I am coming for you – News from Milk, Gizza and more. :)

Hi peeps,

finally a new post! I picked up some amazing items lately and was feeling rather inspired to put together a less elegant outfit once again. My friend said my avi is looking as if she’s part of Robin Hood’s clique and I guess he’s right? πŸ˜€

But, lets have a look! πŸ™‚

The hair!

Kattington released this really cute style for her store Milk at the ongoing Whore Couture Fair. It’s called Vogue and comes in two sizes: One for boobie implants and one smaller version of it which I am wearing in these pictures.I like this style a lot, it’s soft and cute and fits over the ears without much adjustment being needed. I think this is always a great plus because sooo many styles that go behind the ears are not fitting with any kinds of attached ears quite right. I am liking her textures and the strands Kattington meshed here. I only wish that maybe the upper part of the head could have used some little bit more detail, maybe a loose strand or something. But the lower part is very cute imho. πŸ™‚


The corset!

Giz Seorn of Gizza released this new corset as part of a whole gypsy outfit for Limited Bazar. I jumped a little when I saw this corset, it is the exact kind of item I have been looking for. Love, love, love the lacings and I love the texture. Thick, rough leather is such a hard find! Plus, you can easily combine with many other items because of the fact that it is quite short. It comes with a skirt, a tambourine and boots. The corset however was by far my favourite part. πŸ™‚ Gonna be a longtime fav I guess.

Hair: Milk, Vogue, reds (Kattington Resident, NEW @ Whore Couture Fair!!)
Ears: The Skinnery, Puki Elongated Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Mysteria Eyes, ice (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Snow Rabbit, R6 v. 1.00, attach to nose (Shirousagi Noel)
Eyeliner: Soiree, Last Call Eyeshadow X Liner, bare minimum (Julep Mixemup, NEW @ Skin Fair!!)
Top: Miel, Playa Top (Mika Nieuport)
Corset/w undershirt: Gizza, Gypsy Set (Giz Seorn, NEW @ Limited Bazar!!)
Skirt: Emery, Lola Skirt, mocha (Sunami Beck, NEW @ FaMeshed!!)
Pants: Leto, Medieval tunic Set, autumn (Dolce Blackflag)
Boots: Aphorism, Rough Rider Boots, brown (Rucy Byron, NEW!!)
Sleeves: The Plastik, Saeda Laz Sleeves, brown (Aikea Rieko)
Pauldrons: May’s Soul, Goblin Armor (May Tolsen, @ WE LOVE RP!!)
Crown: Keystone, Wildling Horns, rare (Aymee Monk, PREVIEW for The Secret Affair!!)
Tiara: Luminary, Martell Coronet, common (Augurer Resident, PREVIEW for The Secret Affair!!)
Necklace/Bracelets: On A Lark, Kiss Pendant Jewelry (Discovering Destiny)
Belt: PFC, Role Belt, rare (Pucca Firecaster, Gacha!!)
Quiver: PFC, Elven Quiver, brown, rare (Pucca Firecaster, Gacha!!)
Legpouch: Death Row Designs, Middle Ages, rare (Jaimy Hancroft, Gacha!!)
Bow: LR Weapons, Hazel Bow (Larion Rhode/Allia Lane)
Poses: Imeka, Various Sets (NatiWilliams Resident)

Location: Mystara (Medieval Fantasy Role-Play), Krillian



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