WE LOVE RP – Shopping Guide – Birthday Round MAY!

Hey peeps!

We are proud to present the SHOPPING GUIDE for the round of MAY of WE ❤ RP!  The event will open on the 4th at 1 pm SLT!! Check out the awesome items 94 creators made just for you. 🙂 Since this is the 3rd BDAY ROUND lots of little gifts will also be waiting for you! 😀

ALSO, please know that we are selling EIGHT early access passes on the Marketplace! Want to be the first to wear a new item, want to get in before everyone else and avoid the damn lag? Well, here is your chance! 🙂 Get the EARLY ACCESS PASSES!

Don’t forget to check back for new additions to our previews! 🙂

The PREMIUM DESIGNERS for MAY are Aisling and The Annex!

The FEATURED Designers for MAY are:

Regular Participants for May:



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    1. Feel free to direct your complaint directly at the people who can actually do something about the lack of male items: The designers. 😉 If men even remotely shopped as much as women do, there’d be more.

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