Love at first sight – News from Stormwood, Moon Elixir, Truth and other things! :D

Hey peeps,
last day of our autumn vacations for me and I spent my Sunday is laziest way possible: Lounging on the couch and playing Witcher 3! 😀 I enjoyed that a lot though. Work starts again tomorrow and on the one hand I am looking forward to it, on the other hand, I really enjoyed having so much time on my hands. Oh well, not much I can do about it anyways. :p

Lets take a look at the more important things for this blog: What’s my avi wearing today?

The Broken Tree!

Yes, you read that right. I am writing not about clothing, but about some decorational item for once. Uh oh, don’t hate me! But, when I first saw this awesome item by Stormwood (Annie Ibanez/Zelest Fall) ingame, I instantly loved it. The textures are GORGEOUS. You really need to check out their sore, their items are incredibly detailed and have very, very pretty textures in general. But these one caught my attention because of the super pretty and tiny details on the shrooms. So awesome. At its original size this item, which includes a ground mesh for blending,  shrooms and hollow tree, has the landimpact of 8 prims, which is pretty good too. Several avatars, (I think 4-5) can sit on it and the animations are super cute! For example, someone can sit on the big shroom, or lie in the tree. For the picture, I downsized the item a LOT so don’t be fooled! It comes in four versions according to the seasons too and currently costs 450 Lindens (25% off) at WE ❤ RP! For me, this is a must have for every fantasy sim!

Hair: Truth, Ryleigh, light blondes (Truth Hawks)
Skin: Deetalez, Elf, cold/nordic (Steffi Villota, @ WE RP!!)
Freckles: Glam Affair, Leah Freckles, A (Aida Ewing)
Ears: The Skinnery, Elongated Puki Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Serenity Eyes, poison (Eleri Catlyn)
Lashes: Redgrave, No. 30 Spider (Emilia Redgrave)
Top: Moon Elixir, Provincial Bralette, cocoa (MoonElixir Resident/MoonCelestia resident, @ WE ❤ RP!!)
Skirt: Azuchi, Cate Skirt, brown (Sands Leavitt, @ Uber!!)
Pants: HoneyB’s, Dunedain Armor, dark brown (Pumpkin Wiskee, Applier!!)
Boots: Reign, Native Boots, camel (KenadeeCole Resident, @ The Seasons Story!!)
Cloak: Coquette, Foundling Cape (Gingir Ghoststar, @ WE ❤ RP!!)
Gloves: Stitched, Nuala Gloves, green (Adele Bumblefoot)
Belt 1: Ingenue, Bertille Belt, moss (Betty Doyle)
Belt 2: The Forge, Traveler Belt, ultrarare (Deccan Arida)
Armor: [sYS] Design, Farah, arm/unrigged (Systi Cisse/Syane Cisse, @ WE ❤ RP!!)
Headpiece: Charm, Relyn Headpiece, copper/rare (Basic Deluxe, @ The Epiphany!!)
Necklace: Moon Elixir, Wheat Necklace, gold (ElxirBlack Resident/MoonCelestia Resident, @ Gen-Neutral!!)
Choker: Moon Elixir, Wheat Choker, gold (ElxirBlack Resident/MoonCelestia Resident, @ Gen-Neutral!!)
Leg Pouch: The Forge, Leg Pouch, brown/common (Deccan Arida, Gacha!!)


Broken Tree: Stormwood, The Broken Tree Animated Scene, summer (Annie Ibanez/Zelest Fall, @ We ❤ RP!!)
Bird: Half Deer, Cardinal, hop skip (Halogen Magic)
Dog: Fawny, Happy Puppies, cream (AkiraKiyoi Resident, @ The Seasons Story!!)
Staff: Astralia, Witch of the Woods Stick (Astralia Resident, @ WE ❤ RP!!)

Location: Private Home