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We are proud to present the SHOPPING GUIDE for the round of JANUARY of WE LOVE RP! The event opens on the 4th at 3 pm SLT!! Check out the awesome items 78 creators made just for you. 🙂 Don’t forget to always check back for more previews to come. 🙂


12 thoughts on “WE LOVE RP – SHOPPING GUIDE January! :D

  1. I’ve left a few suggestions over time, but i’ll bring it here too.
    Not enough Unisex / Male items. Expand the market. Males are looking for cool stuff to to mod and play with as well.

    1. I agree! Tell the designers, we told them already. Women simply shop more and thus, merchants sell more catering to women. If guys shopped as much… But sadly, the cliché is still true enough: most guys change their avi once every few months.

      1. I actually buy a lot of stuff, about 20-40k worth every fortnight, And i’ve tried IMing the designers only getting the response of “There is no demand for it.”

        Maybe more designers can be found or something to fill the void?

      2. We already did recruit designers who are known to make item sfor men. However, you cannot blame them to make stuff for girls after all when they figure it justs ells better. And 2k may seem a lot, but I bet with you a few thousand Lindens, that the average guy in SL isn’t anywhere near that spending. :/

  2. i spend 24k per 2 weeks so i guess i’m over the average, but cause of the Sexist acts of the Tricky in group chat, I’m probably gonna take my business elsewhere to look for a bargain. Thanks for the chat though Blogging elf, it’s at least nice seeing someone is at least trying to fill the void rather then saying “There is no demand.”

    I’ll be uploading your comments on my own blog. Have a happy new year.

    1. I saw the chat and it wasn’t sexist nor was she rude. In fact, you were rude. It remains a fact: Less guys shop as much as women/girls do and thus even designers who are known to make male stuff often start to make girl stuff after all. They are not here to coddle us and cater to each individuals interest, they want to sell. It is as easy as that. People know I am insanely tired of dresses because, believe it or not, while there is a LOT of stuff for girls, 90% of them are princess dresses which I personally easily tire of. So just because -I- prefer to see different things for girls I should now blame the event managers of other events? Nope. Blame it on the designers who create what sells best, and while you don’t have to like it, it is understandable.

      1. Yeah..i’m sure the edited logs and her white knight her. She was being a bitch, and i called her out on it. And several other people who don’t want to kiss her ass and have also read the chat logs agree she was being a bitch. I was asking for something simple, and she tried making out that i was the only one in the entire group wanting it. Which was bullshit. “Less guys” But you have girls in your group who even SAY they want less girly shit. You just don’t want to admit it, You and your admins could have been fair and went “Ok there is a small demand for it, lets do a poll and see what happens” But no, Tricky wanted to be a bitch, then she went and sat on the owner of Convergences lap and got him to ban me without even breaking a rule. So she can go fuck herself, and the entire ❤ roleplay group with its sexist ways can be in my blog for all to see.

        "She's Zek's Bimbo, She probably just begged him to ban you, because that's how him and his entire group of alts work" And believe me when i say that i didn't even make that quote, A reader did.

  3. Month after month I have witnessed, first hand, the organizers of The ‘We Love RP’ event encourage and even coax participating designers into catering more to the ‘men’s’ and ‘less girly style’ fantasy niche. At the end of the day, they cannot hold a gun to designers’ heads and force them to do anything.
    My advice to seek the change you want, would be to directly petition designer’s so they are made aware of this void in the market that you (and the many others you say want this) wish filled.
    Finally, I feel like your animosity toward the event co – ordinators is both misdirected and unfair. As a friend of Arica’s, I have seen and heard of her encouraging designers – month after month – to make more men’s items, so your blanket comments about the entire ‘We Love RP’ team being sexist is unjustified, unwarranted and narrow minded. Furthermore, if you have a ‘beef’ with a particular person on the event committee, take it to them personally, rather than attempting to ‘shirt front’ someone who clearly has nothing to do with any of that naff drama.

    1. Haha Thanks Imo. I saw the logs because i was PRESENT in the groupchat while it happened, even though i was okay, my afk avi logged it all. So yeah, he was rude, and…she wasn’t friendly in return. gasp!

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