO wish they came in all colours as well. 😦

Deetalez Brows 1 Final

Her eyes are a little tricky, at least for me. I had to adjust my eyes what felt like a ton (she actually stood next to me and helped!) and in the end it turned out looking really good (and still looks almost the same on my other skin?!). Little differences have a quick and BIG effect with deetalez skin, so be careful. I love her eyes in generall though, the lids are so well drawn that I went through that little trial and was glad I did it. 🙂 Or maybe I am just too blonde…who knows. 😀 Deetalez Brows 2 Final

The body!

I already mentioned the small details that Steffi seems to keep asymmetrical on her skins, such as the shading on the collarbones. Probably a matter of taste, but I like it a lot. The boobs look nicely shaped and the shading is JUST enough to make them look natural. The highlights are not overdone so the often seen “plastic”-effect (boobs that look unatural) isn’t the case here. The stomach area is perfect imho. Many skins have either too plain or too strongly shaded stomach areas which often gives them a somewhat unnatural look. I do wish the hipbones were a little more pronounced, but given this skin has a softer stomach area, it might just make sense to have them more subtle.

I am a fan of the bum and legs! Especiall the bum’s shading is welldone imho, and doesn’t have this strange ‘dirty’ look some other skins have.

Deetalez FULL final

The Seams and the appliers!

Plain and simple: There are no seams that I could detect that can be avoided. I could not even spot one in the armpits.This is a rare find nowadays when skins are often released as if a chinese factory is producing them. Bam, bam, bam, three skins each month! Steffi Villota pays GREAT attention to details and her skins are some of the highest quality skins I have encountered so far, rivaled by very few designers around Second Life.

As said before, her appliers are pricier than your usual ones. However, they are good ones, too. There are so many cheap appliers out there that leave visible, bad seams. What’s the use of a 50 Linden applier that looks like crap? I’ll rather dish out a bit more and then have appliers that fit 100%. You’ll note a small seam on the back of my feet, or rather, a gap. That’s me being an idiot and wearing the wrong alpha, not the skin.


I think this skin is gorgeous. It does come a bit pricier once you pay for all the appliers, but it is very much worth it. One of the highest quality skins out there and with a face that is truly unique and pretty at the same time. I am very happy I stumbled upon Jarla and got myself to adjust my shape a little. Much like Birdy, her skins are somewhat special, but well worth it. 🙂

Other items worn:

Hair: Magika, Shine, pack 1 (Sabina Gully, NEW!!)
Bikini: Drift (Kallisto Destiny)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Mysteria Eyes, ice (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Hands/Feet: Slink (Siddean Munro)


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